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DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black

DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black
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Tool storage compartments are divided for organization of small tools by removable dividers
A maximum load capacity of 16 can be accommodated by the tool storage organizer. The weight of five pounds
Slides that are suitable for heavy-duty drawers with ball bearings There are several duties involved
Handles on top of each unit are made of material to make lifting more comfortable
Use the side latches on this unit to stack it with other TSTAK products according to your particular

Questions & Answers

Does it work with the DWS Tough System cases, and will it stack with them?

The tough system does not stack with it.

If you're specifically talking about the DWST17807 Flat Top toolbox, what's the interior working height? [Of course, with the lid closed] ?

In terms of usable inside dimensions, 15 square feet are available. The size of this paper is 5 As a result of the molding of the box, the box is 0" x 4" in size. There are some areas larger than others, but you could not fit a single item in the toolbox that was bigger than the dimensions I gave. There were many things I did not like about There were some variations in the molding that prevented my brad nailer from fitting.

Please provide me with answers to questions 2 and 3 It has a drawer. What number of compartments do each drawer have? In what dimensions are each of the compartments?

The drawers are divided into 9 compartments. There is about an inch and a half between them.

Can you tell me how big the drawers are?

There is one drawer in each of the cabinets A 1/8" gap above the drawer side wall is allowed for drawers that are 3/4 deep. Dimensions of the drawer are 13 x 16 x 4 With a drawer volume of 254 cubic inches without the handle, if you don't account for the irregularity of the handle system, it would be about 3/16" wide by 11" front to back (depending on how you view the handle system irregularity). After subtracting the handle, there are about 240 cubic inches left. *br>This drawer assembly has a total cube of 16 x 16 x 16 The dimensions are 3/4" wide by 12" tall It is 3/8 in. deep (front to back) by 6 in. Seven eighths of an inch tall There are about 1426 cubic inches in 1426 cubic It is estimated that 34% of the space in the drawers can be used A pretty low level. As a result The one thing you should know is you are not getting a lot of drawer space with this item This is not true, as you are not. To be able to store and lock this through the Tstak system, you get a lot of bulk and weight There are also two nice drawers, but they are small.

Selected User Reviews For DEWALT TSTAK Tool Storage Organizer, Double Drawers (DWST17804) , Black

Make the tool section in the garage a little neater

Here is a picture of the model I purchased as the top of my stacker I've also included the dimension and the The upper compartments allow me to keep all of my drill bits and screw bit tips handy. I bought this toolbox for my OSC tool and corded drill. I'm not sure I'd trust it to fall off the back of my truck, because it feels pretty tight and secure. Tipping over and occasionally dropping items may be fine, but tipping over excessively is not. The use of it is something I am looking forward to.

Alexis Mayer
Alexis Mayer
| Jun 26, 2021
I like the concept, but there are a few problems with it

My first thought after reading the product description was that I really liked the idea. It has well thought out features and is easy to use. It is a pleasure to use the latches and racks in the drawers. This drawer label feature is useful (I printed my own labels on paper and cut them out myself). It is a great thing to see the box interlock and latch together with a secure and simple locking mechanism. It was nice to work with a plastic of such good texture, colors, and durability. However, I received a TSTAK box that was broken during shipping when it was delivered. Seeing as how the material is quite brittle, I wouldn't use it to impact anything severely. As for the downside, the box structure is badly designed and poorly As a result, the shelf under the bottom drawer is bent upwards, causing the drawer to drag Those are some of the other reviews that mention it, and you can see it in the photos of the DeWalt product as well. Even worse, the supporting feet are positioned in such a way that the lower shelf bows up even further into the bottom drawer, which is more likely to occur if heavier loads are present It will likely get worse over time as the plastic deforms. Note only that it will not be an issue if you stack the drawer box over another TSTAK box since the bottom feet are not in play (load goes through the sides).
You might want to consider buying a roller base to fix the bottom box support problems. In order to fix this, I custom fitted four wooden feet inside the bottom box (and painted them also black) so that they supported the sides. I am not sure if the bowed lower shelf, and poorly located support feet, will result in drawers bowing downward with heavier loads. I easily would have given 5 stars if not for the bowed lower shelf and the poorly located support It was almost a 3 out of 5. Is it true that you read these reviews? DeWalt Is it true that you do? I urge you to stop wasting time. As a result of your many years of experience, your reputation is excellent. Be careful not to ruin it. Sadly, mediocrity seems inevitable once an individual starts going down the road to incompetence. As a DeWalt user, I have used many of your excellent products and look to other brands only after I have used DeWalt products. This product has two primary mistakes
1) How long have you sourced out the molded parts for this product? Don't you think you should be able to manage your designs and suppliers so that you can mold a bottom shelf that doesn't have excessive distortion? 1) Refer to your load path as the first rule in structural design. You should be ashamed. Upon approval of the drawing, who signed off on it? It seems that you have set your side walls as the load bearing members, the drawers support the loads nicely, and tool boxes seem to be supported. By the time you reach the bottom feet, the load reaction points have been drastically offset and the moment carrying capability from the shelf is inadequate. I am sure you would have needed to redesign your interlocking and interface features, but it is important to begin with a structure that works.

Rayne Krueger
Rayne Krueger
| Feb 12, 2021
I found them to be a great match for The other evening, I spent a lot of time getting things ready and fitting my new TSTAK cases (with the pick apart foam) to my own software

In spite of the fact that I am a woodworker and DIYer, I did not acquire these items In addition to being a professional photographer, I am a recreational photographer who purchased these cases for storage and transport of my equipment and cameras. In the beginning, I selected the Pelican 1510 (because I know of it's reputation in the world of photography) to keep and transport my cameras and accessories, as well as to provide at home with more organized storage. In fact, when foam was added to the case, it cost In addition, that was the lowest price I found. In further research, I came across this system from Dewalt. With six different case options and the ability to purchase pre-assembled tools, it seems to be an ideal solution for my needs These pickable sponges were perfect for use with my equipment since they were formed and pickable foam. The stacking feature makes them even more convenient! These are my two cases of foam I bought with most of my equipment in them, as well as the two cases I bought. I still have more to go through, so I think I might need one more foam, as well as another case. What I liked, however, is as follows. There was a price range of $14 between all of the boxes. It is from $99 Every one costs 99 dollars. Plus, you can get the foam inserts for just Every one costs 99 dollars. My budget is much more affordable with this! Having said that, let's get started. My two cases have a total cost of 55 dollars. Instead of paying $300+ for the Pelican, I was able to save $1. 00. My budget will still allow me to afford a 3rd box, as well as more foam, and STILL be under the price of one Pelican box. In the photos I posted, I have shown the boxes open, and stacked up (and In my opinion, my favorite is the box with the long handle My battery chargers, as well as all my batteries, are housed in a separate section. I will post an update once I have had a chance to try these out properly (so I won't lose them again)

I'll update this later when.

Navy Byers
Navy Byers
| Jul 08, 2021
It is Latin for garbage and is pronounced Dewalt

There was no problem with the seller, but there is a problem with the product. It is a absolute garbage product the top screws broke in the first day, the metal closing clips fell off There's not much sense in investing in junk. If it says Dewalt, that's bad! It is impossible for me to buy anything again with that name on it!.

Eileen Beard
Eileen Beard
| Mar 12, 2021
I really like it

TSTAK has been greatly enhanced with the addition of this feature. After having provided some time to use the item and assess its performance, I posted my review a few months after I received it. This model does a great job of holding up. Since I do freelance carpentry and paint large scale murals, I've packed it with both power tools and paint, so I would estimate that I must have carried close to 75 lbs in it without issue. This chair has large wheels so that it is manageable to navigate curbs or stairs, the handle is long enough so that it does not strike you on the back of the foot when pulling it, it stacks easily, and it is Yes, it contains a great deal of plastic, but to me that has not been an issue. The other TSTAK options have been used by me for years and I have no complaints. Purchase of this quality is a wise decision.

Anakin Good
Anakin Good
| Jun 12, 2021

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