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Estes BT-5 Body Tube Model Kit

Estes BT-5 Body Tube Model Kit

Estes BT-5 Body Tube Model Kit
$ 10.85

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By entering your model number, you can make sure that this fits.
There are four body tubes in each package.
It's compatible with the NC-5 nose cone.
Tube couplers are used to join tubes of the same diameter.

Questions & Answers

I'm curious about the size of these. ?

These are, according to the Estes web site. 518- with a diameter of inches on the inside and a circumference of inches on the outside The circumference is 544.

Selected User Reviews For Estes BT-5 Body Tube Model Kit

It's ideal for constructing miniature rockets

That's exactly what I was looking for, and that's exactly what I got. Having these shipped in a box kept them pristine. br>br>They cut cleanly with a sharp X-acto blade. br>br>There isn't much else to say other than having these shipped in a box kept them pristine. Using an acto blade, smooth out the surface with the least amount of sanding possible. br>br>One thing I do that you might want to try is Due to the coating on the tubes, I lightly sand the 3 or 4 lines where my balsa fins will attach for better adhesion. This allows the glue to penetrate deeper into the tube's material.

Riley Schneider
Riley Schneider
| Sep 06, 2021
It served its purpose, but it lacked the thickness of the better versions

It's about the same thickness as a regular. It did the job, but it wasn't quite as thick as some of the better ones. Its thickness is comparable to that of a standard toilet paper roll.

Kamari Navarro
Kamari Navarro
| Nov 14, 2021

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