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Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane, Quart, Gloss Finish, 32 Fl Oz

Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane, Quart, Gloss Finish, 32 Fl Oz

Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane, Quart, Gloss Finish, 32 Fl Oz
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The product is applied to wood surfaces in indoor areas, including furniture, windows, cabinets, trim, and others
The water-based formula dries fast and is easy to clean up
The product dries to the touch in 30 minutes and covers up to 125 square feet. This is the free space in feet. Follow up with a second coat after two
Stain and scratch resistance combined with excellent clarity in a durable formula
Having a gloss finish adds a touch of class and refinement
This formula is ideal for interior projects related to furniture, doors, cabinets,
Protect from scratches and stains with the best
The low odor and ease of cleaning with soap and water help make this a great choice
Water is easy to clean -
It never yellows, due to the crystal clear finish

Questions & Answers

Are you considering buying this?

If you want a finish that won't yellow with time, it is the perfect option for you! Be sure to allow at least 24 hours between coats or at the very least allow the finish to completely dry before applying another coat!

When I apply the second coat, are any sanding operations required?

In the case of a thin coat, it isn't necessary to sand, but if it was a thick coat, then yes, you will have to sand. I use this product for my chalk paint projects and make sure all coats are

Are there any concerns about food safety with this What is the point of having Prop65?

There's no reason to worry about food safety. There is not enough information about prop65 to determine if it has it

Is it safe to use This is the topcoat I am trying to apply over the acrylic paint on the glass. What are the chances of success? What will it be like after painting? Is it ?

My guess would be no, but I do not know the answer to that question. For varnish/paint to stick on glass, it would need a surface (slightly rough) for adhesion. I would imagine glass to be too slippery for this. Would you be able to paint the glass with a different kind of paint? It might be nice to use the small little pot types of paint that you can get from Walmart in the craft section.

Selected User Reviews For Varathane 200041H Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane, Quart, Gloss Finish, 32 Fl Oz

It works! This stuff is awesome! I have so far used this finish on two projects and it has proved to be very useful

This helped me fix my old, chipped, and mostly nasty window sill so I could make it look a bit more finished and last a little This is an amazing piece - This was more of an effect of applying it to a new piece of wood than something I had to put together to make it look The finish also helped refinish a horrid dresser without losing its shine. I applied thin layers maybe 2 hrs apart and used foam brushes in several thin layers (those brushes are cheap, but it's easy to rinse them) and it looked amazing after 2/3 layers. It would be wonderful to do business with you The drying process was very quick, and there was no noticeable smell once it had dried. I like the product a lot!.

Luella Chaney
Luella Chaney
| Mar 24, 2021
It is easy to clean and does not create As a result, I probably inherited the habit from my grandmother who used varathane products all the time

Water quality is excellent and I am very satisfied with it This polyurethane is based on The brush was used to apply it to my wood floors. My experience with the paint was easy and I didn't see any air bubbles or brushstrokes. This difference in vapor is huge. The vapor of this water based polyurethane is a lot smaller than the vapor of regular polyurethane. It was very easy to clean up the brushes since soap and water were sufficient.

Aaron Hayes
Aaron Hayes
| Sep 26, 2020
It works well as a floor, for drawers and shelves, and as a cage for animals

Throughout my time using this varnish, I have done three different things. Here are three applications I have done. The varnish I use on my rat cage for 20 years is this stuff. A pine bookcase that I had unfinished was converted into the cage by attaching pine-framed screen doors to it. got the varnish from Home Depot on the recommendation of an associate who told me it was non-toxic When the varnish is dry, it is toxic, which is essential for small animals who are sleeping on it and who like to chew on As you can see, the varnish is subjected to some heavy abuse. I do allow my rats to use litterboxes, however, as soon as the boxes start to smell they start using the corners Because of that, urine (and all sorts of food, from fruit to oatmeal to gravy) can often dry on the varnish and cause it to stick. As far as the varnish is concerned, there is no problem All you need is water and a damp paper towel to clean it up. Until then, I spray isopropyl alcohol on its surface every five to seven days and scrub it with a towel to make sure it is really clean. When the varnish is subjected to this abuse for two to three years, it starts to wear thin in some places and needs to be recoated. There is no way that I follow the directions that urge me to sand the existing varnish before re-coating. It usually just takes a couple extra coats of paint after each shelf has been cleaned and dried. There has never been a scratch or flake on the varnish when these conditions are present. I live in a very old house, which is on the verge of demolition, so remodeling is always an ongoing process for me. I slap and demand my way out You may dime. It wasn't that long ago that I had to get rid of old carpeting. It was exactly the same situation in one room the floor was nothing but plywood covered in paint drips and plaster from earlier room remodeling projects. There was a beautiful parquet wood floor in the other room, which had been completely destroyed by a thick coat of carpet glue that had been applied in ridges about I decided to wrap the house in polyurethane for the remaining three years, as the structure isn't going to last much longer I didn't have a problem with it for the rats, so why wouldn't I? When I first painted a room with plywood last year, I mostly followed the instructions, which told me to be careful and use a brush to paint in The purpose of this is to prevent bubbles. It took me two coats of paint without sanding between them. It was a great success Over the dark plywood under the high-rises, there is a painting and plaster splashes There is an air of shabby industrial chic in the room thanks to glossy varnish. Having been single for a year We scooted the heavy (high efficiency) washing machine back and forth for a few seconds over the varnish and we noticed that it did not scratch, even when we dotted it with raised blobs of paint or plaster. Since we've been here a year, even the high traffic spots between doors and the areas that get a lot of foot traffic are still in great shape Round suns look as if they were painted just recently. In this year's renovation, I had to tear out the parquet floor that had been covered in glue. Since the bedroom gets much less traffic (than the living room), I didn't care as much My time was running out, so I had to get it done fast. tile floor with an old brush sounds like a messy home project to me. I decided to do the exact opposite of what is prohibited You can apply the varnish with a foam roller by rolling it over the glue lines and the seven-point star The size of an inch It was hard to walk across the room due to duct tape bands across it. (Doesn't want to find out what's under that tape. As the glue lines were so high, I applied four coats of this extremely thin polyurethane varnish instead of just two, to allow me to dust mop more easily. Excellent results this time around. The paint does not appear to have a single bubble despite using a roller to roll on the four coats in a hurry. I was able to adhere the varnish to the duct tape without a problem As far as I can tell, the tape will peel up before the varnish falls off. Glue ridges that were once rough, scratchy, and uncomfortable to walk on are smooth and comfortable. The glue that I like to think of as a feature is The flooring should be nonslip so that I don't slip It was really enjoyable to apply the paint using the roller. A roller makes a much cloudier application than a brush, but still dries crystal clear, so it's easy to see where you've just painted. By the time the varnish starts to wear out, this house will have been razed. Because I care for my floor better than the rats do, I will not be around to save it. As a final application, this varnish can be applied over a primer as a top coat. My job was to apply Kilz white mold-resistant coating to built-in shelves and inside drawers in this home We applied an inhibiting primer because mold was present due to a roof leak. Then, after fixing the roof, I sprayed all of the drawers with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and grapeseed extract, followed by a coat of The coating I used on this subject would have been satisfactory on its own, but primer is a terrible surface to deal with. It's powdery in texture, so sliding clothing across it is impossible. There are no normal paints that I have found to be good for shelving due to the humidity here in this part of the country. As a result, everything sticks to the paint and the shelves get peeled off. As a result, I decided to use varathane in the rat cage after the performance was so good. I then applied a single coat of varathane on top of the Kilz. I have solved all the problems. In spite of six years, there is no sign of mold, and the drawers and shelves still look and feel slick and polished. I am extremely pleased with this.

Lionel Clark
Lionel Clark
| Jan 13, 2021
The product is great

I love it! These were used after I did the faux granite to go with my chalk painted cabinets. To make sure it was tough on water (bathroom), I put on probably five coats of paint. Very nice, and I'm definitely pleased with what I see. There are still plenty of leftovers. Our second bathroom redo is waiting to happen now that these products arrived without any issues.

Rylan Flynn
Rylan Flynn
| Oct 19, 2020
This is exactly how it is This was used to seal my tile floors so that I could paint them

As it pools in some areas, I was unaware of this until it had dried - but it worked great and lasted for a few months. I would recommend a thin coat because I did not notice it until it had dried. In places where it pooled in the grout, the substance will turn a yellow hue. It would have been better to apply one thin coat, let it dry, and then apply a second thin coat to avoid the.

Jeremy Alvarez
Jeremy Alvarez
| Apr 10, 2021
This website is the best

I did a lot of research before deciding to go with this one. My life has been made so much better because I did it. Unlike other yellowing products I've used, it didn't turn my legs yellow at all! The amount I put was about 4 I applied five coats, and it has a very durable finish. The tray has stood up to a lot of abuse from my two toddlers with spills and clatter from the I am pleased with the quality and appearance of this product!.

Leroy Norman
Leroy Norman
| Mar 21, 2021
Marks left by brushes

I had not expected so many brush marks to come out. As far as self-leveling goes, I thought it would perform better. I don't think so. It is now a part of my table to always have brush lines. I thought it was fine, except for that.

Samara Ford
Samara Ford
| Sep 28, 2020
The polyurethane shines well and dries fast

It is the best water-based polyurethane I've ever used, much better than any other brand so far. It does not stink and dries quickly as well. . . I really enjoy using it!.

Zainab Martinez
Zainab Martinez
| Sep 08, 2020

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