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Ballpein Hammer, 9 Inches, 4 Ounces | HAM-431.00

Ballpein Hammer, 9 Inches, 4 Ounces | HAM-431.00

Ballpein Hammer, 9 Inches, 4 Ounces | HAM-431.00
$ 9.74

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This is a great tool for hitting chasing tools and
This drop-forged steel knife has a hardwood handle and is mounted on steel
The length of this item is 10-3/8 inches
Four ounces in weight
It is equipped with a metal wedge that secures the head onto the handle

Questions & Answers

What is the weight of the head? How long is your name, ten and three eighths or nine inches?

There is a 4 oz. weight to the head. It measures 9", and the width is 3".

Selected User Reviews For Ballpein Hammer, 9 Inches, 4 Ounces | HAM-431.00

I like the way it works

The little 4oz bottle I use fits perfectly in my hand. I've been using it to peen straight razor blades, and so far it's working well. It comes polished (both ends), but I sanded a little more with some #3000 grit sandpaper to give it an even more polished look. Although I'm not certain if it needed the extra polish, I just do what I do. In the beginning, you should not pound on razor pins, just a few gentle taps, going around the center of the pin, and you will be all set. Overall, I think the quality of this hammer is decent, not perfect, but definitely acceptable for the price. If I lost this one, I'd definitely buy another.

Chaya Blanchard
Chaya Blanchard
| Mar 25, 2021
We are gunsmiths

Hammer for gunsmiths as good as it gets!.

Brayden Lambert
Brayden Lambert
| May 01, 2021
There was a crooked tilt to the head

For some reason, I needed to use a larger hammer to fix the head, which was crookedly installed. As a hammer, it is quite good.

Fiona Moran
Fiona Moran
| May 24, 2021
This is a GREAT hammer, but it's SMALL

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality, small hammer for gunsmithing, woodworking, and other activities where you don't want to beat something to death with an ordinary hammer.

Bruno Joyce
Bruno Joyce
| Aug 17, 2020

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