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PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code] PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code] PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code]

PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code]

PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code] PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code] PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code]
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Subscription based on month-to-month billing allows the greatest amount of
Through PS Now, subscribers gain unlimited access to over 800 PS4 and PS3 titles, as well as PS2 titles
You can download any of the 300+ PS4 and PS2 games in the PS Now library to your PS4 system with no time limits
The streaming can be done directly from your PS4 or PC, and you can also download PS4 and PS2 titles

Questions & Answers

Can I save a gift coupon for Christmas if I purchase one now? Or do I have to redeem it now or can I save it until Christmas time?

Christmas is coming, so save it for that day

Would playstation ask me for my credit card info after I redeem the code if I purchase it? I intend to redeem this code for the game. ?

It is unlikely that they will do so. To redeem the code, all you have to do is enter it.

As of right now, I have a few months left on my subscription to the PlayStation Network. Do I have the option to redeem after months of ?

In the case of redemption of this offer, you will just get an additional 12 months on top of whatever you already have. Therefore, if you still have 5 months remaining, it will be 17 months before this will be redeemed.

My purchase was successful, but now I'm more confused about next step. What should I do? I want to redeem the code for my PlayStation 4 how do I redeem it?

If you have a code to redeem, you can find the option You can find settings by going to Settings GameStop &gt The PlayStation Network The following information about the account can be found there You have a wallet of at least Press (X button) after you have added funds. Additionally, if you do not yet have a PlayStation Network account, you should be promoted to do so. It is my hope that you found this helpful.

Selected User Reviews For PlayStation Now: 1 Month Subscription [Digital Code]

My credit card is not accepted on any transactions

I ordered a one month subscription to avoid using my credit card. However, I was unable to redeem my code until I added a credit card. Needless to say, I'll stick with my Xbox. The stupidity of this is beyond belief. If you have to add your credit card to continue, you don't see the point of having a code. It is absurd.

Justice Hancock
Justice Hancock
| Feb 27, 2021
Xbox does not stand behind its products, but Amazon is there for its I spoke with Amazon for five minutes before requesting a refund, and they were more than happy to do so

In spite of the fact that it was not their responsibility to sort out, they went above and beyond. It's a wrap! ** BEWARE OF BUYER **! In the end, I purchased this for my son and entered the code into his account only to discover that he was unable to use it. The PlayStation accepted the code, but my son could not use it. PlayStation did not respond to several attempts to reach out (4 to be precise) before deciding not to do anything. Then he has a year of PS Now accumulated on an account to which it will not be applied because he won't be 18 until 4 years from now. It is really unfortunate that this was allowed or accepted by the PlayStation, as it should not have allowed or accepted a code for a non-functional product. My experience is that Sony doesn't treat their customers well, despite having spent thousands of dollars with them over the past year. Many companies I have dealt with over the years have also tried to make their customers happy to the best of their ability. However, to say they aren't going to do anything and pretty much just say you have to eat the $60 isn't exactly good customer service. A gesture of any kind to make me feel better about the issue was not made. As a result, the associate didn't seem to care at all and essentially just wanted me off the phone after putting me on hold for several minutes. After reading several complaints I received, I determined to just go ahead and file a complaint with the BBB. As well as posting bad reviews on every website I can think of and telling all my friends and colleagues, I plan to quit my job After I am finished spreading the word, they are going to wish they had just resolved the $60 issue because after I am done spreading the word, they will lose far more than $60 (at the very least they will lose more than that if I speak out against Sony). It's a wrap! ** BEWARE OF BUYER **! In an update, Amazon was more than willing to refund me the money for this item after speaking with them for five minutes. In spite of the fact that it was not their responsibility to sort out, they went above and beyond.

Jovie Summers
Jovie Summers
| Mar 12, 2021
I really like the service

The Internet speed you have to handle it will determine how fast it will go. PSNow has been my streaming service for about six months now, and I purchased an annual subscription for $60 when it was on sale, which is a great deal considering it costs the same to play one At a cost of $100 a year, it's a great deal. Playstation 4 has a selection of more than 500 games, including some great Playstation exclusives. In addition, there are also many recent PS4 releases where you can always find something new Both the PS4 and PC clients are available for the service. They are identical with the exception of the fact that the PC can use different types of controller. One thing I want to point out to anyone considering purchasing it It's not without its problems. Having the right internet speeds is crucial for a smooth streaming experience. I used it both while on ATT U-verse and while on cable My internet connection was 1-2 lags here and there when I had Verizon 100Mbs and then it was the same when I upgraded to fiber 1Gb, but now it is virtually lag-free. Using a wireless connection may pose problems and you should therefore choose to use a wired connection instead.

If you want an On Demand experience that's unparalleled in the market, you should seriously consider this. Every penny of the $100 is worth it.

Jazmin Navarro
Jazmin Navarro
| Nov 21, 2020
The software is easy to use and works well! I thought this was a prepaid card), so I had my doubts

An email was sent to me with the code The redemption code came in the mail, and I redeemed it from my PlayStation 4. The problem did not arise at all. Using this code does not require the use of a credit card. It should however only be used in a US Playstation account. In addition to PS Now, I have also tried the free version of Microsoft Office 2007 I would like to try it out for a day before I commit. Fortunately, there was no lag or latency issue, so I was pretty confident it was a good match for me before I began using it. There is no doubt that I will buy more subscription cards in the future!.

Avalynn McCullough
Avalynn McCullough
| Oct 02, 2020
It has a decent connection and is great for the short term

I bought it on sale for 79 cents. I bought a game of 99 and played a few. If you are streaming a game at 30 MBPS down, it is nearly impossible to tell that you are doing so. It is also nice that I can play a game that normally takes up 10- 15 minutes in the afternoon On the PS4, the game used to take up 20GB but now there is no space left. I am also able to play the games on my PC as an added benefit. In essence, I like it, but there are some downfalls. I usually leave my PS4 running with whatever game is installed, so having it auto-restart or show me the progress of the game I've selected would be confusing for me I wouldn't like a computer to go into standby or disconnect without saving a game, especially if a game doesn't have auto-save An annoying feature is when it asks me to save where I haven't saved in the past 30 minutes. Despite the fact that the game selection is good, there is still room for improvement. It's great that they are constantly updating the list of available games and adding the ability to download them. In case you have a good connection, I would recommend looking at the selection of games that are available. Consider it IF you can find enough games for the subscription to be worth But be prepared to cope with the downsides as well. I bought a year subscription, so by the end of it I'll have received at least 2 or 3 times the value of the games I bought. Sony could add a decent number of games to the system during the year and I might consider purchasing a second.

Wesley Weber
Wesley Weber
| Sep 30, 2020

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