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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii
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Face familiar adversaries like Darth Vader from the Star Wars movies as well as new foes such as fugitive Jedi and Force-sensitive Felucians from the Star Wars films
Through the course of the game, you'll be able to unleash and upgrade the Secret Apprentice's four core Force powers - Force push, grip, repulse, and lightning - as well as combine them for damaging combos you've never seen.
The Secret Apprentice is a master at unleashing the Force in ways never previously thought possible. He will not only Force push enemies into walls - he will Force push them through walls and force grab the enemies midair with a Force grip before he drops them to the ground.
Explore locations such as Kashyyyk, the homeworld of the Wookiees from Episode III, and Felucia, a planet of trash, as well as the Imperial TIE fighter assembly plant .
The decisions players make during the course of the game will determine the path of the story, including multiple endings that will rock Star Wars continuity.

Questions & Answers

Is there a multiplayer mode for this game?

The answer is yes, Crystal. There is a majority of the game play dedicated to single players in the history mode The game also has a duel mode, in which you can challenge another competitor. This is a problem that necessitates Nunckuk.

Do lightsaber controllers have to be used to play the ?

The answer to that is no.

What is the game's two-player mode?

There is only one player in the game

Selected User Reviews For Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - Nintendo Wii

It was disappointing

Upon arrival, the game was in good shape and worked as expected. The Wii is capable of handling the same level of graphics, so it's too bad they hadn't realized it sooner. There was another odd aspect besides the awkward animation - the storyline in the Wii version changed drastically (on the Xbox, it was much more flowing and coherent). I did not replay it since it was a disappointment.

Hayes Solis
Hayes Solis
| Dec 20, 2020
Since I've never seen any Star Wars movies from beginning to end I was searching around for something different to play and I stumbled upon this game and it has turned me into a Star Wars fan, not a movie fan but certainly a fan of the video game
Jayleen Haynes
Jayleen Haynes
| Mar 04, 2021
I enjoyed the game even with the spine being screwed up

Come in close proximity to me It was just as I expected it to be. However, I did not manage to take off the plastic from the spine of the case when I tried to take off the plastic seal over it. The result was that it looked unsettling, but otherwise there was nothing wrong with the episode. Playing on the Wii is far more fun than playing on a console like the Xbox, for example, because it takes advantage of the motion controls. This is a wonderful storyline.

Wilson Yoder
Wilson Yoder
| Sep 25, 2020
I had a difficult time reviewing this game

Needless to say, I had been waiting anxiously for the release of this game for months Keeping your feet. I am, however, somewhat disappointed with the execution of the plan. There is a remarkable similarity between the flow of the game and the Amazon ad for this game, which featured the developers. It's the Force that drives us. It is monotonous to the point of numbing. I wonder if there is a way to Would choking him be the best course of action? Is he going to get zapped by Is it possible to stop him with the power of Oh, I'm going to have to develop another Force blast to get through another door? What if I had a vehicle that could be thrown In its first five minutes, this game is entertaining, but then every encounter that doesn't involve a major character or creature begins to replace Ambien as the legal substitute for The following types of games are available The droning litany of its creators is almost audible in every encounter, accompanied by the expression "kicking a$$!" The force is at work. This is a kick in the a$$! The force is at work. Major character encounters are more challenging, but lead to Dragon's Lair- look out for traps located there As soon as you mess up, you get knocked to the side and have to guess your way through the sequence from scratch. Do not be alarmed, however It won't take long for you to find Sooner or later! On the plus side, the cut scenes are captivating and the storyline is The game centers around a Sith who, between Episodes 3 and 4, was apprentice to Vader. The journey is on such a one-way street that it's fun just to reach the next cut scene, but there's not much to keep you engaged Keeping track of minded tracks ("kicking asses with the force!"! It's a good idea to buy the game when it drops down to 29 dollars. The price should be less than 99. There is no value in purchasing this game at its full, starting retail price. Those days are gone when the next installment of Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, or X-Men was announced months before the release An exciting addition to the TIE Fighter line-up was the X-Wing. In his opinion, Lucasarts has a great deal of confidence that he will have to re-assess I will buy another car after you have established your relationship with me.

Princeton Franklin
Princeton Franklin
| Feb 26, 2021
Put your powers to good use! Your wish is now a reality! The following nbsp
Bridget Waller
Bridget Waller
| Mar 23, 2021
I'm glad I waited for the price to get lower before I bought it

This game has promise and pretty much delivers on its promise. If you've played games like this on the Wii, you know what to expect. It's fun, and swinging the light saber is exciting, but the controls can be a bit The force powers can be quite effective in this game, and that is my favorite part of it. Many games with magical elements, the force, or whatever, limit the use of these special powers until you become accustomed to not relying I would say the real winner here is the wonderful and generous ability to manipulate objects and enemies using force, even though this game is based on physical movement with a light saber. also agree with other reviews that the biggest drawback of this game is related to the view angle as well as the difficulty of locking on to It took me a couple of minutes to "learn" that letting go of the joystick and resting for half a It strikes me that this game would have been discarded after the second level if I hadn't realized that. It was a great deal at $9. I was pleased with the quality and would recommend it. My next move is to play some more of it.

Jessie Tyler
Jessie Tyler
| Jan 26, 2021

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