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Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14 Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14 Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14 Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14

Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14",S,PR

Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14 Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14 Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14 Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14
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The leather is made from cow's grain
It is imported
A Kevlar stitching on seams to keep the garment durable and protect it in high heat
A package measures 33 by 33 by 33 cm. The size of this measurement is 02 H x 3 W. The dimensions of the 81 x 17 foot poster are L x W In what is represented as W (centimeters).
No weight is attached to the package. Weight 272 kilos
China is the country of origin

Questions & Answers

The gloves are long enough, but how long are they?

Thanks for your inquiry. Overall, the gloves are 14 inches long.

Is it possible to use these for burning logs in a fireplace or ?

I appreciate your question and am happy to provide you with an answer. The gloves are not flame resistant or fire proof, and they will eventually catch on fire. They were not designed to handle flames for a long time. However, if you handle a burning log for just a few seconds, their thick leather will make them appropriate for such use. Here is what I hope will help. Kylie L Ironclad Customer Service is here to help you.

In the case of these gloves, when does the leather become vegetable tanned and when does it become How do you dye it? What is the chemical you use?

I'm not sure what the answer to your question is. The only thing I can add about these is that I love them so much and my husband is jealous of them.

What is the shipping address of these items?

There is a town in New Jersey called Sayreville. Thank you for your kind words

Selected User Reviews For Welding Gloves,MIG,Cowhide,14",S,PR

I am in awe of these gloves! The perfect solution to thorny problems! It's so comfy! Our 94 acres of land means we have a lot of maintenance to do to keep the trails maintained

An army of angry pricker and thorn bushes has encroached on our property. When I tried to clear out a huge one, I got pretty torn up pretty badly, so I started looking for better gloves since the thorns were getting through every pair we owned. Having looked at a few rose bush gloves, I was unsatisfied with the majority of reviews stating that thorns were still getting through, so I bought This is a remarkable group of people. Despite pulling thorn branches for a few hours without feeling a single bite, I did not feel any thorns at all. These sleeves extend a little above my elbow and protect me up to As well as being comfortable, they look good. You can bend them easily because they are soft. Because I have really small hands, I can't do much with those. The gloves that I usually wear are a women's small. They're a great fit on me, and I bought them in a small. My mom or sister might also like them.
I'm thinking of purchasing another pair. This is a product I strongly I just wanted to let you know. The gloves I bought cost me money. The request for my review did not come from me. As a consumer, I put this review on here because I am truly impressed with this product in a world where we are frequently duped and let down.

Paris Lara
Paris Lara
| Jul 06, 2021
It is such a pleasure to bake bread with these gloves! This pair of gloves is awesome! The Dutch ovens will be used to bake the bread in them

These gloves didn't cause burns on my inner arms, and I was tired of getting burns on my inner arms. I ordered an extra small and it was thick, comfy, and big. I would highly recommend this product! Please take note of the following warning The heat resistance of a material is If the gloves are your only protection from burns, particularly at high temperatures, do not rely on them! If you plan to remove items at extremely high temperatures or are working with cast iron, you will likely need an extra layer.

Angel Chandler
Angel Chandler
| Jan 10, 2021
A welding rod is used for Women with long fingers should wear the medium

Since the gloves in welding class are so large and stiff that my fingers have no dexterity, I had difficulty using them. It was a gamble to get a medium for men, and they fit well. In general, I prefer to wear gloves that fit men rather than women since women's gloves have short fingers, but large size gloves fit well for form-fitting purposes like driving. The mediums are perfect for these, since they are meant to be loose and airy. If they were thicker, I would have given them a 5 star rating. However, I do not believe they are as protective as the gloves we used.

Alaiya Bean
Alaiya Bean
| Oct 25, 2020
I thought they were really nice

My husband looked at them as well. I was admiring these while my husband was watching Because I had small hands, I had to weld with them. So far, I have used it a few times and I really like it. The sticks are nice and thick, but I can weld with the stick in my hand. It will be a decision I have to make which I will recommend to a friend and then purchase.

Carl Parker
Carl Parker
| Jun 19, 2021
I did find some scorch marks on it, but overall it is a useful thing to protect one's hands the way a glove would protect one's hand when pulling something

No matter that I do not use it as a welding glove, I will give it 5 stars nonetheless. You can easily keep your hands from being burned by sparks and slag with this. Moving objects with a metal smelter is my primary use for this device I can usually get by with it, but it does tend to get hot enough that it will burn me- Since it is over 1500 degrees, it is necessary for me to take off my gloves. On one of the fingers, I have managed to melt it. This seems to be some type of nylon, probably used to join the upper and lower sides of the glove. It sometimes leaves scorch marks, but overall, it protects your hands much like how a mitt protects your hands when you pull something from a 500 degree oven. - The pan cannot be carried around the yard or around the yard while you go for a drive. Is that clear? This is how- What is welding? I assume smelting metal will be fine? I don't mind so long as you move.

Cal Frank
Cal Frank
| Apr 07, 2021
It is particularly good at pulling vicious brambles

read a blog claiming that welding gloves protected the best against thorns, so I bought some. I just could not believe they were I couldn't even use my thickest gardening gloves because so many thorns made their way The protection these welding gloves provide is amazing. Both thorns and blackberries will not harm them. You can easily pull out unwanted brambles with these. In addition to this, they fit my small hands perfectly as well as being extremely comfortable. Despite being soft and kind of fuzzy (not the best for breathability), their inner lining is worth it. It has long sleeves as well, which is a plus. All in all, these gloves are an 11 out of 10 in terms of thorn resistance.

June Wilson
June Wilson
| Dec 13, 2020
I have small female hands and these fit perfectly

It works perfectly with the S/7 that I ordered. The gloves are a little large, but I do not seem to mind since they will shrink a bit once I use "the fire". I like to create prehistoric pottery in an outdoor trench kiln where I handle very hot ceramics, coals, and wood fires. As of yet, I cannot comment as to how heat resistant they are, but they do have a substantial amount of insulation in their I love that the cuffs extend all the way to my elbows (10 inches from wrist to cuff edge), which will prove to be invaluable when trying to reach.

Jade Rice
Jade Rice
| Nov 23, 2020
Could you please tell me what else I can Buy them! They are the best

Despite my small hands, I work with computers. Despite searching Amazon, it was difficult to locate a small set of welding gloves. In the end, after reviewing the reviews, I decided to buy these as opposed to another pair. It was the right decision for me and I do not regret it. A great quality of heat resistance is that it is extremely durable. There is a great deal of comfort to be found here. The stinger I hold is not difficult for me to hold.

Melvin Carney
Melvin Carney
| Sep 20, 2020

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