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Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer

Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer

Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer
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The following sizes are suitable A list of Suzuki SV650 models
In addition to the digital tachometer, the vapor motorcycle speedometer has a very large, easy to read, and bright digital bar graph as its main feature
There is enough vapor in the vaporizer to replace an entire instrument cluster on your dashboard. It will allow you to conveniently check speed, time, engine temperature, ambient temperature, reset distance, number of odometer clicks, programmed shift lights, and temperature display.
The white backlit LCD digital display has a waterproof design and can be powered by either AC or DC power. You never have to worry about data loss by switching to internal battery and permanent memory
Experts in software, electronics, and mechanical design work together to create this fusion With this new generation of product, each feature is carefully designed and crafted to fit your wants and needs Taking the road enthusiast into consideration

Questions & Answers

The speed reading and sensors are included in the package, but does it come with all the cables?

There are all the cables and sensors you will need for the speedo, tachometer, thermometer, and odometer in this unit. I wish you a happy holiday season

Are all the contents of the kit included? Do you recognize the photos? I saw them, but I don't recognize them. ?

There are two parts to this set This is the Vaporeon Computer Plastic Handlebar Mounting Hardware Kit, for 7/8" through 1-1/2" Bars that are 1/8" in diameter. an adjustable viewing angle that can be locked. This sensor is located on the wheel Six hundred and ninety millimeters of wire on a Suzuki SV650. Contains a gauge magnet kit and a temperature sensor A radiator hose with a 25mm insert has a lead of 900mm (35in). )*
**Ignition Sensor*

Is it possible to make it work with a Yamaha Seca 750 from 1982?

A Trail Tech replacement part does not appear to be listed for your bike. If you prefer, you can reach them at (360) 687-2775 You can call us at 855-830-4530 to see if your bike can be made to fit your cage.

Does anyone have an issue with the wires being too short? trail tech will not be able to reach the speed sensor since it is so short. Would you mind telling me if I'm missing any ?

I was able to install it on a SV1000 without any problems. I'm not sure if it will work, but if you run it down the interior of the fork to the top of the shock body, it should work

Selected User Reviews For Trail Tech 752-600 Stealth Black Vapor Computer

A great replacement for the SV650 gauge, but it has some issues

I considered other gauges (Koso, generic eBay gauges), but the proven track record and affordability of the Vapor unit won me over. may be hundreds of posts by Vapor owners on the internet about positive experiences. )

My only issue is this Upon contacting Trail Tech, they informed me that the only M8 magnetic bolt they had was 19mm long -- a complete waste of a very long bolt. As far as I can tell, the stock SV rotor bolt measures 33mm (with a 10mm diameter shoulder that is 10mm in length). I epoxied a spare, loose magnet to a M8X1 in the kit because it comes with one. An aluminum tube I got at the hardware store was 10mm OD x 8mm ID and also served as a "shoulder" for the 25mm 35mm flange bolt. Using this setup has worked great for me. Apart from that, I think it would be difficult to find another aftermarket gauge setup for the SV that is as robust and foolproof as the Vapor at this price point.

Scout Luna
Scout Luna
| Mar 25, 2021
This product is worth the price

The system works, as long as the money is there. There is not a lot you can get for your money here RPM can jump around a little, and speed takes a second, but if you're just looking for something that works, it will do nicely for you. My 02 SV650 track bike did not have the screw that holds the magnet, so I just whipped up a batch of JB weld, and welded the part on. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! There is a lot of monkey-worship in getting a good reading, but eventually you will get it. I would not recommend this tach for the money there are better taches out there. However, you can find one that reads a bike exactly and can send speed signals in seconds, but it will cost you about 600 dollars.

Hadleigh Lozano
Hadleigh Lozano
| Apr 17, 2021
Then I took it to the shop of my choice, and they installed it for me for a fee

I needed the dash set for a 2007 Suzuki SV650, but I didn't know how to wire it, that's not my background. I had to hire someone to do the work, since my knowledge of electrics isn't that deep. After all, I took it to my favorite shop, and they installed it for me for a fair price. They asked what functions I wanted out of it since it was an aftermarket part It was a market type deal, so I told them what I knew. Trail Tech got everything hooked up and calculated properly, but I could not get the tachometer to function properly. I could only get an approximate rpm, but not precisely. Everything else works perfectly, and that is NOT Trail Tech's fault, hence the 5-star rating. My star is worth three points. The device is great and I would recommend it if you are considering this or another product of a similar price.

Zyaire Miller
Zyaire Miller
| Feb 13, 2021
It is an excellent product that is easy to install

The gauge cluster looks so much nicer than my stock gauge cluster and has so many more features. Getting the wires connected isn't difficult. All of the lighting conditions are ideal for the backlight on my computer. It is also very nice in size. I highly recommend it. However, the brackets and bezels that they sell separately are not the same as the whole system. There is a separate review for that one as well.

Conrad Johns
Conrad Johns
| Mar 16, 2021
A really great product, but a bit tricky to set up

I liked this little computer a lot. It possesses a lot of features, but you must ensure that everything is installed To set up everything on my pitbike, it took a couple hours. However, it looks really nice. It is just the quality of the computer that concerns me. In the event you go through mud or water, make sure that all your connections are watertight.

Lochlan Williams
Lochlan Williams
| Jul 08, 2021
This is the best street fighter option on a budget

After researching wiring and installing some resistors and diodes from Radio-Shack, I had a way to test the working of the circuit I have it working perfectly on my SV1000 thanks to Shack(RIP). I would like to point out a few oddities on gauge The fact that you have to hit the mode button every time to see the coolant temperature or the fact that the coolant temperature works intermittently (perhaps a bad sensor? way, when it comes to an old twin street fighter, this is the best value for the money.

Eliana McDaniel
Eliana McDaniel
| Jun 18, 2021
A 2003 Suzuki SV650 is fitted with this

Took fairing and converted it A 2003 Suzuki SV650 is fitted with this. The SV650 forum sites explain how to connect wires to the naked bike, but the directions are also on the blog.

Rylan Bowen
Rylan Bowen
| May 17, 2021
I don't know

The seat fits ok on my SV650, I had to brace it so that it did not sit on the handlebars. It wasn't long enough for the magnet for the speedometer. There are vague instructions on how to program. As with anything, what you pay for is what you get.

Guadalupe HAYWARD
Guadalupe HAYWARD
| Jan 27, 2021

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