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Gran Turismo - Sony PSP

Gran Turismo - Sony PSP Gran Turismo - Sony PSP Gran Turismo - Sony PSP Gran Turismo - Sony PSP Gran Turismo - Sony PSP Gran Turismo - Sony PSP

Gran Turismo - Sony PSP

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Changing Dealer Car roster based on the length of time Gran Turismo is played - The in-game calendar will change the dealer cars lineup seasonally the more Gran Turismo is played.
Polyphony Digital Inc. was responsible for development. This is the first Gran Turismo game on PSP, developed by the same team that created the world's most popular racing game.
With more than 800 vehicle models, players can race vehicles from Ferrari, Nissan, and other top manufacturers across the globe. When all of the painted variants of the vehicles are included, the vehicle model count jumps up to over 4,500.
More than 30 tracks from around the world - Many famous circuits and some of the favorite environments from the Gran Turismo series have been optimized for racing on the PSP system.
This is the first game in the Gran Turismo series where players can share and trade vehicles they have acquired throughout the game with others using the PSP's ad hoc mode, although certain vehicles can only be obtained by trading.

Questions & Answers

How do I get the psp core 1000 to work?

I have no problems with this. Unlike some other websites, this one can take a long time to load. My suggestion, if you have a modded psp 1000, is to rip the mud directly to your memory card. Load times become inconsequential once this is done. My only issue would be ghosting, but since this is a 16 year old device, it does not pose any problems to me. Despite all the flaws, the game still looks fantastic

How does this work on the PSP Go?

It works with the portable playstation, the PSP.

Are you able to use it with the PSP3001?

The software is compatible with every PSP model

Can it be used for a ?

Providing the PSP 3000 is able to support UMD disks, the PSP 3000 will work with UMD disks.

Selected User Reviews For Gran Turismo - Sony PSP

Simulator mode is absent from the game, so it becomes boring very quickly

Here are some of the good points Good graphics, lots of tracks and cars, easy interface, but the following are problematic This is a disappointing effort. There is no career mode, no vehicle upgrades, no online play, slipstreaming is a bad idea, random dealerships*. You can hate me all you want, but Gran Turismo for PSP is a complete What's the reason? As you may have noticed, this game has been floating around the vaporware bin since 2004. After all this time, we finally get our hands on a half finished Is the career mode available? I'm interested in knowing the answer to that Our lives are made more difficult by being forced to choose Laziness has nothing to do with it Since Gran Turismo has a career mode, I miss it, and this is the first game in the series without You will also find that upgrading your cars is not possible in this game. I am hurt. In the first few minutes after starting the game you are taken to the dealership, but after that comes the beginning of the problems. Yeah, in the game you'll find randomly selected dealers each and every day. Are you interested in a car you see? Yes, of course! If you save up, it is usually there when you return, but sometimes the dealership isn't there. I am baffled as to why Polyphony came up with this stupid idea. Also, the game makes up the fact that there are 500 different vehicles. You're only looking at about 200 or so different types of cars since most of them have a few models. As you progress in the game, you get to learn about each car's history, but viewing the stats is a bit tricky since they simply scroll by without any real info or anything. Once you begin racing, the game is fairly easy. The race track, number of laps, and the car from your garage can all be customized. As for tuning, you may want to use quick options or do a bit of fine tuning, however, the default can be modified without affecting the outcome. The number of laps and length of track affect the outcome, however, so you can adjust as necessary. Tests for licenses are a good way to make money faster. Depending on how you implement the game's new and somewhat strange slipstream system, they are passable or impossible to accomplish. You normally don't see this kind of gameplay in street racing games, but GT is so sluggish that you can't even tell if you're doing it right. A slipstream is when you stay behind your opponent so they block the wind for you, which gives you some extra Though it looks good on paper, it's a lot more difficult to implement in the real world. If you want to race, you will be pleasantly surprised for the cars feel very close to their console counterparts, and it will make you miss our beloved GT games. It even has a cockpit view for the tiny handheld that you can enjoy if you don't want to just use the floating rear view mirror view prior to the launch of the game The PlayStation 3. You cannot pick just one car to drive and there are no vehicle upgrades, nor even an online mode to play. Besides, the game should have a career mode, vehicle upgrades, and even an online mode. We, the GT fans, have been treated as if we were playing a joke, stripped of the best parts of GT. Whenever it comes to the looks of the game, I know the game is very good, but it could be a little bit more impressive. in this game look like no other on the system, but the tracks are a bit underwhelming. The game nonetheless achieves much more than the vast majority of PSP games do. The audio, however, is a bit of a disappointment, with a dull soundtrack and a lot of bot engine sounds becoming monotonous and tinny as time goes on. Fans of other PSP racing games should stay away since this is probably for hardcore fans only.

Major Camacho
Major Camacho
| Nov 28, 2020
Play the Grand Turismo version of the game! I consider Gran Turismo to be one of my favorite all-time games There's nothing like a time racing game and the version on the psp portal is no different

I will review them now. There are all the tracks from the previous GT versions, so there is no worry about becoming bored after a few races on a few tracks that get boring after a while. The graphics are stunning! It's ok to listen to music It would certainly increase the fun factor of highspeed racing if good music was used. next level of the game offers more challenges on the tracks for you to learn and practice your driving skills, as well as The game comes with a generous account balance of 100k in which you can buy your racing car and begin In GT you will find just about any car you can think of, but depending on the race day or the number of victories you have earned, you are limited to just four different types of "make" vehicles you can operate. Whenever I go to the dealerships on my PlayStation Portable these days, I can choose between Bugatti, Ferrari, Nissan, and Acura. Since I race Super Class with Honda's (Acura) NSX LM, the dealership changes after every 2 or 3 wins. Moreover, if I don't race much, the dealerships will change after a year and a half There are 3 days left. Sadly, you really don't know when the next car dealership is going to make an appearance once the first one has gone. However, this shouldn't diminish its enjoyment since "real" GT racers need to succeed in order to gain cash and learn to drive their cars effectively. By the time you win every car in the game, you'll have them all. It doesn't have a career mode and it doesn't have a fixing function Several components of a car can be upgraded including the engine, springs, coils, exhaust system, etc. However, the fun factor still remains since we consider the GT on the psp to be an "on-demand" game This is the With "go" you will actually focus on the racing and improving your skills of driving, rather than worrying about the extra 5 horsepower you will gain from a spoon exhaust. The loading time is another concern, but the game is jam packed with graphics, driving physics, and numerous race Could you tell me why it takes so long to load? I believe I'm correct, so There are only 32mb of ram in the fat psp, and 64mb of ram in the slim psp This game does have the option to store the game on your memory stick, reducing the waiting time to 45%- no more wait times. The PSP needs at least 512mb of fast RAM and an improved UMB disc drive. Five percent. In summary, this game is awesome, and aspiring GT players should not even bother about anything else but racing and improving on the cars they drive.

Hassan Knapp
Hassan Knapp
| Sep 17, 2020
I'm not sure

Having played both of the first Gran Turismo games since they came out (and still continue to do so), I am a big fan. This is a wonderful group of people. Although I like it, I'm not a big fan of this game. 1

There is an extreme delay between the loading of pages. is as if you have to wait 10 minutes just to get from one menu to another. 1. 'Item 2. In comparison to the Playstation 1 version, there haven't been many changes to the physics. 1. 2. 3. There is a lack of variety in the cars in GT on the PSP compared to older versions Back in the old days, you could see all the vehicles and you could buy any one you liked immediately if you could afford it. In the PS1 version of the game, you could navigate by map as well. My personal preference is to play racing games on the PC if I need racing simulation. For me, Richard Burns Rally and Race On are the way to go. I recommend Grip Shift for those who want a great driving experience on the PSP. This game is not a racing simulator, but the physics are excellent. It's for you if you're a car fanatic without regard to As far as games go, I recommend Street Supremacy, The Fast and Furious, and Juiced for the PSP.

Jakob Espinoza
Jakob Espinoza
| Oct 29, 2020