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VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow
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This product provides your baby with comfortable support during tummy time, which is an important part of the developmental process
the learning process while your baby is learning to sit on his or her
This is a great toy for children to use as they grow
Children can look at colors and objects on the piano keys, play music, and sing short tunes as they develop fine motor skills and stimulate their auditory senses.

Questions & Answers

What is the machine washability of this item?

In the cleaning instructions, it states that only surface-washable items can be used. It's obviously not a good idea to wash plastic battery operated toys. In the end, I just removed the batteries and put it in the wash/dryer and it was fine. The pillow itself is still in tact and has no batteries inside just squeaks. Use cold water for quick washing and it'll be fine. To clean the plastic toys, I simply wiped them down

My order is on its way. When will it be delivered?

The item is usually delivered about a week after you order it. Go to order details, if it says it is shipped, you can track it

The tummy time pillow and the baby boppy are the same thing, right?

You are welcome to check out our product offerings. It provides support when you're lying on your stomach As your child begins strengthening the muscles in their neck, play with them. Also, it allows them to start sitting on their own as they learn. Thanks for your time and attention, VTechkids

The problem I'm having is that I'm not sure how to proceed. ?

To slide the straps into the indentations on the underside of the music toy, you must poke them through the hole on the bottom. they are slid into place, they have a kind of "catch" piece of fabric that catches on the bars in the indents if they are lifted up.

Selected User Reviews For VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

My first time on my stomach was a success! Today I just got this package in the mail

As a result, I went ahead and bought this even though my son (who weighs 20 lbs) hates tummy time. It was difficult to get him to accept all the toys and not start crying, but we eventually got him to accept all 10 toys We both love 15 minutes of pleasant belly time. My chubby friend loves it, as do we both. In addition to playing a lot of songs and teaching different shapes, colors, and animals, the toy also lights up. Batteries are included as well, which is an awesome bonus.

Colby Maloney
Colby Maloney
| Apr 02, 2021
The time I spend on my tummy is now a happy time

It is not uncommon to see my little one with a giraffe and other Play time on the tummy is a fun time with this As with most babies, my baby was incensed when he was laid face down on the blanket with no option but to As a result, he is able to chew on and play with a variety of things. Sadly, cleaning the apartment isn't as easy as it could be. There is also a request for a review to include that, and I must say they have disappointed in that Snotty drool and vomit is easily cleaned with this cloth but it cannot be washed in the machine. Despite the fact that I have been able to scrub it fairly well with no trouble and let it dry, it's still a.

| Jan 01, 2021
The use of this product is only light, short lived, and cheap

My son has had this toy for almost 2 months and the prints on the keys (numbers, shapes, animals) came off almost immediately after I cleaned it up on the fifth or sixth time. The rest of the plastic pieces are also included. The colors also started disappearing, so now to make matters worse the giraffe has a psoriasis plaque on his face, and it looks like it survived for decades on a cheap hand-me-down. There is only a little over two months left! Following my phone call with VTech, I plan to update my review.

Carlos LEES
Carlos LEES
| Jun 03, 2021
There were a lot of toys to play with that helped with tummy time

The boy I have, who is 3m old, hated tummy time until we learned how to do It is a soft pillow that is sturdy yet not too big. The dimensions are perfect as well. Playable music is featured most prominently in this toy. It only plays two sing along songs (mulbery bush and hickory dickory dock), but other random music is also featured. In addition to colors, numbers, and shapes (only three for each but enough for a baby), there are also animal images. In addition to the volume settings, there are two settings for the mute. It can be detached from the keyboard so that it can be played seated. There are also crinkly ears, a squeaky tail, a mirror (plastic) and a rattle in this player. It is possible to detach the mirror and rattle, too.

Lionel King
Lionel King
| Apr 10, 2021
The idea of this pillow appeals to me, as well as the service it provides

As much as I like the concept of this pillow, and despite the fact that it serves its purpose, I'd almost rather buy a boppy and just attach a few toys. This pillow does not have a great connection with the toy Every time I pick it up, it falls There is a lot of difficulty reaching the other toys that are attached to it as well. This may work for a baby that is older, however I've been using it since my daughter was almost 2 months old and she's now 3 months old, so I'm not sure if she will be able to reach it in a couple months. I don't think it is worth her while to do that since I won't be putting her in tummy time in a couple months since she will be able to roll over easily and perhaps even crawl by then. it isn't the most incredible toy, but it is okay.

Lilianna Hanson
Lilianna Hanson
| Feb 15, 2021
Infants younger than three months of age find this useful

Over time, the songs get a little stale (I sing them to myself in the middle of the night), but they keep every baby I've ever met engaged. It is a great toy for young children struggling with tummy time, but it is not recommended for babies in the 12 mos to 3 years age bracket. It was hard to entice my six month old to tolerate even a few minutes of tummy time. We tried everything we could find to get him to tolerate it. As a result of the elevated position, he seemed distracted from the fact that he was on top of himself and the music toy and the mirror kept him occupied for a while. In the end, he would realize he was on his stomach and become even more upset when he realized it was harder to roll over from the elevated position, but it did help him strengthen his back and neck muscle. Having mobility ceased to interest him the moment he gained some interest in this at the age of eight months. We enjoyed using it for about a month, but I don't see how it would work on children of the recommended age.

Aniyah Hayes
Aniyah Hayes
| Feb 13, 2021
The first thing I was hesitant to buy was this because I assumed he would still dislike tummy time

I was surprised. I got my 4-month-old son to try tummy time, but he hates it. As soon as I put him down onto his stomach, he would begin to screen until I picked My first reaction was to not get this since I thought he was still going to hate tummy time, but my surprise was that he really would play with the keyboard and be occupied for about 5 minutes, just like the doctor wants him to have about That was the best purchase I have ever made.

London Church
London Church
| Apr 03, 2021

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