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pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack

pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack

pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack
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pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash comes in three 8 oz bottles.
Skin is cleansed without being dried out or stripped of its natural moisture.
Even the most sensitive skin will benefit from the pH-balanced formula, which is gentle and non-irritating.
The soap-free wash is easy to rinse and leaves no residue.
Soap, alcohol, and dyes are not present in this baby wash for sensitive skin.

Questions & Answers

How frequently do you use it to clean your baby?

Each and every evening This cream body wash is so gentle on my son's sensitive skin that I can use it on a regular basis, and it also smells great!

Is it possible to use this body wash to wash your baby's hair as well, or do you need to use a separate baby shampoo?

No, this wash is only for the skin of babies. You'd have to go out and purchase shampoo separately.

Is it possible to use to wash the hair of a baby?

I washed their hair as well as the baby's entire body with this product. I've started using it as a face wash, and it's fantastic. For many years, phisoderm was used to treat infants with cradle cap. It was recommended by my doctor, and I followed his advice. Although the current phisoderm does not contain the same ingredients, I found it to be excellent for my great grandchildren. Anything else would be a waste of time. I hope you find this information useful.

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With great caution and zeal.

Selected User Reviews For pHisoderm(R) Tear-Free Cream Wash - 3 count Pack

I would give it a 10/10

My mother, a retired cosmotogist, told me about it after I told her I'd tried everything for one of my twin boys' cradle cap, and she said she'd been recommending phisoderm for over 20 years. I tried it once, and believe me when I say there was a LARGE DISTINCTION! It took three washes to get his scalp back to normal, free of cradle cap, and we now use it on a regular basis just to keep his scalp healthy. I wish I had remembered to take a before picture, but his cradle cap was so bad before we used it that his hair was barely visible.

Emerson Kirk
Emerson Kirk
| Aug 14, 2021
I've been using it for a long time

When my children were babies, I began using phisoderm baby cleanser. Now that I have grandchildren, I keep several bottles on hand to use as shampoo and body wash in the bath. It does not cause irritation to their eyes and aids in the maintenance of soft skin. I set aside one bottle for diaper changes and used a small amount in wet wipes for gentle cleansing. Apart from using it as a child's wash, this is the only cleanser I've used on my face throughout the years, from children to grandchildren.

| Aug 15, 2021
For our family, Baby Phisoderm PH appears to be the best option

Our infant grandson has extremely sensitive skin and will break out in a rash if he comes into contact with anything that smells like perfume. We originally brought him home with samples from the hospital, which are given to new mothers to take home with their babies. We tried them all and discovered that BABY Phisoderm PH is the most effective at reversing rashes once they appear. We also use BABY Eucerine because we have a family history of excema, so we know what works best for our family's sensitive skin. Keep in mind that if the rash does not appear to be a normal irritation to something you would see on yourself and oozes, you should consult your pediatrician. Ahhhhhh Ooooh why did we wait is much preferable to a Safe quick by the Doctor.

Georgia Lozano
Georgia Lozano
| Jul 05, 2021
The best way to wash your hands when they're dry is to use this product

In the winter, I purchased this to use as a hand soap. The hospital had Phisoderm in my room after my daughter was born in 2000. I couldn't take it anymore. With a new baby, you wash your hands frequently, and this was the only product I could find that didn't dry out my hands. Because Phisoderm no longer makes that product, I decided to give this a shot. It's in a pretty dispenser now. Except for a faint, pleasant baby scent, no one can tell it's baby wash. I've tried a lot of different hand soaps from Amazon and other stores. They were all too abrasive to be washed on a regular basis. I've used this for baby cleaning before, but I didn't care for it because it's pricey and doesn't mix well enough to make a soapy baby bath.

Willie Johns
Willie Johns
| Feb 12, 2021
It is still alive and well!! In over a decade, maybe 14 years, I haven't been able to locate Phisoderm Baby in a store

15 years. I recall searching DrugStore and Amazon for it at the time, even going so far as to search HellMart (which is truly remarkable in and of itself). They've been on a moratorium in this house for years, but it's been fruitless. I assumed it was no longer produced. On Wednesday night, I decided to conduct an Amazon search on the spur of the moment. Words can't express how happy I am to discover it here and in stock! My skin is extremely sensitive, and I've always had to use baby soap on my body. However, there is no doubt that Phisoderm is the best. My skin looks and feels better than it has in a decade. Soft and comforting, with a "home" scent that is instantly recognizable. My husband closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, as if this is what his wife should smell like. LOL. I'm placing another order for a few 3-packs. For a hoarder's stash, there are packs. I can't afford to go another day without it. If you're looking for a unique way to.

Evelyn Sutton
Evelyn Sutton
| Jun 07, 2021

The rash and bumps on the face of my 7-month-old grandson were removed. This is the only product that my daughter uses these days. She expressed her desire for a baby-specific Phisoderm body lotion. This is an excellent product. This was the baby wash used in hospitals 45 years ago when I gave birth. I also used it when I was a teenager and started getting pimples on my face. It not only solved the problem, but it also prevented any future outbreaks (i. e. I've never had to deal with acne in my life. ) Place your order; You'll be glad you took the time to do so.

Tate Graves
Tate Graves
| Dec 27, 2021
Only one of the three items was received

"pHisoderm Baby Tear- pHisoderm Baby Tear- pHisoderm Baby Tear- pHisoderm Baby 8 FL OZ FREE CREAM WASH - "Alcohol-free, soap-free, dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested powder fresh fragrance (pack of 3)". Instead of three items, I only received one.

Remington BIRCH
Remington BIRCH
| Nov 11, 2021
This is always a favorite of mine, and I recommend it to both adults and kids

It's an excellent periwash/perineal cleanser for adults, as well as being suitable for use on the face and throughout the body. It's great for babies and toddlers, and it can even be used as a shampoo (though I prefer Phisoderm Baby Tear-Free Shampoo). For this application, I used the free gel, but I've also had success with the cream wash. ) I still use it to change poopies that don't make it to the toilet or the potty. I apply a small amount to a baby wipe and then 'rinse' with another baby wipe. br>br>I use it to freshen up at work when I'm using toddler wipes. Much less expensive than the ridiculously expensive portable, individually wrapped feminine wipes. When I go to the bathroom, I also use it. I keep myself fresh in the shower with a small amount on a toddler wipe. Even flushable wipes are septic systems all over the world, so I throw them away in the trash.

Harris King
Harris King
| Sep 08, 2021

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