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Nintendo Amiibo Pearl (Splatoon series) Japan Ver. Nintendo Amiibo Pearl (Splatoon series) Japan Ver.

Nintendo Amiibo Pearl (Splatoon series) Japan Ver.

Nintendo Amiibo Pearl (Splatoon series) Japan Ver. Nintendo Amiibo Pearl (Splatoon series) Japan Ver.
$ 77.00

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It is compatible with American systems (regionless)
The manual and packaging are in Japanese
A new version will be released on July 13, 2018 (Japanese time).

Questions & Answers

Are there any compatibility issues with the Nintendo Switch?

The answer is yes

Is it used for any particular purpose?

You will receive gear (clothing, hats, shoes) that you will need

Are there any plans to make it work with the Nintendo Switch?

Then you can definitely make use of

What if I want to use this method on Smash Ultimate on ?

I'm pretty sure

Selected User Reviews For Nintendo Amiibo Pearl (Splatoon series) Japan Ver.

Make sure you stay off the hook and do not get cooked

As always, it arrived on time and it is perfect. It arrived in great shape and it works perfectly. She also makes a great gift for any Splatoon.

Maxwell Zuniga
Maxwell Zuniga
| Dec 23, 2020
Despite being a newcomer, she has been around for a while

She's here now and I'm happy. She was stuck back on the amiibo stand, and sealed into her package. She was not happy about it. I am sorry, but I could not believe that she was a newcomer. This is the way it.

Arturo Steele
Arturo Steele
| Jan 17, 2021
Splatoon Amiibo of the highest quality! We are able to use our Amiibo with our Switch without any issue

It was so wonderful to see their Pearl gear, which they craved so much. I also think Pearl looks adorable next to my daughter's other Splatoon Amiibos in her room. The highly sought after Amiibo is now available at this great price!.

Ezra Lancaster
Ezra Lancaster
| Nov 17, 2020
No one is responsible for it
Dallas Mack
Dallas Mack
| Sep 26, 2020
It was hard to find, but it worked well

This was exactly what he needed, and it worked as promised.

Gracelynn Friedman
Gracelynn Friedman
| Jan 24, 2021
The amiibo itself is good, but the packaging is damaged

The manual is helpful if you intend to use the amiibo after you open the box.

Allison Holloway
Allison Holloway
| Mar 30, 2021
It's a happy day for her

This is the favorite book of my grandaughter.

Amani Woodward
Amani Woodward
| Apr 17, 2021
My daughter loves it

I highly recommend it. It works perfectly for the.

Luis Kline
Luis Kline
| Apr 26, 2021

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