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12" Lined PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves, One Size (Wells Lamont 194)

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COATINGS Made from PVC - Great for everyday use - Resistant to adhesives, liquids, detergents, and dilised bases and acids - Stays flexible at cooler
Lined with a brushed lining to provide additional warmth in colder
GRIP - Textured PVC surface for greater general grip
GAUNTLET CUFF - Protects hands and wrists with the 12-inch lined gauntlet cuff
Applications - Ideal for woodworking, auto assembly, trim applications, furniture manufacturing, and much more!

Questions & Answers

Can you tell me how big these gloves are? How do I know if I wear an XL?

A good fit is achieved by their size. Chains are what I use for putting up my snow tires.

Could you tell me if this glove comes in a medium size?

I'm a large in other gloves and these are a comfortable fit for me in these -- As far as I'm aware, these gloves come in only one size, which fits all of my needs This is not a tight fit. Since I use them for shoveling snow and operating a snowblower, they don't have to be very snug. That may be of some help to you.

Do these gloves have the right properties to handle ?

Liquid propane can be safely handled by these gloves

A work glove with a waterproof membrane is essential for me when I am doing snow work in wet conditions. To be effective, these gloves need to be capable of handling salt, chemicals, and other icing substances. Could you please send me 2x as well?

It seems likely that these would work as long as the deicing chemicals do not damage the The linings of the boat can take a while to dry if rain falls on them. During the drying process, I turn the cuffs inside out over the finger portion so that they can be exposed to more air to dry faster. As long as they stay in the water then they can be wet for a while due to the waterproof PVC. Despite some minor issues, i am quite happy with the

Selected User Reviews For 12" Lined PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves, One Size (Wells Lamont 194)

The gloves are made of PVC that is heavily insulated

This is the Wells Lamont 194 Heavyweight fully coated PVC glove with acrylic winter knit lining, 12" A one-inch cuff for a glove This blue size by Wells Lamont is the size. These 'PVC coated gloves' are actually molded PVC over cotton gloves with hand socks inserted into the gloves. They are then sewn at the wrist for good measure. Some of these gloves' good qualities are offset by some of their bad qualities. Here are some of the positive points 1) the PVC part of the glove is very thick and can withstand 1. ) the palm and fingers have a rough surface for gripping things. 2. 3) the cotton knit base and pile socks help provide some insulation against cold, something that may be difficult to achieve alone with PVC, 1) You can pull the long cuffs over your coat sleeves to keep out snow and cold air. a) The "one size" adequately fits people with a size XX, correspond to the curve of the actual hand, which allows you improve grip. The material on the bottom edge of the palm can fit larger hands, 9) the slacks on the bottom edge allow for larger hands, 10. accommodate silk liners (but they are not wide enough to accommodate Please take note You should not wear gloves that are too tight as that restricts blood flow and results in Below are some of the bad points from the side, the thumb does not appear straight, and the glove appears as if it was a lobster claw. In this way your thumb gets rubbed against the deformed glove thumb, causing two things to happen 1. the glove thumb rubs against the outside edge of your thumb, and 2. the glove thumb pulls against your thumb. 2) while the extra 12" of finger length on the first three fingers fit a size "XX" hand, the extra 7/8" of finger length on the pinky finger is obstructive and keeps the hand from gripping, 4) the lack of slack in the handknuckles makes it difficult to close the fingers to grip something like a snow shovel handle, 5. After wearing these gloves for a few days, the restrictions caused my bones in my fingers, hands, and wrists to pop and hurt. It appears the gloves would be more roomy and not as restrictive for men and women in size "M" or "L. " So those wearing the gloves may not be getting their bones pushed out of place by the gloves restricting their movements. Despite their quality, I will have to give these gloves two stars, since there are better gloves available for someone wearing an XL. The contents of this material are as follows The outer shell is 100 percent cotton, the outer layer is 100 percent PVC In the lining It is made up of 100 percent acrylic. This glove can be used with We manufacture gasoline and diesel fuels, as well as oil, fertilizers, cold storage, diluted acids, and chemical light products. A few things to remember when caring for and cleaning your home No information is listed (no information provided). This item ships to and is The address of Tatzi's On Amazon is The following companies manufacture this product The address for Wells Lamont is 6640 West. It's located on a street called Touhy Avenue. The address is 4801 Niles Road, Niles, Illinois 60714 The United States of America 4587 Visit our website I am Wellslamont. You can visit our website at www. wellslamontgloves. com. Visit our website This item is made in China and has a RN of.

Graysen Pope
Graysen Pope
| Jul 11, 2021
This is the best pair of gloves you can buy for winter chores

Winter is the perfect time to wear these gloves to do chores outside. There is no doubt that the dexterity takes a little getting used to, but it is much more manageable than most games. They are warm enough to keep your hands warm down to about 5 degrees below, after that they start to get stiff. If you have a job that requires you to use your bare hands you can put these gloves on and take them off easily with one hand. For ranch work in the winter, I buy all of my crew these gloves. They keep my crew's hands warm and dry, and when they get dirty, you just wash them like you wash your hands and they are ready for the next day. Additionally, they are too durable to be ignored. Two thumbs up for sure!.

Heaven Rodriguez
Heaven Rodriguez
| Apr 10, 2021
This is a very nice set of waterproof gloves that come in large sizes

When I was power washing in the neighborhood, I used them There is a freeze in the air. These shoes are big and made of thick material. The gloves I was wearing could be worn under a pair of I wear a large in gloves most of the time, but I can wear XL once in a while. Despite that, my hands were warm, even in spite of the dexterity I was experiencing. It wouldn't be practical for me to use gloves this large in late fall if it weren't for power washing. There was nothing wrong with them in that regard.

Kingston Oneill
Kingston Oneill
| Mar 27, 2021
The trash I haul to a landfill is hauled by me in a semi truck

The gloves would have made life easier if I had discovered them years ago. I've been doing this for 13 years now. As winter approaches, I struggle with cold, wet, and frozen fingers. However, since I've begun wearing these gloves, I no longer experience this problem. Make these warmers your go-to if you work outside and wish to keep your hands warm and dry.

Skylar Hobbs
Skylar Hobbs
| Nov 19, 2020
This is a 4 1/2 star product

Buying this was a good decision. Cold and wet conditions are very well suited to this type of footwear. In order to wear these gloves in the cold weather rather than warm, I have two pairs of the same gloves without the insulation. As a matter of fact, they proved useful during tonight's chilly, wet weather. In addition to being extremely warm and waterproof, the material is thick enough to allow them to stand up to wear and tear. As stated in other reviews, their only disadvantage is that they're a little too large, even for my XXL hands, and their number of buttons makes them difficult to use.
I think they would be nearly perfect looking if they were a bit smaller. Too bad they slip on and off so easily, so it's more convenient to take them off to use keys, use a pen, etc. This was an excellent purchase, and I am glad I purchased.

Rohan Hall
Rohan Hall
| Apr 25, 2021
Fuel for race cars is made from these

XXL was recommended in order to meet our needs of jamming our hands into them while wearing race gloves. In addition to being more grippy than regular gloves (which make it less likely to fumble with a gas can), these gloves offer greater protection. You can just shake them off after you are done filling, and you will be back on the track in no time.

Wesley Pearson
Wesley Pearson
| Apr 01, 2021
This glove is great for wet weather and cold conditions! The Atlas 490s are similar to these It is there that you can view my review

An XL-sized pair. These come in one size. The large in the 490s is about 5" tall, and I wear these with a liner when it is In spite of the slightly higher price, they are more affordable if you have large hands.

London Proctor
London Proctor
| Feb 22, 2021
I like what I see

My knowledge about them is limited but based on reviews on the internet, I intend to use them for canning and processing poultry, and maybe plowing in the winter with my tractor if it's.

June KAY
June KAY
| Jan 20, 2021

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