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RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch

RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch

RETROFLAG Game Controller Classic Retro Wired USB Gamepad for Raspberry Pi Windows PC Switch

$ 16.99

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Plug and play SWITCH
Turbo functionality as well as XINPUT, DINPUT and DINPUT modes
The RASPBERRY PI, Windows, Switch, and Mac OS editions are supported
The MacOS operating system Y is held and the plug is plugged
The Windows operating system Connect the plug with X and hold

Questions & Answers

Can this be used on ?

The answer is yes. RetroPie allows you to use it.

Is it possible to use this case ?

Each of the RAM, CPU, and USB / Ethernet ports is fitted with a heat sink. There isn't much room in the CPU sink for a fan, so using one might necessitate giving up the CPU sink. With the heat sinks they make and a thinner fan however, you might be able to use the fan with the heat sink.

The problem is that Emulation Station is unable to recognize it as a six button controller. What do you suggest? I can only assign z and c to it, it only sees it as four buttons?

The correct answer to this question just crossed my mind and I wanted to leave it When plugging in the controller, if you hold the Y button it will switch from input to output and you will be able to use the X and C buttons (you only need to do this once).

A few days ago, my Mega Pi in its fan and heat sink arrived. What is the right way to mount the fan on the pi3+ board? Should it be face down or blowing upwards?

As a result of losing, the case will naturally draw in cool air from the outside. Taking advantage of this technique will create a nice airflow of cool and warm air- At all times, there should be a case nearby. In contrast, if you set it to blow on the CPU, what will happen then? In this case, you are only able to blow warm air around and are not able to provide A dual fan case will also benefit from its ultra-tight fit because the fan will be almost nose-to-tail with the case If you have a CPU and/or RAM, you're doing something wrong It serves as a heat sink. Cooling is made easier thanks to its design. Please make sure that you have your fan set to exhaust so that it can draw heat away from the CPU and cool it properly in a single channel This fan set comes with

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It was one of the most sublime pieces of gaming history

Without a doubt, this is the best Sega Genesis controller available that is not the actual one used in the arcades. There is a well-known fact among Capcom fans that the Sega Genesis 6 button pad has one of the best D-pads A pad that moves A layout of six face buttons was perfect for Capcom fighters and designed in conjunction with the release of Street Fighter 2 Championship Edition on Aside from the buttons, the overall construction and materials used by Sega were all of extremely high quality. In light of this, it should be noted that the only options for a USB version are rather poor or too expensive. The PS2 Street Fighter 2 Anniversary gamepads lean heavily on Sega's Genesis/Saturn pad designs. Capcom's first Street Fighter 2 Anniversary gamepads borrowed heavily from Sega's Genesis/Saturn. In the beginning, I thought the Akuma holographic gamepad was awesome, but once it arrived, its great looking, but the sound isn't very loud I found the pad to be a hard, inaccurate mess, and the thick construction was extremely uncomfortable to hold, even though my hands are large. RetroFlag Genesis controller does not have any of those issues. There are, however, only two issues I have with it, and one of them is not really a fault of the actual game pad, but rather a fault with the original Genesis 6 button pad itself when it was released. Small enough that those with large hands won't be able to use it. As for the 3 button Sega pad, it felt like it was the right size for all different hand sizes. However, the 6 button pad was noticeably slimmer, and slightly thinner in certain areas, such as the finger rest in the back of the control Basically everything else on the six button pad was better than the original three button controller, according to my opinion. How the D-word is used This Sega 6 button gamepad was possibly one of the most fun gamepads to play, due to a smooth, round plastic surface and providing precise directional control, which was incredibly comfortable to use for long periods. As for the second issue, that is directly related to In addition to the new features, it includes the L and R buttons for more modern games. It sounds great in theory, but when used it's a little uncomfortable because the flat side of the pad rubs against the curved side. In order to achieve such a perfect replica of the 6 button Genesis pad, they decided to make the L and R shoulder buttons more prominent in order to detract from the perfect reproduction of the In fairness, the original 6 button pad had a recessed mode button in the same spot as the right trigger button on the RetroFlag console. There's only one difference at this point the mode button was designed to be used by original 3 button Sega games that needed its one-time functionality to work with the new Having its form factor recessed and well hidden was a practical way to make sense for a button that doesn't get used constantly. Ideally, RetroFlag would have replicated the US version of the Sega Saturn Second Gen gamepad - modeled after the Japanese one - in this case, though I can understand why RetroFlag chose to make the Genesis controller appropriate for their Although the Sega Saturn S controller addressed all of the aforementioned issues contained with the Genesis 6 button pad, in 1995 it was still inferior to the system. D-shaped softly textured material was featured on this shirt as well I added to the superb already spectacular pad by adding a greater hand shape that felt more comfortable in the hand to use, plus raised L and R shoulder buttons. R and L buttons on the console produced a pleasant mouse click sound when pressed. As a result, the Saturn S gamepad was basically just a small iteration of what many people felt to be the near-perfect 2-in-1 design. A Sega Genesis controller had a D gaming 6 button layout. Despite the fact that I love the RetroFlag Genesis pad, I would buy a Sega Saturn replica right away if RetroFlag ever It has already been done by Sega a while ago with their SLS (Sega Logistics Services) Saturn USB pad, but it was only available on a limited basis. Besides being a perfect replica of the real thing, it also had some very minor improvements. Today, the price of game consoles on eBay is extremely high, and a lot of those sold there are poor knock offs with terrible quality A pad and a sub-pad The construction of par. It's important to note that other Sega Saturn USB gamepad replicas currently available on the market aren't great in terms of build quality. A different USB Saturn pad from Play Sega was released by Sega as well. I bought this as an official product, but after comparing it to my original Sega Saturn S Pad, I feel the quality is just slightly above the knockoffs, and the D grade is accurate. There is a severe lack of pads. The fabric is also not as well textured or soft as it should be, causing discomfort in precise 2-lengths You can play platforming or fighting games over longer periods of time. At the end of the day, this ReToFlag Sega Genesis 8 button replica of the monumental 6 Button Genesis pad is an incredibly faithful replica. As of now, it is the best one I have seen or used so It is a beautiful machine that has been put through its paces by me playing Sega Classics Collection on Steam with it today. Here are a few items that illustrate my history I have a platinum trophy in the Sega Genesis Collection for the PS3 and I beat Sonic 1 I managed to complete the game on my original Sega Genesis without using any continues. Similar to it, I also did it with Streets of Rage 1 Back when I was a kid, I played Sega Mega Drive 2, and Revenge of the Shinobi. Other than the original Genesis 6 button pad, this is a feat I haven't been able to perform on any other controller. My day off today gave me the opportunity to use the RetroFlag USB pad to play Revenge of Shinobi, Streets of Rage 2 and Sonic 1. As it stands, the price is excellent, and so far, the build quality seems top notch too, so I highly recommend it for anyone who loves classic Sega games. Currently, all I want is an exact replica of the RetroFlag Sega Saturn S Pad. As soon as I receive any information regarding the longevity of this controller, I'll update this review.

Albert Zuniga
Albert Zuniga
| Jun 10, 2021
It comes with both a case and controller which are Due to some technical difficulties, I am not able to write a review directly for the case, so I will It is truly amazing how well the MegaPi case works

It is hard to describe in words how awesome this recreation of the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive is. It looks amazing online, and you can't take your eyes off it I had the biggest grin on my face when I opened the box. Overall, the thing is built well and is of great quality. Is it effective at any other than making it look good or does it just make it look That's not the case at all. It makes it look so awesome that no matter what. Honestly, this thing is amazing. Okay, just a quick one. As soon as I get that out of the way, I feel the need to mention a few, small, tiny details. 1) The case fits very snugly. It's not that difficult to get everything in there, but if your Pi has a very large fan and/or heat sink, you may need to take them off to make it fit. There was no heat sink, but I bought a small fan that could fit in the hole. It's a bit of a pain to tuck all the wires in so the board can be screwed into the case, but once you've got it set up, you shouldn't have to touch it a lot, so it's really not an issue. 2) There is an SD card slot on the side that is Although it isn't a large deal to me, I do not plan to swap cards very often, but if you do, I found that the first time I opened it, I thought I was going to break The first time I attempted to do it I actually questioned the validity of my method, and I then had to check YouTube to see if anyone else had problems. I saw him do that, they did that (or at least the guy I watched). If you have a small flat head screwdriver or something you can use it to get the bay open by sticking it in the notch and turning it The only way I could accomplish this with my hands would be impossible. It may be good idea to remove the SD card from your Pi before you install it in the NES case, as another user with their own NES case pointed out. In the event that you leave the card in while installing, it would be easy to snap it. It is easy to slide it back into the case after the board has been secured inside. Just take the card out before you slide everything in, to be on the safe side. 2) The LAN port and the other two USB ports are difficult to reach. In order to access them, you have to take off an access panel and have cables coming out of the side, which does ruin the overall aesthetics I am only ever using two controllers at the present time since I am using it on WiFi. I am not going to complain about the case as I am using it on WiFi. If I wanted to extend the ports out or add my four controllers to the front, I probably would have done so. So, it is what it is. This would ruin the sleek look of the site. 4) Regarding the controller. There is one item here. Aside from the controller being rather nice, it's pretty good. I find the device responsive and well-built. I still have no idea how long it will last, but for the price, it feels fine. How to set it up as a 6-person group Some fancy stuff takes place when you click the button. In this case, a 6-inch wouldn't work at all A button controller that works right out of the box for Sega Genesis games. This was one of the questions I asked of RetroFlag here on Amazon and he provided an answer that appears to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can search for the correct documentation directly on YouTube or the RetroPie support pages. It is not overly complicated, but it was not what I was expecting, and it won't just work as you would hope right away. While this is not RetroFlag's fault, it would have been nice to have instructions for using this controller included with the controller, since without instructions, how are we to use it properly? 5) I did not set up seem difficult from the guides I looked at, but I haven't tried it yet. It's not something that I am able to comment directly on. Despite the price, I think the case and controller are worth it. My case is not important so long as it does not get broken or otherwise stop working in some way. In any case, it looks fantastic as a mini (Perhaps, it's just official, but it looks like the Mega Drive. Since I'm a dork, I would have bought it for that alone, even if I didn't have a Pi. Furthermore, the fact that it serves a reasonable purpose for me in protecting my Pi is also an added bonus. bonus that's too good to pass up. The RetroFlag cases for Sega are so great! I hope they do more in the future. My list of desires would be to own a mini Dreamcast, Saturn, and Master System, and if these devices were of the same quality as the MegaDrive case, I would buy them as well.

Connor Kirby
Connor Kirby
| Nov 22, 2020

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