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Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7 Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7 Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7

Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7"" Traditional Size Bright Cotton Loops Makes 8 Potholders, Weaving, Crafts for Kids and Adults, Original Version (F557B)

Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7 Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7 Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7
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Using the Harrisville 7-inch bright Lotta loops kit, you can create 8 beautiful 6" x 6"
For children and adults alike, hand weaving is an educational and fun activity that has been around for ages
This company carries on the New Hampshire tradition of producing custom-made textiles exclusively in the United States
It can be used with the Harrisville Designs original 7" x 7" Metal potholder loom (sold separately).
This package contains 1 bag of 100% cotton loops in a variety of The booklet is suitable for children aged 6 and older

Questions & Answers

Is there more than one loop in each ?

It states that there are enough materials to make eight It would then be appropriate if each package contained at least 288 loops (36 loops per

Do these have any stretch?

Since the fabric is 100% cotton, the (final product) is stretchy and can actually serve as a trivet or pot lifter. It is impossible for polyester to - As if it were melting.

The loom you are using has 7 prongs, how many?

Using this pattern, you will need 36 loops to make a potholder because each side has 18 prongs.

Would I be able to have some of the loops that were stretched replaced?

Please visit us. This company has a very good reputation. The contact information can be found at the bottom of the

Selected User Reviews For Harrisville Designs Friendly Loom Lotta Loops 7"" Traditional Size Bright Cotton Loops Makes 8 Potholders, Weaving, Crafts for Kids and Adults, Original Version (F557B)

I loved the colors and the quality of the material

The size was consistent. There are three potholders that I made. I posted pictures of them. The Harrisville loops were all used to make these. Among the different patterns, we have the "6 Color Rainbow", the "Houndstooth", and the "12 Color Rainbow. " You can find instructions on how to make them below. There are no color variations for the "6 Color Rainbow," as the warp and weave are the same I have 3 reds, 3 oranges, 3 yellows, 3 greens, 3 blues, and 3 purples. You also use a warp and weave variation of the "12 Color Rainbow. " The warp and weave are the same, but the color groups are different. Please note that a total of 3 shades of green were used. The WARP project Among them, three of deep purple, three of royal blue, three of soft turquoise, and three of green #1, two of green #2, three The weave is I chose 3 yellow, 3 orange, 3 salmon, 3 red, 3 fuchsia, and 3 light purple colors from the rainbow. The warp and weave are each six colors, for a total of I like the Houndstooth -) There is a basic pattern for the Harrisvile loom that came with it. Purple and green were the colors I used. The letters G and P stand for green and purple, respectively. It is the same warp as the same weave. This is GGPPGGPPGGPPGGPPGGPPGG. A pattern with two loops of one color alternating with two As a result, I have used other types of loops with clearly poor quality in the past. There are also some that are not cotton and others that have such inconsistent sizes that they're almost impossible to stretch over a These Harrisville loops are amazing! I am so glad that I discovered them. The loops are made of quality cotton in very nice colors and a consistent size. - I have a Harrisville loom made from metal In my opinion, that is the best way to proceed. These plastic looms do not appeal to me. To grip the potholder most of the time, I use my fingers We are in the process of making. I sometimes use a crochet hook when the thread is really tight at the end of the process Rather than using the hook that came with my loom, I make my own. The activity is a fun way to relax, have fun and enjoy some time with friends and family. It would be a great gift to give the potholders. My favorite thing to do while crocheting potholders is to listen to music. In Harrisville, there are two loops. I have zero complaints about them. They are just the best! As well as bags of all colors, you can find them individually as well. You'll love it! Obviously if you like crafts and making pretty things, this is a good project for you.

Kataleya Marks
Kataleya Marks
| Sep 11, 2020
The fabric that comes with the original loom toy is better than the one that comes with the Wished I could open a potholder sweatshop when I was a kid Your kids are proving to be a powerful force? I guess that's what you are looking for, material supply

In my opinion, this fabric would make much better potholders than the fabric that came with my child's first "loom. " Like a nylon hose, those original ones It was very thin and left a super-thin result A shrinking "pot holder" (ahem- The ride is similar to a roller coaster). The material of these is thicker, but it is a nicer This results in potholders that are much larger than the one you'd use for a shirt. You might be able to take something out of the oven with them. Currently my kid is hard at work, and I am sure that we will open a store on Amazon or Etsy soon.

Ainsley Lewis
Ainsley Lewis
| Sep 15, 2020
I was looking for something like this! To be certain I had enough of these bags, I purchased two

That's not really the case. My order needed to be at least a certain size to get delivered the next day. The project for which I have been working with my 9 yr old grandchild has been our joint task. In the end, I was able to make 20 pot holders (10 per bag), and had four loops leftover. They are so much nicer than those I have used in the past. The darker loops are less stretchy than the lighter loops, but I have found that with jersey knits in general. My family is looking forward to receiving these for Christmas as we are only able to obtain woven or knitted felted wool potholders that are better than woven cotton As far as I'm concerned, I already own 2 metal looms, and while I was able to get by with a crochet hook and a homemade hook made from a wire coat hanger, a hook would have been more useful.

Eliel Robinson
Eliel Robinson
| Feb 21, 2021
The use of it is more difficult It is true that they are the best at making Making potholders at home was always challenging and we were constantly running out of colors

So we decided to order replacements from several sources and to see which worked best. These are not the easiest to use, but by far produce the best potholders. A great big bag of colorful loops. I like the colors in this image A dye in any of the following colors teal, cobalt, lime green, Kelly green, pink, red, or reddish-orange A purple, yellow, and orange color scheme There are enough colours in the rainbow to make some stunning The loops we used here are very thick and less stretchy than other loops we have used. Bulky spheres can be a little harder to work with since they are bulkier. Despite this, I have never found any that do not fit. Conversely, the finished potholder is larger and holds its shape better than the unfinished one. I have found that stretchier brands often contain nylon, and it does not seem like they will withstand hot dishes as well as other brands. The loops are kind of scraggly, with loose threads hanging off of them, but when you weave them together, the loose threads aren't really an issue. Several people commented that their children could not weave the edges with these because they were less stretchy than the ones they normally wear. Even though she hasn't been able to weave the edge on these either, my daughter was very happy with the outcome as it is larger and more vivid in color, and it has a more even shape compared to her potholders made from There might not be a better bet if you want something that is really easy to use. You may want to check for loops made by klutz. However, if you just want to make some cool potholders, these are definitely an option. Buying more is my goal for a year later. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction I have found that my daughter can weave the edges now that she is 8 years old. Metal looms are much easier to weave off the edges than plastic looms. Also, they are easier to weave off the edges when you use them. The following offers an update After almost two years, my daughter has again started making potholders, but this time with her own design. The loops need to be bigger!.

Louise Woods
Louise Woods
| Dec 22, 2020

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