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Unimouse (6 programmable Buttons, 10 DPI Settings, Pixart PMW3330 Sensor) (Right-Hand Wired)

Unimouse (6 programmable Buttons, 10 DPI Settings, Pixart PMW3330 Sensor) (Right-Hand Wired)

Unimouse (6 programmable Buttons, 10 DPI Settings, Pixart PMW3330 Sensor) (Right-Hand Wired)
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The Unimouse provides unparalleled comfort and ergonomic benefit with a thumb support that allows it to be adjusted with ease by changing the angle.
The processor features more than 40 programmable buttons and the ability to adjust cursor speed in 10 levels. The ergonomic computer mouse with four-GHz technology offers enhanced precision when operating from distances up to 25 feet.
We offer a dynamic handheld mouse design it boasts an adjustable thumb support, as well as a rubber hinge. A design of this type allows you to find an angle that mimics the position of your natural spine and minimizes
A versatile computer accessory for both Mac and PC users, this wired mouse features Mac and PC compatibility, providing an ergonomic accessory for users of both platforms! Our versatile Contour Mouse gives you optimal control over your home and office work stations.
SUPPORT FOR PROACTIVE AND REACTIVE PAYMENT We offer products and solutions for ergonomic computer accessories that promote posture variation that prevents computer-related ailments from occurring in the first place, as well as work pain-free for those who already suffer from such ailments.

Questions & Answers

Do you have experience comparing this to the Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 (the gold standard for these types of mice) in the real world?

In order to launch the Unimouse, we tested it among Evoluent user participants who were part of our focus group. At the start of the day, we set the Unimouse to the same pose as a A few days after they started using the device, we showed each of them how to set it up to their The device was used by users from the 2nd through the 5th day with any position they preferred. We found that 8 out of 10 of our users preferred our Unimouse after using it for five days because our four-point articulation system allowed them to step into a more comfortable position.

What is the free spin mouse wheel like?

This is a short answer. The mouse wheel, in my opinion, is a pretty incompetently constructed device. Is there a difference between the wheel that can be spun and one that keeps spinning for a while (i.e. It's free The spin is similar to that in higher planes Mice from other manufacturers) and the wheels that stop too soon due to a You may find that some Logitech mice have a button that allows you to choose between free and indented buttons or, if you click it hard enough, it will switch for you. Unimouse scrolls only with an indentation and is at best an average mouse.

Could I still use the device if it does not have a USB port?

The USB cable can be used to connect it to the computer

Are we talking about Bluetooth here?

Bluetooth the device does not have (at the time this is written). It's a feature they're supposedly working on implementing in the future. Here are the two

Selected User Reviews For Unimouse (6 programmable Buttons, 10 DPI Settings, Pixart PMW3330 Sensor) (Right-Hand Wired)

It was a wonderful mouse, but the buttons hurt

My first impression of the Unimouse is that even though I originally ordered a wired unit, I received a wireless model and am impressed with its technology after using top wireless mice from Logitech and Razer! It does not have any glitches, nor power saving features As a wired mouse, but without the wire, the mouse works in a similar way.

The mouse itself can be adjusted to the user's preference. There are only a few buttons that I couldn't use, so I had to We find that the scroll button is too hard to use. Until the mouse moves, the button must be pushed so hard you can hear it click. It is however the side buttons that really let this product down In case you've lost half your thumb, you probably shouldn't bother with them. I have a relatively small hand, and while it fits the palm of my hand perfectly, I have to wonder what was the point of putting side buttons there. The pain is just too much. Let's move on to You'll need to reboot your computer to update the settings after using it on Win10 x64. It appears they are going to fix this issue, so it is not that big of a deal. In hopes that they will fix the issue with their buttons, I will certainly keep an eye on this company and attempt to use their next mouse.

Bear Alvarado
Bear Alvarado
| Aug 05, 2020
I love the left-handed way of expressing myself Choose the left or right hand Then and now This can be done with either hand

There is a lot of adjustability, and definitely a step up from Evoluent and Logitech. There was only one thing I disliked -- my pinky was prone to dragging. The J Tech vertical mouse has a built-in palm rest, which would also be awesome.

Make sure to watch my video for a side-by-side comparison Please let me know if that helped in your side by side comparison. RSI is the most important test of all! Good luck!.

Houston Larson
Houston Larson
| Jan 30, 2021
The mouse is more like a mouse than a typical vertical mouse and it's easier to operate than a standard mouse

It has been far too many mouses, trackballs, roller bars, and so on. You never know - this might be it. I am a bit unsure since it is too early to tell, but after spending more than $1,000 on gaming mice, ergonomic mice, and even other contour products, this one may actually achieve what I want to achieve. I like the fact that it feels more like a mouse than a typical vertical mouse, and it is adjustable. Thus far, it has been very pleasing to me, as I am not trying to change my learned mouse behavior, just changing my posture a little bit. Here are two things to be aware of. 2) This won't cover up poor posture, desk positioning, or a lack of wrist rest. However, I believe that it may be a useful addition to an ergonomic setup for heavy As time goes on, I may change my opinion if it does live up to our expectations. My wrists still feel great after 8 months of daily use!

[UPDATED] 8 Months later, I am still using this daily! As a result of this, I have been able to stop dealing with the pain I have been experiencing for As to how easily I use it, I cannot even describe The goal I set out for myself was to do exactly that You're less likely to be hurt by a mouse. It has been a good purchase for me. Another one for the home computer came in the mail For anyone who might find this helpful, I like to use mine with a 3M leather wrist pad for the mouse so that my wrists don't rub against.

Imani Nielsen
Imani Nielsen
| Apr 02, 2021
One of the best vert mice available

The mouse is very cool. Whenever I play games I sit in a recliner and use the mouse on the arm of my chair. Using the numpad mouse in a mmorpg while having my arms up on the chair arm had begun to be taxing on my fingers, wrists, and forearms. As for the other vertical mice, most are either cheaply made, or they're overpriced and good while they last, but then they break due to manufacture's Since the Unimouse became available, there has not been a gaming grade mouse. While I have a few niggles with it, I'm pretty impressed so far. The movable thumb pad can be a little more rigid, sometimes I find myself squeezing the mouse too tightly which results in the thumb pad moving. There is room for improvement for the two buttons. Currently, I have to dislocate my thumb pretty easily to hit the back button. Having said that, there is also space for improvement for the two buttons. Therefore, I do not tend to use these two buttons very often. That's good since I've pretty much destroyed my thumb using Razer Nagas and Logi g600 MMO mice. (

I'm back to hitting number keys on my left hand like a normie again. ) FeelsBad, but this mouse is making the transition back to normal life a little easier. I am

I've edited it To make the thumb pad arm work properly, I put a blob of silly putty under its arms. In addition to adding weight to the mouse, this also prevents the arm from moving easily if it is suddenly gripped too tightly.

Gianni Liu
Gianni Liu
| Sep 03, 2020

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