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Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle

Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle

Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle
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A pair of
The polymer cement used in the plastic weld process
The tacky feeling immediately sets in
The time is set
ABS bonds permanently to Butyrate, ABS bonds permanently to Styrene, ABS bonds permanently

Questions & Answers

Are you able to use plexiglass with this?

Plexiglass will be bonded with it

The cement solvent is it possible to infuse thermoplastic with it?

Polystyrene is the only material that should be avoided.

What if the device is exposed to a temperature of To fix my motorcycle fairings, I am using some tools. ?

The stuff in this category is designed for architectural miniatures made of plastic. ABS or styrene plastics could easily soften or melt, so I do not think it will hold up.

What is the difference between the two What's the deal with that? I'm not quite clear?

You will only receive (1) one 2oz bottle

Selected User Reviews For Plastruct Plastic Weld w/applicator 2oz Bottle

It's time to shake it up! Seeing as it is molded in black ABS plastic, I bought this Plastruct Plastic Weld especially for assembling a bridge model (see attached pictures)

As far as I knew, all of my other glues or cements were either styrene-based or cyanoacrylate-based. Also, the model manufacturer explicitly recommended the use of Plastruct Plastic Weld, since it appears I was surprised by the fact that Plastruct Plastic Weld could not hold the delicate parts together (not after a few seconds, not after a few Release of the delicate pieces simply caused them to flip over under their own weight. If I had used water, I would have been fine. As a result, I took refuge in some on-line methods out of frustration/desperation To assemble the first of the two bridge sections, I used Tamiya 87038 (a product that serves its intended purpose well). In any case, it was a long, painful process, because the parts "welded" very slowly and not very strongly after many As a lightbulb went off, I realized I should have read the instructions of the Plastruct Weld bottle (the step I would recommend when nothing else has worked). However, I was not successful there as well as I had tried everything I had already. The test results confirmed that it was indeed intended for ABS and was working as intended. "Shake it up. Next, the second light bulb went off, "Take your time. The game is over. I was able to move on to the next piece in mere seconds because the pieces bonded sufficiently The second bridge section came together in a fraction of the time it took for the first one, using the new method of assembly The Plastruct Plastic Weld has been shaken. As well as the fully-functional After setting the welding the next day the welds were much stronger than those of the first bridge (which I fixed with Plastruct Plastic Welds later on). Additionally, the fluid flowed well into joints via capillary action allowing Plastruct Plastic Weld to be easily applied. I encountered only one real negative, and that was that the in-depth instructions were not clear or detailed There are quite a few fat spots on the bottle brush. This is meant for model assembly after all, not merely for welding. If you are welding metal, the results will vary somewhat. In other words, it seems like a WAY too big size (in comparison to the excellent massive There is one fine point to the Tamiya - The brush for bottles). Because after all, I am not trying to weld black ABS pipes for the toilet in my house. My go-to brand is Oatey's, which I get from Lowe's. The only negative I can think of about Plastruct Plastic Weld is that they don't include SHAKE BEFORE USE in their instructions/label even though I was tempted to take a star away. There may be a reason for several of the negative reviews I have read regarding it being ineffective. If this is the case, please update your label accordingly.

Antonio Hodges
Antonio Hodges
| Jan 13, 2021
Having found this now would have been much more useful in the past! We prefer not to use the word "glue" or "adhesive" for this

The solvent welds the pieces together by making the surface of the plastic goopy so that they stick to each other as if they were molded that way Plastic Weld owes its name to this. The idea of purchasing a house appealed to me.

Louisa Stanley
Louisa Stanley
| Jun 23, 2021
A waste of time

The adhesive did not adhere to ABS/mystery plastics. It's true that you have to be aware of the chemical makeup of the item you're trying to 'glue', but after testing it using several different types of plastic, it was obvious that this product couldn't do what it was supposed The item was neither welded nor dissolved nor even adhered to any plastics. It does pretty much what this stuff promises to do. I used to construct model airplanes and I know how model glue works. Having assumed I understood the definition of what this welding term meant, I chose to use it. Failed at its core. It would only take a whisper to break those joints. I don't want to waste money on this The material might be flammable, although I have no proof. I can see how a molotov cocktail would be interesting. Ah, I see. We are waiting on the pictures.

Sevyn Rivas
Sevyn Rivas
| Aug 29, 2020
The glue is compatible with a number of plastics Each plastic requires a particular glue due to its unique properties

There are literally millions of different types of plastic. Hard plastics, such as those used in consumer products, are compatible with this tool. Due to its thinness and ability to run into cracks, it is easy to use. There is no need to fill in gaps with it. The following instructions should be used You should have a way to hold the cracked or broken pieces together without any gaps. You need to wipe glue on one side of the paper, wait a few minutes and then let it dry. When it takes more than a minute to apply, you are using too much. Turn over and apply to the other side. The tip of a soft plastic bottle In general, JB Weld works well, but the results are often unsightly. With a black version, the resulting bond is stronger and more aesthetically pleasing. I had a 20 year old Mercedes that broke its sun visor mount and the dealer told me that I had to buy a new one. In my experience, clear epoxies did not last very long before they separated from my The JB Weld stock has been holding since a couple of.

Autumn Malone
Autumn Malone
| Sep 07, 2020

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