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Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4

Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4" x 50' - Weatherproof Patch/Repair/Seal for Rubber and EPDM Roofs (4"x50' White)

Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4 Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4
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Easily install your own solar system! The roof of an RV can be fixed by a novice or a professional. In the installation process, the most challenging part is peeling off the backing to expose the adhesive, but don't worry, Camp'N has provided an exclusive easy peel backing to make that part simple. The backing won't be contested and a mess will no longer be made.
This RV roof repair tape forms an instant bond that seals out air, water, and moisture to create a strong, flexible barrier against water intrusion. If repairs are to be done on a damaged area, make sure it has been cleaned and dried thoroughly. It can be applied to a wide variety of RV roofs
With our Weatherproof and UV Stable fabric, you'll be protected for years
Roof openings, transitions, skylights, air conditioners, screws, vents, slide out roofs can be sealed by using a silicone caulk
You can find additional replacement RV parts at the Camp'N Amazon Storefront

Questions & Answers

When it is thick, how thick is it?

There's a good deal of gel in it and it is It's a badass tape and I wish I had bought the 2in just because I could handle it! There is no noticeable difference in thickness between the tape and poster board and it seems fairly robust

What would happen if a hot tube cover was patched with this method?

The material of which it is made

What if a rip in your RV cover needs to be repaired?

My assessment of this tape is that it has very thick adhesive and will adhere to a wide variety of An RV cover, however, is more flexible than a hard roof, and may not last as long as a hard roof. Sewing a patch or sewing the tarp might be a better solution.

What happens if a TPO membrane had previously been installed on a home roof?

Melting this stuff off in heat is easy.

Selected User Reviews For Camp'N - RV Roof Tape - 4" x 50' - Weatherproof Patch/Repair/Seal for Rubber and EPDM Roofs (4"x50' White)

Any RV should have this item

aware of this stuff's tendency to stick to everything and anything, do not store it in your RV storage, as it will melt on the ends and can be difficult to unroll. This stuff would make a tank float, which is a plus. There are no apparent problems with it sticking to the surface, and it appears to be a great took two 6" pieces out of my 2021 30' and realized I wasn't going to replace the roof, so I put the second piece in, and it doesn't leak at all anymore. The products listed below are a must for any RV, just in case you pop a leak on the road or are camping at a place where there is no nearby RV store. It is something I have always carried in every RV I have ever If you plan to store this product anywhere it gets hot, do not do so.

Virginia Rodriguez
Virginia Rodriguez
| Nov 26, 2020
Don't do it

A great adhesion was achieved when first installed, but after 6 months it became chalky & hard to clean A loose part fell off. There was a lot of mess to clean up (the RV was covered)

Tyler Wolf
Tyler Wolf
| Jul 02, 2021
It has a tough outer layer made from very strong glue

Because of its significant price cut, it was significantly less costly than major brand names of similar materials. Once you put it on, it is very thick, so don't expect to move it or get it off or even to take it off! is made up of two layers - an outer layer of tough material and a very thick layer of goop. Only thing wrong with it that I found was the high temperature here in Arizona caused it to buckle before Due to its goopy nature, it is not the easiest stuff to use. Nevertheless, it will help you out. In the end, I did not use this to cover a roof, but mainly for patching along the bottom as well as along the side seams of the trailer.

Cora Wilkinson
Cora Wilkinson
| Feb 18, 2021
A layer of skin peels off

My motorhome roof has this installed around the edge. I would like to say what a waste of time and money this all was. It's been a couple months since installation, and there are no leaks, but now the silver facing of the tape is peeling from its adhesive. I assume it must be an installation issue since it's peeling from the tape That's all for a $20 savings. The trip isn't worth it at all. The problem has now gotten worse. The eternal bond is for sale.

Jasiah Taylor
Jasiah Taylor
| Jan 31, 2021
I cannot believe it has been only 6 months! I have had the adhesive for only six months and it has dried out and become I used it to complete my assignment There is a metal roof on the frame

Since I have had EternaBond RSW installed on the roof a couple of years ago, it still looks great. The adhesive is much better than the cheaper version, but it costs twice as much.

Chandler PARKIN
Chandler PARKIN
| Oct 03, 2020
This glue sticks very well and lasts a long time

RV slide metal surface - Used to protect metal from scratches and rusting This material is very flexible and adheres extremely A lot of adhesive got stuck to your fingers or gloves, making it quite messy. While it doesn't look very nice when it's finished, it appears to be effective.

Leia Serrano
Leia Serrano
| Aug 22, 2020
However, it will be able to handle messy fingers but will do what it's intended for

If the temperature outside is high (summertime), it is hard to peel off the protective layer. You can simply keep it in the refrigerator to achieve the desired effect. Fingers feel very sticky when you touch it. However, be prepared to deal with a mess of fingers because this product is designed to do what it's designed to do.

Fernanda Petersen
Fernanda Petersen
| Dec 25, 2020
It is tape that is used for roofing

Despite not having used it yet, it seems heavy with glue, and the reviews and video that I watched this morning indicate it will work great after I use it. I will update my review if I have different thoughts after it is used.

Anya Sheppard
Anya Sheppard
| Feb 03, 2021

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