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DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24 DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24 DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24

DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24" X 10" Deep. Made in USA.

DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24 DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24 DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24
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This high quality restaurant grade stainless steel is 304 (18-8) - 16 gauge Thickness of 0.0625 ") . Definitely NOT all the cheap shelves that are made overseas from the 400 series.
Angle brackets are attached to the side of the shelf with screws. Each bracket has a small machine screw that secures it
Quality and strength in the restaurant industry. 275+ Lbs can easily be held by the shelves when properly positioned.
The DMT Stainless LLC in California produces this product in the United States.
We can order shelves with custom sizes if you contact us. Shipment for all orders including custom sizes takes 1 to 2 days.

Questions & Answers

Can you see all the way across the metal lip under the shelf? The lip's dimensions are what are they?

There is a 1/2" lip underneath the front edge. There is a 1 1/2" edge at the back for strength. The lip extends from left to right.

Would you be able to tell me the height of the back plate that mounts to the wall on the 10"x24" SS shelf?

The lip of the top top measures 1 1/2 inches in length and is completed in In addition, a bracket is attached to the bottom that attaches to the wall until it is bolted to the shelf.

Does it hold a lot of weight?

Depending on how it is installed, this shelf can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds. When each bracket is fitted directly into a wooden framing stud using the included 2" screws, the shelf can easily support more than 100 pounds. A shelf's weight is determined by the strength of the anchors used to install it if it is anchored to the wall. Anchors used in dry walls are usually 35 lbs in weight. In case you will be storing high volumes of weight on the shelf, we highly recommend that you hire a professional installer who can install it correctly. I would be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Here at our shop in Sun Valley, we fabricate these shelves from scratch. Our shelves can be made to fit your needs if you need something custom sized. My thanks go to Mario Tarandek of DMT Stainless LLC
Thanks Mario!

Can you tell me how big the bolt holes are?

1/4" diameter is the size of the holes. In the event that you have further questions, please feel free to It is my pleasure to serve you. I am Mr. Mario Tarandek, owner of DMT Stainless LLC.

Selected User Reviews For DMT Stainless Wall Shelf. 24" X 10" Deep. Made in USA.

The stainless steel you're using is very high-quality! The new grill is located on the side of my house and I wanted a small shelf on which I could mount it

I wanted a stainless steel that was of a high quality but that was also relatively strong and thick, since we live in a humid area. I'm so glad I saw this! As well as the slightly rounded edges, I like the soft feeling the paper has. is the perfect accessory to go with my grill, so I have extra work space when I'm using the side burner.

| May 18, 2021
Excellent product, easy to use and I was able to get it at a very good price

The company sent me the wrong size, but sent me the correct one in a timely manner. It took the owner several days to respond and he was fantastic. I have it holding my toaster oven on one side and bread box on the other. It looks great and is well made.

Zakai Ray
Zakai Ray
| Apr 16, 2021
It has been a great day for me

This is a very strong character & The product is very good.

| Mar 25, 2021
It is of very high quality

I'm sure our little gelato shop is in need of this.

Calliope Rivera
Calliope Rivera
| Jun 06, 2021
We are looking for a shelf with big muscles that is smaller

I have an incredible self that carries a lot A very well-designed website. The book is worth buying.

Brooklynn Pham
Brooklynn Pham
| Feb 24, 2021
I give this product five stars

I am glad.

Armani Maloney
Armani Maloney
| Feb 14, 2021

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