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KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8

KastLite 8" Bronze Acrylic Lamp Post Globe | Smooth Textured with 3.91" Fitter Neck | Manufactured in the USA

KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8 KastLite 8
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HOW TO SOLVED THE PROBLEM Globe with a diameter of 8" and a diameter of 3" The outside diameter of the fitter neck is 91". double check your order measurements before ordering and contact our customer service department if you need any assistance finding the right fixture. For returns because the size was measured incorrectly, a restocking fee will be applied.
The following details apply to this item The Item Number 20008 is Light Globe for Lamp Posts (4F | Bronze | Acrylic | Smooth Textured | NOT for replacing ceiling fans)
COVER consists of the following components Despite being UV-resistant, acrylic material can be used at temperatures as high as 90C and has a high transmittance rate A single piece of injection blown A molded object.
Quality at the cutting edge of modernity Our KastLite globes are both water-resistant and shatter-proof, with UV inhibitors to help prevent yellowing over time. With an environmental rating of IP60, we are confident these globes will stand the test of time!
We are the leaders in lighting and plastic solutions A leading brand of Lighting Fixtures and Accessories manufactured in the United States and serving customers in all 50 states, KastLite is a recognized brand across the country. You can count on us for great service!

Questions & Answers

This globe can be hung on a ceiling Would it be possible to mount the fixture to my porch so it hangs down rather than standing upright?

You can hang it straight down if you have screws that catch on the lip, and if the diameter is right, if it has a lip it will work. It's made of lightweight plastic, so if it falls, it shouldn't be a safety hazard.

Is it possible to mount globes on You can find it here You can visit the website. It is available on Amazon. Where can I find a listing for ox_sc_act_image_6 at gp/aw/d/B07zb45qgs? Could you please tell me the SMID for A2087MPGGM2HDV and PSC for 1?

If you opt for screws, it attaches to the existing light fixture, or if you use my method, it sits on top.

Does it look the same as the picture or does it have a clear background?

One is acrylic, the other is clear.

Can you tell me from top to bottom if the globe is 8" tall?

A yes to both questions. It has an overall diameter of 8 inches (not including the neck) regardless of direction of viewing.

Selected User Reviews For KastLite 8" Bronze Acrylic Lamp Post Globe | Smooth Textured with 3.91" Fitter Neck | Manufactured in the USA

I love the lamp cover! The lamp cover is beautiful! Unfortunately, it was too large for the ceiling base so I had to return it and choose the more standard white glass globe instead

The news is so upsetting to me. I love this acrylic one! It would be nice if they made one 6" tall. We recommend the acrylic one if you intend to buy a nice bright ceiling lamp in the future!.

Ibrahim Mendoza
Ibrahim Mendoza
| Jul 15, 2020
I'm in love with this product

The globe that I broke had a 4" fitter, and I was having trouble finding a replacement. A chance encounter led me to this one and I thought it was worth the try for its price! I love this globe! It is so clear and shows off Edison bulbs like a pro! You should definitely check it out!.

Cohen Escobar
Cohen Escobar
| Sep 27, 2020

This bulb adapter is designed for LEDs, which will not produce heat or glare To secure the plastic globe, we have three screws at the top that you tighten to fix the fixture. This plastic globe style is so beautiful because it has a grooved pattern.

The prism globe is a perfect replacement for our 1941 glass globe fixture. After changing the bulb it looks like a prism.

Luisa Wiley
Luisa Wiley
| Apr 21, 2021
It is too expensive for what it is

A waste of money. This is a clear piece of plastic that is of very poor quality. The product does serve its purpose, but not at a price worth paying.

Bodie Yang
Bodie Yang
| Jan 06, 2021
It looks great! It was exactly what we were looking for to hang the large rattan lamp inside

I love the new heavy frosted glass cover, so much better than the old one.

Aarya Fernandez
Aarya Fernandez
| Oct 22, 2020
Is a good match to the original glass

It was a perfect replacement for one of my glass globes that broke, and yet I liked the fact that the color matched the globe I had previously.

Royal Wood
Royal Wood
| May 04, 2021
A superb piece of writing

I found an excellent product that I had been looking for.

Veda Clements
Veda Clements
| Apr 05, 2021
I think it turned out pretty well for plastic
Sophia Ramos
Sophia Ramos
| Sep 20, 2020

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