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JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike

JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike

JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike
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With our uniquely designed vibrapurr technology, the cats purr sounds and feels like a real purr, just as if they had been in the wild. In the same way a real cat would, this companion pet cat can open and close its eyes, lift its paw, open its mouth, and move its head and body as well. Pet cats have synthetic fur with a soft, brushable texture that imitates the texture of real cat fur.
Elderly loved ones can enjoy a rich experience designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun. convenience and ease of care we provide, along with our state-of-the-art technology, make it the perfect interactive experience for older adults who are living in senior communities or aging at home, along with their caregivers, or anyone who might need some company a bit at the moment.
Having won the caregiver friendly award from today's caregiver for two years in 2016 and 2017 Joy For All companion pets. In addition to the New York Times, People Magazine, and Baltimore sun, we also included this product in our list of top products. CBS and the doctors have both broadcast it. There has also been a BBC radio broadcast.
Founded in 2002, Ageless Innovation is a global company dedicated to creating fun and engaging products for older people. The ageless innovation brand began with the award-winning line of Joy For All companion pets, created and launched originally by Hasbro, with a goal to create fun, joy and play for both children and adults, and to give families and caregivers meaningful connections. The number four is equal to one and one. A alkaline battery with a 5V C voltage

Questions & Answers

Is there any information inside the box about the cats?

You raise a great point! If you think of Schrödinger's cat, you might find a single cat in the box, but the cat might be alive or dead. When we opened the box, mine was dead, but quantum physics may be on your side and you will receive Good luck!

How would you advise a person who suffers from depression and anxiety to use the joy for all companion pet?

I agree wholeheartedly! My name is Kate and I am a young adult (not the target demographic here) but I consider myself anxious, The best thing about it is that I absolutely love Having the soft fur on my hands and seeing the kitty purr greatly reduces my anxiety. Any time I feel anxious, I can simply reach over and pet her, and it instantly calms me. It is definitely worth checking out

Is it an appropriate idea to explain it is a real cat to the elderly person you are giving it to?

There was nothing I could say to her about it being real. She would talk to it a little, but mostly enjoyed just holding and stroking it. It would purr, blink its eyes, meow, etc. when it was petted. When she looked at the cat sometimes she almost seemed to believe it was alive, and it provided her much comfort (this woman had owned cats all her life). Regardless of a person's stage of dementia, they may have moments of clarity from time to time. The person you give the cat to can take it as it is from the perspective of the moment in which it is given to them. By the way. The device has a switch that will turn off the sound only if it gets annoying or too loud, and it can also turn itself off completely.

Is it possible to extend the battery life?

The period between (6) weeks and tons of meows I'm a cat-lover and I love ing A rechargeable battery kicks in when the device moves There is a need to recharge batteries The charging process. "Bonai Rechargeable C Batteries, 5000mAh 1/2." are my battery choice. The Ni-Al battery has 2V A high capacity, low voltage MH C Size Battery (4 pack) along with an EBL Smart LCD Battery Charger (3rd Generation, ETL Certified). My aunt uses the cat all of the time because she loves it so much. It is typical for batteries to last for approximately six months Within a week.

Selected User Reviews For JOY FOR ALL - Black & White Tuxedo Cat - Interactive Companion Pets - Realistic & Lifelike

had been looking forward to receiving this item to provide me with emotional support after I lost my wife to suicide

I purchased this as an emotional support companion after losing my wife of 23 years by suicide. I told everyone I knew that I was getting this item. As soon as it It was a very disappointing experience for me, and I was It made me sad because I was expecting it to relieve some of my loneliness and depression after the death of my wife. That person who came up with that idea had an excellent This would be very beneficial to those who suffer from memory problems or dementias of any kind. Possibly since they are trying to attract buyers of that type This purchase was not a good idea for me.

At any rate, the problem I found with the cat was that it is not lifelike. The meow is way too loud and not able to be adjusted. It is very unrealistic to see the movements of the head in this manner. Purring from this video doesn't sound like the purring of a real cat, and all of the movements are ruined because you can clearly hear the sound of a small motor while those motions are being I think the bottom line is, at least from my perspective, that although this is a fantastic invention, it is As a result of my wife's passing, I returned mine and purchased stuffed animals to help me figure out what to do about her passing. Some people have found comfort using the stuffed animals, one of which is a labrador retriever in full size. I know they aren't real, but they appeal to me nonetheless While I try to recover from such a devastating loss, my friends offer me some measure of comfort that is better than nothing.

Lyric Dyer
Lyric Dyer
| Mar 25, 2021
To make that decision was a painful and difficult process

In recent days, my family had to place my mother in a nursing home for long-term To make that decision was a painful and difficult process. Her 88 year old father is no longer capable of providing care for her because she has dementia. During the days with no visitors or in between phases with no activities, we worried that she would spend time alone in the room. Through him, I was able to give her a joy for all cats. In her roles as a mother and grandmother, as well as a lover of animals, she has always been nurturer. It is with great pleasure that I can affirm that this was one of the best purchases of my lifetime. In addition to petting the cat, she likes seeing how it reacts after she touches it. A cat like this can do some truly amazing things. Though she knows it is not real, it's very lifelike and my mother likes it despite its artificial nature. As well as the nurses and CNAs, her cat is a hit There is no other resident on the floor who is as popular as she is! There is something for everyone with this toy. Visits with my mom and her cat were made by my niece who is 10 years old. This interaction between my niece and mom was so special because it gave her the chance to connect with my mother. My mother appeared reluctant to enter her room at the nursing home after Thanksgiving dinner when we brought her back to the nursing home. A cat saved her from losing her temper, as it redirected her thoughts and let her settle in. My mother is so thankful to have this wonderful companion!.

Kylian Doyle
Kylian Doyle
| Aug 02, 2020
I think this is a fantastic I love it

The home where my father lives is my father's. Dementia is the cause of his condition. It is obvious that he loves her a lot. A great value for every penny you spend.

Caden McLaughlin
Caden McLaughlin
| Sep 06, 2020
A rating of five stars is given to concept, a rating of one star is given to The 18th of November marked the day I purchased my first orange tabby cat

I took my 89-year-old father to see it and he was blown away by it— I have been helping my law - he is battling dementia, and has been withdrawing from people in recent months. His love for the cat is unconditional. The child talks to it, plays with it, pet it, and interacts with it as if he believes it is real. He has become more alert and content. This cat is a FIVE STAR concept and a FIVE STAR addition to the lives of older people (&amp It is their caregivers who provide these services). However, the product is only given a ONE STAR rating for product Sadly, my FIL broke it because he loved it so much. It looked like he was holding onto the head too tightly, so the servo set broke and the head came to a stop. Cats still meow and purr, but they no longer roll onto their backs and they no longer open their eyes. I cannot handle the heartbreak of my father-in-law asking why my cat won't open I write to you in regards to Hasbro marketing for product management It's best to keep it simple. There is no need to roll onto the cat's back if you wish to rub its stomach. There is probably 90% of the "real" factor removed by meowing, purring, and mouth movements, and the likelihood of a cat breaking is greatly reduced. In addition, I now have a very real problem I'm trying to solve. His love of this cat began when he was a little boy. As far as I know, I can't take it to a vet. A new cat has been purchased in place of the old one. YES, you read it correctly, I bought 2 robots for $100 each I'll be adding another cat in less than one month because my FIL is so incredibly happy with this little lady, and it's providing some much needed relief for him. In the – Providing care at all hours of the day. With a value per hour of astronomical proportions, this cat pays for itself many times over in no time. Having said that, Hasbro would be wise to figure out how they are going to handle replacements, repairs, and breakdowns. At any rate, I am anticipating further improvements to this product line. Perhaps I don't have to buy a baker's dozen until we arrive at a satisfactory conclusion.

Crystal Bowers
Crystal Bowers
| Sep 02, 2020
The best of friends

As a gift for my husband, I bought the cat For him, it provides a great deal of comfort. Despite its "real" appearance, he still believes it to be a Putting it to bed with him, he scratches and pets A great deal of joy fills his heart.

| Apr 14, 2021

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