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Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4

Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4" Rapid Fire Coil Roofing Nailer

Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4 Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4
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Suitable for many applications, such as the installation of Asphalt or Cedar Shingles, roof and wall sheathing, flooring underlayment, siding installation, wood crate assembly, and fencing
roofing nails of lengths ranging from 3/4" to 1" with a 15 degree flat wire collation Three fourths of an inch
Fast and easy loading of nails from the side
When loading nails, magnetic nail holder makes sure they are aligned and have no jams Having free reign to fire
Nails will be driven with speed and precision with the bump fire trigger
When an electronic tool is not being used, the fire lock prevents accidental firings
Featuring a magnesium body, it is incredibly lightweight and versatile for long-term usage
An increased durability is achieved by using a one-piece drive blade
Tool life is extended by anodizing the aluminum cylinder
A tool that lets you measure You can adjust the finger depth freely for a variety of

Questions & Answers

Is there a nail I should use in order to secure plywood or OSB ?

I use liquid nails on the joists and 3 inch nails. Laying down flooring with nails

What do I need to do to install a wood fence with this?

There are no good reasons for not doing so. The spike easily digs through Hardy Plank, sheathing, and into studs. There's probably just a matter of finding the right air pressure to prevent the nails from sinking too deeply. My new one is ready for use The house I lived in was a large two story home, and it never posed any problems to me. This product is more expensive, but it's still a good one.

This will fit on top of my roof, can I use it for that purpose?

You are absolutely right. The new tool worked great, and I no longer had to hit my finger with a hammer. You will be in roofing heaven as soon as you find someone to carry the shingles to the roof.

What if I want to install fiber cement siding on my house?

The answer is yes. This summer, I used it for that purpose. Since the gun is rated to hold roofing nails, you will need nails 1 3/4 inches long. This is the longest nail the gun can handle. As long as you are using standard FBS, it will work just fine. I'd have to adjust the gun from time to time, but not a lot. Every once in a while it would shoot double nails, so keep a hammer near as some nails did not drive in perfectly, but if you set the gun and compressor correctly, it will not force nails too far in or prematurely It was because of this reason that I liked the gun.

Selected User Reviews For Freeman PCN450 Pneumatic 15 Degree 1-3/4" Rapid Fire Coil Roofing Nailer

I got it for the very low price of $0

75. You should not use this product if your nails are short. I believe that this nailer is one of the best for the price. The majority of people probably buy it because of that. You wouldn't expect this to be a good choice if you're paid to roof, but if you have a few small jobs to do, it's OK. That said, if you need to shoot short nails, find a more professional cutter. Freeman claims this nail shooter can fire 3/4" nails, which is part of the reason I chose it. After firing a few thousand 7/8" nails through it, I could not stand it any longer. I had to buy another gun because the gun jammed roughly every 50 nails, and often shot 0, 1, 2, or even 3 nails at a time. If this had been a house, rather than an outbuilding, I would have needed I'm not sure how well it could work with bigger nails I'm not a professional, but Freeman should stop claiming that this gun can handle a wide variety of nails.

Etta Morris
Etta Morris
| Dec 17, 2020
In the end, what you pay for is what you get

In the end, what you pay for is what you get. In terms of performance, it's neither the best nor the worst nailer I've used. Initially, I got a unit with a damaged nail coil holder, but I had it It seems likely that quality control would have caught something as obvious as that. As for the second nailer, I found it to work just fine and had no complaints after I nailed 300 nails with it. Out of 400 nails, I had about a dozen misfires. Especially when you are working on the roof, removing jammed nails can be difficult with this gun, as you usually have to remove the tip piece to do so. In addition, I found that one of the screws holding the tip piece was stripped, causing it to misalign. Although I have been able to keep the unit operational for the time being, it is extremely disappointing in If you are working on a small project, this gun will be appropriate. You may need to consider looking elsewhere for an inexpensive quality coil nailer if you intend to use it more than once.

| Jun 10, 2021
We wanted to like it so DIY made The first thing I purchased this for was a small shed roof (100 sq

ft. / 1 sq. m). There was no need to assemble it since it came ready to use. As soon as I loaded it up I put a little oil in it and fine-tuned After trying about 1 coil of wire to get consistency (depth), I decided to stop. Did you play with the air pressure setting on the gun and adjust the adjustment but weren't able to get consistent Then I went ahead and did the shed roof, and sure enough I had to go slow and take my time with the gun, and it was very sensitive to angle of the gun and if I didn't put pressure on the trigger, it would double tap (maybe shooting two nails or The gun shooting itself caused most of the jams, but I also got some from the computer The nail got caught in something feeding, got all jammed, and as a result the tip would be bleeding. In my case, I was able to quickly clear the jam with a framing nail by prying out the bad nail and pushing the nailing piston back in and I was up and running In the past 9 years I had no problems with a Porter Cable v1 that I had used for 9 years). In the end, I decided to send it back for a refund since I don't want a gun that already has issues that aren't going to get resolved!.

Alaric Hodge
Alaric Hodge
| Jul 07, 2020
A jamming technique that is low cost

The good news is This is a low cost product. It is only used once in a while. It comes with a A few bad things about this The foot was heavy and the nail jammed frequently due to its size.
The gun won't fit into the storage case if there is a belt hanger It would have been better for me to spend more on Bostitch.

Zoey York
Zoey York
| Mar 23, 2021
I have been very pleased with the result and look forward to seeing how it performs As a replacement for a less expensive gun that couldn't reliably fire 1/4" ring shank siding nails, this is the perfect choice

The program performed very well, although it still had a few hiccups. Using this tool for nail depth adjustment, I was able to shoot the cement board siding on my project flawlessly with a little practice. I am very happy with the results and I am eager to see if it will stand up to.

Esperanza Fletcher
Esperanza Fletcher
| May 14, 2021
The product is of excellent value I got a roof one roof later Prior to purchasing this gun, I read all the reviews (as you did)

I have rented Hitachi guns in the past and it had worked well for me in some projects, but the cost of renting a gun in my area has risen significantly so I decided to buy one instead. As a result of my purchase, I was not disappointed. I am very impressed with the quality of the gun. A coil of nails (purchased locally and made in China) were inserted into the magazine and it fired consistently from the very first firing. The gun completed a 3600 square foot roof with only about a dozen misfires, which were probably caused by hitting the It was easy to remove the misfires since the head was not taken apart.

The purchase comes in a sturdy carrying There are only a few instructions in the "folder," so if you have used a gun before, you can read it in five (Based on this one experience, I have no complaints about this purchase. ) There are some important points to remember This model stands out specifically because unlike some of the competition it can be purchased as replacement parts and kits rather than having to take it to a repair shop. In addition, I called the Freeman "hot line" and spoke with someone who understood what I was looking for. Answers to these questions were given by a skilled.

Oakley Bonner
Oakley Bonner
| Apr 14, 2021

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