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IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106) IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106) IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106) IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106)

IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106)

IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106) IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106) IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106) IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106)
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A heavy-duty construction constructed from three heavy-duty frames Aluminum I-beams are heavy duty and reinforced The beam rails of a collapsed beam are almost three times the size when collapsed
With the rails locked in infinite settings, levels can be extended to meet a variety of
This product features large, easy-to-read vials and a large handle to make it easy and convenient to grip and hold when wearing gloves or not
It is guaranteed to be accurate for life. The number 058 Levels of education

Questions & Answers

Is there any chance the case comes with it?

Irwin Tools thanks you for choosing us. It does not come with a case, but there is one that can be purchased separately. We aim to provide the highest quality service. This item has the following

What is the place of production? U. is said by one person. One says China, the other says the United States. The one you have in mind? N doesn't need my help. Friendship between Korea and Japan. ?

Chinese manufacture is responsible for making this level.

Does this object have a magnetic field?

The one I have is not magnetic.

Does this have a ruled edge on one side?

The one end of the tape has inch/centimeter markings? The rule/ruler marking is what is meant by that.

Selected User Reviews For IRWIN Level, Extendable, 8-Inch, 4-ft to 10-ft (1801106)

Felt really soft when I touched it

An edit of the 3ft beam level is done here. As soon as I saw this level, I gave it five stars since I enjoyed it a lot and it became my go-to when I checked the Keeping my tools in good condition is a priority for me it drives me nuts. All my cases are kept level and I treat them with respect. I had it leaning against the wall and barely touched it and it fell over, hitting the connecting wall on one end. It did not have any weight except for the weight of the level, so it curved a little. An unusable level is one that has been bent. My first impression is that it is extremely In my position as a subcontractor whose reputation is important to me, I cannot use.

Livia Hodges
Livia Hodges
| Apr 30, 2021
The quality is low due to the quality of materials used

The 6' and 18" versions of this level are what I bought. My god, the 6' is incredible! I haven't adequately used the shorter one but, my god, the 6' is absolutely amazing! It is my responsibility to framing and finish work, though I do some framing. There is no reason that you should not be laughing to yourself reading these lines if you work in my trade. Normally I would think that a 30 buck six foot level would be ten times more expensive than it saves due to its inaccuracy, but this thing is freakin' insane! It's at least the one I got. It doesn't matter which direction the bubble reads from as long as it is the same on both sides, you will be fine. During this level, you'll find that it's As a result, it is a pleasant experience to work with. It may also be the reason why it tends to be so resilient when it falls. Due to the weight of the level, the force created by it hitting the ground does not affect shifting the bubble as much as it would if the level was heavier. You know at the end of the day you spent thirty bucks on it rather than the 200 you spent on that other Stabila, so the hard drop doesn't break your heart as much. The dial on the plumb level that shifts to give you degrees is a throwaway and the worst part of the Occasionally, it may be useful in some esoteric, shotty formula performed once in the range's lifetime. But, fellow carpenters, it might be worth making this your second level at the very least! Feel free to use it as a framer for a bit. As you become more accustomed to it, you'll love it. As you will see, you 'accidentally' grabbed it while you were cooking for the family. In a few days, you can either drop this one from a third story roof till it is OK or you will have another shipped straight to your door for a quarter the price it would have cost a "real carpenter" for an entirely new bed.

Vera Ware
Vera Ware
| Sep 05, 2020
The level has changed in a matter of seconds, neither did it drop or bang! My experience with IRWIN tools was a total disappointment, and I won't be purchasing their products It has been about a month since I acquired this level

There has never been a drop or bang on it.

But it has gone off. It doesn't look like there are any bang marks or anything. As soon as I got there, the first thing I did was check if I was leveling a multi part ledger board today and could feel something was out of place. My eye said the boards were falling. It is the old flip it around test test test until you get it right. I went back to the leveling and flipped it in several spots. What do you think? The reading in one direction is now different from the reading in the opposite direction. Look closer, and it appears that the center plastic box that has the bubble in the middle is slightly offset in the middle. There might have been a problem with the adhesive. Maybe it was hot and the metal and plastic expanded at different rates. In reality, I have no idea, but I do know my $63 level is nothing better than a straight edge at the moment. I would like to make it clear that I took excellent care of this level, it was never taken from my property, and nobody A much better value could have been found by purchasing 3 or more cheap ones. In my opinion, a 60 dollar level cannot be adjusted for a variety of reasons. It would be easy for me to put it right with just a few screws. There are times when I wish I didn't need to buy another level when a brand new one is available. The product I bought was a quality item, but I feel like I was scammed.

Esperanza Valentine
Esperanza Valentine
| Feb 23, 2021
It bends easily

It is fragile. Make a strong argument for your proposal. During shipping, it bent quite easily it will bend as well once it is installed. Be careful when handling and storing any level, especially if it is a long one. They seem to be less prone to getting bent than box levels.

Adriana Madden
Adriana Madden
| Jul 29, 2020
We're just doing it for fun

This level is now my favorite! Would you please tell me why you asked? Since the level has flat corners, it makes a good straight edge since it is easy to draw lines with it. The horizontal edge of the level is continuous on top, bottom, and sides. As a result, I am now able to draw an uninterrupted straight line. This is due to the rubber safety end caps retracting rather than coming off, instead. I can now avoid dealing with that pain in the rear. All you have to do is push the bumper into the end of the level using the button.
As a result of the freaking lights in the vials! There are no conditions under which this is not useful. It is suitable for any kind of harsh lighting. Because it has other neat features, such as a mirror on the side so I can quickly see the vertical level from either the top or side of the level, that it is dead on accurate and it is light weight, You'll get it for much less if you use a Stabilia because it's magnetic on one side and it has a duty rating.

Mckinley Oneal
Mckinley Oneal
| Oct 07, 2020
The product is made in China

The tools from Irwin are now made in China, which is a shame. There was an issue with leveling it from the beginning. It is just not the same quality that the original builder of this level used to provide. 19 years were the life expectancy of the old one. Despite my best efforts, this one didn't work for me. Unfortunately, I have to work on the Front Range of Colorado at a level that is well below this.

Vincent Li
Vincent Li
| Dec 09, 2020

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