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Skat Blast 33 Skat Blast 33 Skat Blast 33

Skat Blast 33" Super-Pro Magnetic LED Abrasive Blast Cabinet Light #6258-LED

Skat Blast 33 Skat Blast 33 Skat Blast 33
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The light is over 65% brighter than using a standard 90 watt bulb - bright, even illumination! Take advantage of this amazing upgrade today!
We've got exactly what you've been looking for Our 33" Super-Pro LED Light upgrade. Lights inside the cabinet improve visibility when blasting with 3,000 lumens of super-bright LED lights.
Easy installation and adjustment are made possible by the magnetic mounting of this slimline light. The best place to mount this unit is above a window, or it can be mounted inside a In order to install the grommet, a 1-3/8" dia hole will have to be drilled in the side or top of the cabinet. You can then turn on or off the LED light by connecting it to the existing light box on top of the cabinet.
It comes with a 33" wide LED light that is connected by a cord of five feet. The lamp has a life of 35,000 hours and a lumen output of 3,000. It is slightly less than 2" long and 1-3/4" high. The overall width is 34" (the bulb length is taller than the width).
The 966 Cabinet fits Skat Blast Cabinets 40" wide and larger (SC-45V, SC-40, SC-46, 950, 950-DLX, 960, 960-DLX, 966, Will fit siphon-fed blast cabinets 40" wide or It should never be used in a pressurized blast cabinet.

Questions & Answers

What is the reason for the wait time? I have Amazon Prime, why does it take ?

I hope your day is going well. For any of our products, we do not offer PRIME for Amazon. In addition to USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground, all of our products are shipped from the Canfield, Ohio warehouse. Thanks for your kind words.

I was wondering if you could please explain that a bit more. The bulb or light inside the cabinet is susceptible to blowing. What are the ways to prevent this?

I hope your day is going well. An outer plastic shield covers the bulb. Thanks for your kind words.

What kind of Harbor Freight cabinet will it fit?

I hope your day is going well. Because I do not know the size of your cabinet, I cannot answer your question. In our product description, including quotations, we provide the information you need. The siphon may fit another siphon as well - Feed blasting cabinets of at least 40 inches in width are available. It should never be used in a pressurized blast cabinet. As long as there is 40" of space on your cabinet, The cabinet has to be at least 40" wide to fit, so the doors typically won't work for narrow cabinets. Thanks for your kind words.

Replaceable plastic shields are available from you? During indirect abrasion, all shields (plastic/glass) become dull. ?

I hope your day is going well. There are no replacement covers available for those lights. I am sorry. Thanks for your kind words.

Selected User Reviews For Skat Blast 33" Super-Pro Magnetic LED Abrasive Blast Cabinet Light #6258-LED

I like how it works! Stunning! I absolutely adore I did not have to drill a hole in the cabinet because it was very bright

placed the cord inside the seal between the door and the door knob. Everything seems to be working fine. It does not leak if you do not cut it. You plug it in The magnetic field of magnets is very strong as well!.

Seth Booth
Seth Booth
| Feb 18, 2021
The size of the item is 34" and Described as 33" in length, the light has a diameter of 18" and a length of 19"

The 33"-long light will fit in my blast cabinet, which I bought this for. It wasn't the right size when it was delivered. I measured it with a light and it actually measures 34". I spoke with the seller, who said they will not cover the cost of.

Blake Mullen
Blake Mullen
| Dec 24, 2020
The original one went out after about three or four hours

This worked well in my sand blaster after it went out.

| Nov 01, 2020
I love it

Blasted away the night to make it seem like day time. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Installing was simple and Alan said it was easy to use.

Juelz Greer
Juelz Greer
| Aug 21, 2020

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