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Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense

Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense

Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense
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By entering your model number, you can make sure that this fits.
AC Adapter and Power Splitter are both included in this kit.
GENUINE MOEN REPLACEMENT: The battery pack that comes with U by Moen and MotionSense faucets is replaced with an authentic Moen AC adapter. Both the AC adapter and the battery pack can be connected to your faucet using the Power Splitter.
PEACE OF MIND: Designed to be simple to install.

Questions & Answers

I just ordered the moen model 87350esrs, but I'm not sure about the adapter because the one you can order is just a plug, while this one comes with a gray box?

There appear to be at least two different adaptors, and the manuals don't make it clear which one is required for a specific model number. I recommend calling Moen and working your way through their parts directory. After ordering the AC Adapter, I called them about something else and they were surprisingly helpful. Having said that, I have a model 87359e2srs that has yet to be installed. The adaptor I ordered is the same as the one shown in the unit's manual - I don't mean by part number; I mean by image. The gray and black boxes are both present. If it's incorrect, I'll return it and request a replacement.

Is it possible to get a longer cord?

After conducting my initial research, I discovered that there is only one model snd that is it. I'm not sure what you mean by a longer cord; is it the wire that connects the backup to the faucet? You might be able to splice and solder a longer wire if you're handy.

Is this adaptor compatible with the Moan 7864ewsrs sleek model?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Moen products. The Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for MotionSense Kitchen Faucets is compatible with the Moen Sleek MotionSense Wave faucet as well as all other MotionSense faucets and MotionSense Wave Faucets. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 289- 6636 Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., we are open for business. 00 am - 2:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

What is the length of the cords?

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Moen products. The power cord for the Moen 169031 AC Adapter is 5 feet long. 9 ft. The splitter cord is five feet long, and the cord is five feet long. 5 ft. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. 289- 6636 Our working hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 00 a. 00 p. Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Selected User Reviews For Moen 169031 Optional AC Adapter Service Kit for Moen Kitchen Faucets with MotionSense

This is a hand-breaking situation

There is no charge for this faucet. We've gone through two faucets and two AC adapter kits, and each time after the AC adapter was installed, the MotionSense faucet began turning on at random. When running solely on the batter pack included with the faucet delivery, the MotionSense faucets performed flawlessly in both cases. The first faucet worked flawlessly for two months on battery power. After that, I installed the AC adapter, and the faucet began to turn on sporadically without any motion input a day later. We returned the first faucet, believing the issue was with that device, and used only the battery pack on the second faucet for three months with no issues. We then purchased a second AC adapter, and the faucet began to intermittently turn on again within a day. The AC adapter was removed, and the faucet appears to be working properly once more. It's a simple DC power supply, but something about the power is causing a problem for the MotionSense faucet (which it was designed to operate). br>br>By purchasing this item, you are effectively flushing $80 down the toilet while also destroying your $400 faucet.

London Williams
London Williams
| Apr 23, 2021
It does what it's supposed to do, but it's way too expensive

This should be included as a standard feature with the faucets. Especially since the use of them necessitates the use of power. As a result, you either have to buy this or replace the batteries every month. br>It works in theory, but you should be aware that the manufacturer is ripping you off on price and requires it. br>br>For what it is, this should be about a third of the price; we already pay a premium if we have a faucet that requires this, so why should we be punished again? They still make a good profit even at 1/3. They make about 1000% margin at current price at current price at current price at current price at current price% br>br>You can buy just a regular adapter and it will work, but there will be no water if the power goes out. So you'll need this other module, but it has a very basic relay inside that, unfortunately, isn't worth the money.

Calum Thornton
Calum Thornton
| Aug 05, 2021
For the battery pack, alkaline batteries are required, as well as a tip on how to set the sensor detection distance

The red light was on all the time after it was installed. I suspected the unit was faulty, so I contacted Moen, who promptly sent me a replacement unit two weeks later. However, the new unit has the same issue. It took me a long time to try again. br>br> When I switched from a lithium to an alkaline battery, everything started working again. In the process, I figured out how to set the detection distance to activate the water flow correctly. 1. br>br> Remove all power connections before plugging the power splitter unit back in.
2. It's worth noting that the front sensor will flash twice.
3. The detection distance is set with the second flash. Place your hand in front of the sensor at the desired distance before it flashes. It's finished when the flashing stops.
4. That was the final word! I didn't bother to investigate the purpose of the first flashing. It's possible that you'll need to practice several times. But don't be concerned. It's very simple. br>br>Kudos to Moen's customer service as well. Because of the high quality and non-toxic nature of Moen's kitchen and bathroom products, I prefer them. warranties that are inconvenient.

Elsa Matthews
Elsa Matthews
| Jun 06, 2021
We took the plunge and bought it to replace our Moen faucet

Update: This has been in our possession for five months. So far, everything seems to be going swimmingly. The batteries are still in place and have not been changed, so it works perfectly. This ac adapter is very useful. Now for the original review: (December 2020) It performs admirably. It was extremely simple to set up. It's clearly labeled so that anyone can connect the cords and plug them in. Our batteries would have lasted 5 weeks if we didn't have it, despite the fact that two adults and two teenagers used them frequently. We were able to get this setup after changing the batteries twice. Everyone agrees that Moen should have included this feature in any of their wifi faucet boxes. Also, I'm sure everyone says "ouch" when they see the price of this power supply and tiny control box that lets you see the lights to see if AC current is being used, or if batteries are being used, or if batteries need to be replaced. Yes, the faucet works if there is a power outage or if the batteries are dead, according to the reviews I read. Simply turn on the tap. and this is simply not the case. There is no power, and there is no water. If your batteries disconnect from your wifi and you don t have this power supply, your faucet temporarily disconnects from your wifi and no, you don t have water. So you absolutely 100% want this power supply so you aren not using batteries 24/7 and only when the power is out (think windstorm knocked out the power lines) Your batteries act as a backup with this power supply. They should last a long time, so this is a fantastic product that works well and that I can recommend. You simply must have it, or you will be replacing your D cell batteries on a monthly basis. I believe the faucet battery pack should be powered by "regular batteries" rather than lithium batteries. The point is that if you bite the bullet and purchase it, it is simple to set up and use. You've run out of juice. Protocol is being changed.

Aylin Downs
Aylin Downs
| Sep 08, 2021

You'll need this adapter if you have a Moen faucet that you can control with your finger or by waving your hand over a sensor. br>br>The issue with these electronic faucets is that if the power goes out, the sensor stops working. This adapter is powered by four AA batteries, so if the power goes out, the batteries take over and control the faucet. It has a green LED that indicates that your system is powered up and that the batteries are in good working order. br>br>I'm not sure why Moen doesn't include this with the purchase of such an expensive faucet. So, while some people may not require a battery backup, isn't it a good idea for anyone who buys an electronic faucet? So far, everything appears to be running smoothly. br>br>The only issue I had, or should I say my contractor had, was connecting it to my faucet because of its location next to my sink. My faucet is on the far left corner of my sink, and getting to all of the wiring while working beneath a tight kitchen cabinet beneath the sink was difficult. Working under a sink is always difficult due to the limited space, but my contractor managed to get it installed (after much moaning and groaning) and it now functions properly.

Natasha Powell
Natasha Powell
| Apr 02, 2021
It's a haunted house! The water is now turning on and off at random intervals

When I contacted Moen, they advised me to disconnect the wires and then plug in the faucet wire first, followed by the power wire, which I did. Since then, I've had two random starts, and I'm not sure how many more when I'm not at home. br>br>Recent changes: br>br> We showed my sister our Moen touchfree faucet when she came over for dinner. She was about to purchase the Moen faucet for her kitchen renovation when it turned on by itself. Because of this unforeseen issue, Moen has just lost a faucet sale. This is something you should look into.

Ray Ross
Ray Ross
| Oct 31, 2021

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