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ICON Skylight, SL1627W, White

ICON Skylight, SL1627W, White

ICON Skylight, SL1627W, White
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The dome has the following dimensions This painting measures 15 3/4" by 27" by
The dimension of the flange is This piece measures 30 1/8 x 18 5/8 inches.
It is made of thick polycarbonate that is impact resistant
This product resists UV rays

Questions & Answers

I am searching for an interior dome which is 30" diameter x 175" deep. Is it better to go with 1 or 2. You would like to replace the skylight in your shower ?

Please accept our appreciation for contacting us. Have a wonderful day. There is no interior dome with those measurements in my possession. Besides replacing the shower skylight, you mention replacing the skylight soon as well. Are you looking for that Does the dome extend into the interior?
*br>I appreciate your response. Tell me when you respond. I am Olga, you are

What is the difference between clear and the SL1627?

In addition to clear, white, and smoke versions of the SL1627 are available. I advise that before purchasing, you should check the dimensions to ensure that they are accurate.

Is it possible to use these on a regular sunroom in the house?

You must have a frame in order for it to work because it is a sunroof for an RV

The number of required people is If the number is 0 or 18, say so. The product of 5 x 32 is 5. The number 0 has been set. Are you familiar with where one can be purchased?

Dear Sirs and Madams, did you include the flange in those measurements? A brief description of our A total size of 32 1/2" x 19 1/2" is achieved with 28 1/2" x 15" x 5" dimensions. The measurements I have provided are as close as I can get to what you are looking for. br>If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. *br>Olga, thank you for your kind words

Selected User Reviews For ICON Skylight, SL1627W, White

The new Winnebago Navion is a good replacement for my 2006 Fit was good, but you had to screw it into the roof

Originally, the original was held in by 4 brackets in each corner and 3 screws in each bracket. I would recommend if you have a fiberglass roof that is a good fit and relatively easy to do.

Whitley Tanner
Whitley Tanner
| Oct 19, 2020
I thought the fit was perfect and the quality was excellent

A skylight was installed on the roof of a Winnebago Brave Shower cover from 1997. The fit is better than the original, and the installation is easy. It was very difficult removing the old caulk and old sealant after the old one was removed.

Florence Ochoa
Florence Ochoa
| Oct 06, 2020
This is a nice piece

The way it is made is very good.

Arielle HYDE
Arielle HYDE
| Apr 10, 2021
The quality is excellent

Exactly what I wanted, but would have liked screws and sealant shipped with it.

Blaze Nolan
Blaze Nolan
| Apr 25, 2021

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