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Vacmaster Cloth Filter (4 to 16 gallon), 3 Pack, VRC5 Vacmaster Cloth Filter (4 to 16 gallon), 3 Pack, VRC5

Vacmaster Cloth Filter (4 to 16 gallon), 3 Pack, VRC5

Vacmaster Cloth Filter (4 to 16 gallon), 3 Pack, VRC5 Vacmaster Cloth Filter (4 to 16 gallon), 3 Pack, VRC5
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Cleaning household dirt and debris, and vacuuming sawdust, as part of everyday household cleaning
Then, you are going to slip over the filter cage the blue cloth filter, which was previously on the foam wet filter
If you are vacuuming liquids, only use the foam wet filter (sold separately) while for dry vacuuming, only use the blue cloth filter
Filters for vacuums made of cloth
Designs that meet the standard
With a capacity of five gallons
This is a genuine Vacmaster part

Questions & Answers

craftsman evolv wet/dry vac that is 5 gallons in capacity, will these filters fit it?

In fact, yes. I am 04267621. Three) for approximately one year and have observed no problems.

Does 177135 apply? Five and a half inches wide and five and a half inches tall is the cage's dimensions. Thank you, please?

Sears will have to be used

Could you tell me more about the craftsmen vac 4 gal wet and dry?

The shopvac I have is a 4 gallon craftsman model. Exactly what I've been looking for.

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the size of the products

Seller claims that the items are 13 inches by 11 inches in size. The stated size is false*

Dimensional measurement is The sheet can be laid flat and is 5 inches across (= 6 inches in diameter) by 9 inches tall. Rather than 13 inches by 11 inches, as claimed by the seller, the item is 5 inches long not 13 inches by 11 inches. It is not worth it to lie to one's customers, is it? The Vacmaster brand is now completely unattractive to me, and I will reduce my exposure to it from here on out.

Tatum Reese
Tatum Reese
| May 18, 2021
Assisted in the production of bags for an older vacuum that no longer exists

A super old sears brand shop is in my basement - You should vacinate. There are no longer any filters available for this vacuum that are similar to the ones they used to have. Just barely, I was able to fit the bag style filter around the center part, but it fits and it stays in place. In addition, I vacuumed up quite a bit of dust and dirt, but I have yet to see any flying out of the top of the vacuum. At 6hp, it also has a wind force of around 110mph (about the same strength as my cheapo leaf blower), and it creates about the same amount of suction. Upon vacuuming, it does not seem to have gone down any noticeable amount. Though I would buy these again, I already have two backups with this package, so I don't expect to need to in the near future.

| Jan 19, 2021
The best option you can find at a great price

Alternative to the rigid filter that is great, affordable, and simple to install. It seems I've bought a lot of them, but I'm sticking with the same one until it gives out. Five washes later, and it still seems to work in the same way it did at its debut. There is no obvious wear from the washing, so I expect the vacuum to last at least as long (or longer) as the washing machine.

Emanuel Rose
Emanuel Rose
| Jan 03, 2021
I'm having a hard time keeping up

Buying these instead of disposable shop vac bags was a decision that I made to save money. For about 10 minutes, these work well, but after that, they clog up and the vacuum doesn't have enough suction to pick up debris. br>They are well made and the material is durable. So all is not lost, and I am sure I can find a use for these. That being said, if I purchase these again, I will do so for the material alone.

Andrew McBride
Andrew McBride
| Mar 11, 2021
There is no fit for the VBV1210 12 gallon shop vac filter from Vacummaster

Although it does not fit over the paper filter as indicated by the instructions, I'm unsure as to what they are meant for. There is no way to fit it over the intake for the blower like some claim. The other star I gave was in hope that the product would work for toilet tissue, but I expect it will be a very expensive process to clean. What else might I use them for is unknown to me.

Cohen Kaufman
Cohen Kaufman
| Feb 04, 2021
They are easier to use than I was delighted to find a filter bag that fits perfectly on my Vacmaster Shop Vacuum

replaced the old filter bag with the new one after removing the old filter.

Kiaan Burch
Kiaan Burch
| May 11, 2021
Worked like a charm

It is true that the bags aren't as deep as the original Sears brand, but they are still a good fit and function His vacuum can be used again now, so now he is very happy.

Amari Henson
Amari Henson
| Mar 09, 2021
The Craftsman Model # 16821 will fit these

There is a Craftsman model # 16821 stainless steel wet-suit rack in my house Vacuum cleaner with dry filtration. These were a gamble since I would have had to buy another filter to keep my vacuum in working order. Very happy with my purchase!.

Zhuri Conway
Zhuri Conway
| Jul 01, 2021

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