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STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725) STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725) STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)

STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)

STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725) STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725) STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)
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The height of the building is 14 feet. **NOT IN REACH** With a retractable tape measure, measurements can be taken more easily when you are
Case with high impact resistance and non-magnetic material Fatmax tape measures are dependable on job sites because they are made of slip-resistant rubber
The numbering in the measurements is large and easy to read
With a full tape blade coating, this tape is resistant to abrasion and repeated use
The addition of BladeArmor coating enhances the durability of the tape at the hook and extends its
The first six feet of the rule are coated with BladeArmor for a maximum level of
Standout of an inch on tape It falls between 16 and 18 Between 19 inches and 20 inches Frame jobs are easier when you have inch-centered studs
The lifespan of the whole blade is extended by using mylar polyester film
The heat is on Long life and a smooth blade retraction are provided by the treated spring
Guaranteed for as long as Stanley lives One step at a time The fourth part of a An inch and a half It is a foot

Questions & Answers

Do you know if this Stanley FatMax 25' tape measure is made in the ?

It says it's made in the USA, so I hope that's true. It is for that reason that I will be buying this one. The USA needs your support! It was reported by ABC News Manufacturers still have a significant impact on our economy and our workforce, no matter how difficult it might seem at first. Manufacturing jobs in the United States are fewer than they were in 1941, but if every American spent an extra $3, our manufacturing sector would expand. The chart on U. is 33. There would be almost 10,000 jobs created in this country if this country produced goods. A MADE IN USA BREAST IS DIFFERENT FROM A CHINA BREAST!

Thanks for stopping by! How are the measurements made? Are they both in metres and in feet? Thanks for your kind words. Who is that captain?

Thanks for your quick response Robin. I have been having issues with my home internet. Sorry I haven't responded sooner. Creating an Amazon account and logging in. To a depth of 35 feet. Stanley tape, 1/4 inch! It is not a product I recommend for purchase. The reason for this is for me personally, I purchased this tape despite having several others. I wanted a measuring device I could use to get accurate readings overhead that I could handle all by myself. Since I am an independent contractor. If the product is extended beyond 10 years, there is no stability or control The width of the pool is 12 feet. If you were to measure it, it would quickly become very flimsy and you would not be able to get The product has no metrics, and I couldn't identify the reason for its existence other than to increase revenue in the marketplace.

Can you tell me if the tape starts magnetically?

A magnetic tip is not present on this tool.

What makes this different from the previous one? You can find it here The web is at www. It is available on Amazon. Where can I buy B005ENZXPK with the reference number SR_PH at Amazon? The IE code is UTF8 and the QID is 1434978634 the SR is 1 and the keywords are 33- What does 725 mean?

A sticker at the bottom of the label indicates this information). It is possible that the labeling or color may differ, but the functionality and specifications should function as intended. It is time to consolidate these listings on Amazon. The 33- or any other kind of receipt you received It may be a good idea to return the 725.

Selected User Reviews For STANLEY FATMAX Tape Measure, 25-Foot (33-725)

It is becoming more difficult to obtain quality products

I have been using Stanley Fatmax tapes exclusively for about 10 years now and recently lost one on a job site, so I bought this one as a replacement. This is the first FatMax tape I have had that explicitly says "Made in the USA. " I have an old FatMax tape measure which is about 1/2 the size of this new one. The printed lines and numbers on the tape seem to be partially out of ink due to the printer's low ink supply. It seems like the spring is also much weaker, and the tape has a much more fragile feel. While the plastic/rubber body of the tape measure unit is still of high quality, its performance is less than what we expected. In my picture, you can see my one decade old tape on the bottom with crisp clean lines and numbers, and my brand new tape that I came across suddenly on Amazon that is brand new and has never been used.

Andi Woodard
Andi Woodard
| Sep 13, 2020
A tape measure I've never owned is the worst I've ever seen

A tape measure I've never owned is the worst I've ever seen. Having thrown it out after a month of frustration, I simply threw in the trash. I would like to start with some There's an error in that statement! Definitely not close to it. Angry that I had thrown away some pretty valuable hardwood, I spent at least an hour adjusting the sliding clip that was attached to Upon realizing that the printed measurements on the tape are inaccurate, I decided to change them. Using a rule and dial calipers I own, I checked for errors. The increments were as much as one-sixteenth off and The second problem was that it was extremely hard to operate the locking mechanism using As I have tried lubricating it and letting it get worn in a bit, it is still uncomfortable. However, none of them There was a fault in the design or manufacturing of the product. Over a period of a couple weeks, the tape would not retract. It looks like the spring (or the winding on the spring) is too weak to support such a wide, long The item was tossed into the trash. It was a total It's time to use my 30 years of experience Stanley is an old man.

Jakari Garrett
Jakari Garrett
| Jul 04, 2020
This is junk

After only being used a few times for two years, the device broke. Two years ago, I purchased it. The tape barely got used due to its bulkiness compared to my old 12-foot Stanley roll of In addition to wanting something with a stiffer tape, I also wanted something for when I need to measure longer distances. As an ironic side note, I also had a desire for something heavier-duty. Fat Max, unfortunately, I have only used it about six times There were a total of 12 times when I owned it in two years, since it was too big to fit into the outer compartment of my toolbox, so it was kept in the bottom bucket of the box, where it was less convenient to reach. The computer barely lasted past its second birthday even when it was only lightly used. A humorous aspect of how it failed is how it didn't work. During a recent visit to our local aquarium, my daughter asked what the maximum size of a crocodile was. She told me that the largest documented specimens range from 25 to 30 feet and there are some less reliable reports of one as large as 40 The question naturally arose of the size of the object. A perfect opportunity to grab the Fat Max 25 ft seemed to have presented itself. I could feel the spring crying out in pain as I extended the tape to the maximum 25' with her holding one end. The tape would not retract on its own when we attempted to retract it It is not necessary to retract. It tried to re-test several times after being gently coerced to do so Invest in others. You can try pushing in some tape and pulling it out again to see if that does the trick. I tried, but without success. In the end, I tried manually sliding the tape back in, but it was stuck at The spring seemed to be stuck somehow, so I removed the screws in the unit and opened it up, in hopes that this could be sorted out. The answer is no. There was physical damage to it. The photo shows you what I mean. My attempts to contact Stanley about this were unsuccessful twice. The first time I used their app, the second time directly on their website. I took the time to write out all of the above, only to have their website fail and show an error message. It has saved me a lot of time and cost me more than just the tape itself (pretty expensive, if you ask me). The results were pretty The only thing that makes me happy is that I wasn't working on a personal or professional project at the time this thing went wrong. I felt bad and bad about investing in this measuring device that breaks so easily. My daughter is quite impressed that crocodiles are so large that it breaks the ruler. I am not so impressed as I made a poor investment.

Bridget Blake
Bridget Blake
| Jan 29, 2021
Grandma is no longer as active as she once was

The Fat Max tape Stanley used to make a few years ago isn't the same tape that this is. When I used to use the older versions, I could get three months of use out of them. The ones I have at hand are good for 3 weeks to 2 months at a time. There are many factors that can affect my jobsite environment, such as the time of year, the season, etc. Out here in Seattle, the sites are often Depending on those conditions, I can get about one month from this version that's been dumbed down. Yes, I give them credit for trying to make a profit or increasing the price of the tape, but Stanley should have thought this through a little more before doing so. In the past, when I bought these tapes, it would last between 3 and 6 months. It wasn't long ago that I had to throw them away because the rust wore away the paint from the blades. In modern society, the blade usually tears somewhere between 2' and 3'. It's a little more difficult for me to keep clean the blade and it doesn't retract completely.

If I had to pick one up, it would be one of the Fat Max extreme tapes, but the oversided hook at the end makes it difficult for me to navigate in On the other hand, why should I pay more for a tape that is almost the same as the old Fat Max tapes? The inflation is, I guess, to blame.

Willow Robinson
Willow Robinson
| Jan 07, 2021
I have no doubt that it distinguishes between six inches and twelve inches The previous Stanley Tape measure, which I had for many, many years, was broken and I could not use it

I bought this on July 6, 2018 (4 months ago). This tape measure has so far been quite useful for me. As with some other reviewers, I have not had a problem with the tip breaking. The wide width of the tape on this one is also more appealing to me than the When I stretch it out farther before it bends, I like the feeling of being able to stretch it out farther. The one time I had to measure something myself, since nobody was around to help me, I found this to be useful. My other favorite thing about the new layout is that the numbers and lines are larger, which makes it easier to read the measurements and not have to strain my old eyes (side The older you get, the more senseless it is). However, I would certainly recommend the product and I have no complaints about it. I have been using it on and off around the house for four months now. The English alphabet starts with the capital letter, P. We sometimes give it to our 8 and 5 year old daughters to play with, and they haven't broken it yet. They may not be boys (and you know the difference when it comes to boys), but the tape measure is still as accurate as ever. The purchase I made was quite satisfactory to me.

Collin Burgess
Collin Burgess
| Apr 09, 2021

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