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Drakengard 3 - PlayStation 3 Drakengard 3 - PlayStation 3

Drakengard 3 - PlayStation 3

Drakengard 3 - PlayStation 3 Drakengard 3 - PlayStation 3
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A decade of the Drakengard series will be celebrated this year
With Drakengard 3, the prequel to the Drakengard series, learn how it all started
Drakengard 3 pits gamers against hordes of enemies and monsters in a high octane hack and slash battle of the ground
A series of aerial battle stages with Mikhail, Mikhail's dragon companion, which allows players to take on enemy fliers

Questions & Answers

What kind of cooperative features does this game have ?

This question was answered by Darkcaedus the game does not include a cooperative mode The author incorrectly states that the game is an RPG in op (or any other form of online) mode. Despite its RPG-like nature, the game manages to keep the balance. Although there are elements of a hack-and-slash game, the primary gameplay is categorized as a hack-and-slash With a Slash.

Can you tell me if the game has dual audio and subs? As in English and Japanese?

In regards to audio, you can purchase Japanese voice tracks for the whole main game (not the downloadable content missions), but it seems that subtitles are only available in English.

Do the voices in the videos speak English?

By default, the voices are in English, but you can purchase them for This DLC adds Japanese voice support to the game for a total of 99 dollars. Unlike the base game, which is about 15 gigs on the PlayStation Network, the expansion is a 10gig download.

I'm a big fan of Nier, and I love the narrative and the This game looks interesting, would you recommend it? Would you mind playing the game (really not bothered by it)?

That would be fine with me. The reason I bought the game was this is the same team that made Nier and I was hoping for similar gameplay. In my opinion, Drakengard 3 is better than Nier since I think the story is just as well written, but the gameplay is significantly improved. The game takes place in the same universe since Nier is actually a sequel to the final ending from the first Drakengard game. If you enjoyed the style of Nier, I believe this would be great for you. It is difficult to say whether you will like the lead character (Zero) as much because she is a type of character I can see people either loving or hating. Her purpose isn't revealed until the very end of the novel, but she is a ruthless killer. Then this is the game for you. If you enjoyed how you didn't know the bigger picture in Nier until the very end, you will enjoy this game.

Selected User Reviews For Drakengard 3 - PlayStation 3

Repetition is the key to success

We can go on and on. There are some incredible scenes in the opening cinematic, and the character designs are stunning (at least those of the main female characters), and the first hour lasts for about an hour. After all this, everything goes horribly awry. Despite the story being a mess, the characters are paper thin, and to top it all off, the gameplay is repetitive beyond belief. This game embodied all the characteristics of an awful one. I fail to see how the makers of this game could ever afford to make any other games after this one. It is one of the most abysmal aspects of Drakengard 3 that you must replay the campaign over and over again The game should be played numerous times in order to get the final ending - This means that you will have to do the same repetitive tasks over and over again, with only minor changes to get a few It would be more efficient to just stay at work if I wanted to exert this much effort into something that would make me sick. With the knowledge that those responsible for Nier were involved in the project This is more than enough of a reason for me to stay away from that game as well (despite its overall praise). In her work Yoko Taro stands out as the epitome of a hack writer The one who put more effort into his "persona" (such as wearing a mask in interviews) than he ever did on any The writing is as convoluted as that of a fourteen year old who believes they wrote the next Lord of the Rings, but in reality just wrote fanfiction that, at the end of the day, doesn't mean anything and is as shallow as it is uninteresting.

Bonnie Briggs
Bonnie Briggs
| Mar 07, 2021
She is one of the greatest artists of all time

Yoko Taro has recently become a massive fan of mine thanks to NieR Automata One of the most successful games on the XBOX 360. I am automata. After playing Nier (PS3) for a short while, it occurred to me that I wasn't still playing one of Yoko Taro's games for PS3/4 3 The Fifth Age of the Moon. Critics have voiced their criticisms about the game at times, and I admit that some of these criticisms are valid. During game play, the frame rate drops to a level that is extremely unplayable You will be able to break when you are deep in the level. There is much less combat in its successor than in its predecessors. There are so many side quests that they are redundant. Despite its flaws, I still rate it a 5/5 because of this one simple statement Nier and NieR was the most wonderful game I ever played It is evident that all the A's have been accomplished I was hoping to see elements of an earlier Yoko Taro game in this one, but there were many more than I expected. Featuring the same dark nihilistic humor, blatant sexual references, and weird political message that fans of his work have come to love, this feature is no different. There are a lot of reasons to be confused and disturbed about this. There is a sense of insecurity that makes you question if you are the hero or the villain, and the lines between the two don't get any clearer as the story progresses. In terms of map layout and combat progression, it is exceedingly simple, and as someone who has played more than his fair share of convoluted RPGs, it was a welcome change. With each strike on a PS2-enemy, a new PS2 is created It's like walking through a shower of blood, and after passing each level, you've got it all over you. If you were spoiled from the very beginning like I was, you would expect that the music is just as gorgeous. I conclude my review with the following Although this game has its flaws, it's easily established itself as one of my favorite PS3 games, and if you liked the Nier games, my review will give you enough info to decide whether you will enjoy this title.

Trey Chung
Trey Chung
| Feb 17, 2021
Into a broken shell lies Carnage, Beauty, and Death

Yoko Taro's games are some of my favorites, so it is very difficult for me to write this, but Drakenguard 3 has many flaws. This game has the worst framerate (frequently below 15fps. Occasionally, even single digits) that it makes the fast-paced action combat nearly impossible. The game must stutter in order to even display the enemies on the screen at all, making it nearly impossible to react with timing and precision. It also suffers from a lack of familiarity It's better-than In faithfulness to the original vision, a lot of the original flair and character is ignored. Characters become very distinct and "edgy" which makes them less likable in general. It is almost shocking to see the game as it is A poorly optimized and embarrassingly unpolished design. There are many problems with the gameplay as well as the technical aspects of the game. Although it has its faults, it is a truly unique experience if you can tolerate its shortcomings. The ground beneath the surface is ripe for a good game. As to whether you can forgive its shortcomings in order to find it, it is up to you.

Amber Ortiz
Amber Ortiz
| Jul 17, 2020
Nier's predecessor is a bloody beautiful game that follows in the footsteps of the original

Get the game. Honestly, it's not that difficult. It is recommended that you pick up this game after watching or playing Nier Replicant or Gestalt or Automata. Aside from combat, the game is excellent on every level characters, story, cutscenes, dialogue, and It is freaking beautiful on the soundtrack. So far, I have listed most of the pros but I have not focused on any of Drakengard 3 has only one real downside for me, which is that you'll sometimes notice a drop in frame rates. I don't think it's game changing or otherwise terrible, but I just thought it was The overall rating is 10/10, and I would happily buy it.

Rosalia Perkins
Rosalia Perkins
| Jun 14, 2021
A fun little game that's a great way to pass the time

A fun little game that's a great way to pass the time. I've identified a few things that are "glitchy" thus far, but nothing that has affected the experience. They may have just wanted to demonstrate how irritating Mikhail is to Zero by giving him an awful english voice. There is something delightful about the crudeness of the game. *Update* According to the IMDB, Mikhail's voice actor is the same as Betty Boop's. So it stands to reason!.

Allie Garza
Allie Garza
| Jun 06, 2021

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