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You will need 1 portable refrigerator and/or freezer. This is 6 cubic feet. A foot is equal to 10 meters. There is an interior space of 64 x 12 Featuring a separate refrigerator and capacity for 72 oz cans - Sections that prevent the freezing of selected items are the only ones
A technological revolution is taking place As a result of It displays the temperature inside the vehicle and allows the user to set the desired temperature using an electronic control panel
This chemical is called CFC A free insulation foam and a free refrigerant, plus stainless steel An interior made of steel that prevents stains and increases
A battery and low voltage protection system The compressor comes with built-in low voltage protection, and the battery has three programmable levels so that it doesn't drain. The engine automatically restarts when the voltage is restored
The DC cord has a cigarette lighter plug, an interior light for improved visibility, and a heavy-duty connector Features a removable handle for added convenience
I have two hours to spare Limited to one year

Questions & Answers

What is the insulation like on the lid?

There is an insulated lid on the jar. Since last year, we have been using this refrigerator/freezer as both a full refrigerator and a full freezer in our boat. I'm very pleased with how everything went. The thermostat is perfect and keeps its temperature at a constant level.

Do the terms of the warranty apply?

There is a limit of two years on the norcold Listed below are a few examples of what the website states. *br>Electronic Temperature Control Panel displays internal temperature and allows the user to set desired temperature *br>Indicator light alerts you to installation issues, and CFC-free systems are available on request. Free insulation foam and refrigerant *Hermetically sealed compressor with built-in low voltage protection *Battery protection with three settable levels prevents battery drain and turns back on when voltage returns *Two-stage fan controls *Battery life indicator when low voltage turns back on The hinge lid is reversible and removable with a one-year warranty *br>An integrated DC cord with a cigarette lighter plug is provided *br>The latch is easy to replace and reposition Easily removable wire basket* This wire basket is made of stainless steel for convenience This model has a steel interior that prevents stains and betters cooling. There is a separate refrigerator as well. Select items will not freeze when the section is removed *durable and corrosion proof Exterior liner made of heavy-gauge plastic Handles made of heavy-duty plastic with UL-certified option The AC Adapter (part no. 634650*br>hope I appreciate your kind words.

In what dimensions are they How much does it weigh, how wide is it, how high is it?

The following dimensions are given The size is 7 in. x 25 in. The dimensions of this product are 5 by 16 inches. * The height of the doors is nine inches. The following models are 1 door models The NRF - There are 45 options for power Power supply AC or DC Weighs This is the *br>0000 type The compressed gas will be of the following type This refrigerator has two separate compartments for the fridge and the freezer. Capacity A volume of 59 cubic feet. A foot is equal to 10 meters. This capacity depends on the type of container you choose The Cubic Feet (IN) of the following 7-foot container are I am 16 years old. A 15/16 inch width (IN) is as follows I am 15 years old. Three quarters of an inch (IN) Deepness The age is 25-34 The following power sources are compatible with the 1/2 inch plug The following is the current flow as a question of way alternating the current or direct current A 120 Volt AC circuit is only rated for 5 amps. I have 8 amps at 12 volts and 2 amps at 12 volts. 24 Volt DC *Amplifier with temperature control 4 Amperes This is an electronic device and its color is Color black/gray Type of installation wall mount The following mobile freezer has an ice maker

Do you get an AC power cord with it?

There is no AC cord included with the AC adapter

Selected User Reviews For NORCOLD Portable REFRIDGERATOR 45 L

I will provide details as soon as I receive the package

I just received it on time, and it appears to be exactly what I expected. It is like a Dometic CFF 45, but without the flashy looks, and is currently around $100 less (and hopefully, thieves won't be so interested without words like 'Dometic', 'ARB', or 'Engel'). Despite the fact that it is still awaiting delivery, I wanted to share a picture of the specification The refrigerator is designed for the marine market, so it is hard to find much information, and when you do, it can be contradictory. I'll give you the results. I want to make sure I set up my teardrop according to the power ratings. 4 volts at 12 v Which one is 6a and which is In addition, keep in mind that the smaller compartment represents the refrigerator and has a capacity of seven liters. The fridge has been running for about a week, so I plan to update after it is run for the first time. Now that the fridge is running, it appears to cool down quickly and maintain an accurate temperature. When it was 68°, I set it at 27° and it took about 40 minutes to cool down the fridge to 27°. It runs quietly, turns off at the pre-set temperature, and shuts itself off. compressor will turn back on when the temperature rises to 31° when the temperature declines to 24°. Cooling down takes about 10 minutes and then it's set to run every hour or so at 27°. A smaller portion of the refrigerator is approximately 10° warmer than the larger portion. A 68° ambient temperature was used for the test.

Bowen Stewart
Bowen Stewart
| Jul 27, 2021
His cab fits it perfectly

It seems to be working just as described so far. A trucker's son would be able to fit in it. The removable handles are a great touch, and the product fits nicely in his cab. Minimizing footprints to even smaller sizes. You can keep plenty of frozen food in the freezer section when you're away from home for an extended period. The convenience of stopping at a grocery store to restock is not always available to truckers. There is a shortage of food at convenience stores and truck stops (often junk food) and they are expensive! In this unit, he takes meat, vegetables, and fruits. Canned food is less healthy, more expensive, and tastes worse than fresh produce. One of the main concerns we have is whether or not the cord will hold up, since cords frequently burn out and melt. The results will come in due time. The interior size is very satisfactory as of August 3, 2016 as you can see from the pictures. Neither my measurements nor my weight are available. The remote in the pic is 8 3/4 inches long and 2 inches wide Description says it holds 64 , 12 oz cans. Product is 4 inches by 2 inches. You can get a better visualization if you stop in the pop isle. There has been a problem with ************************************* The error light is flashing, though the manual says the problem is blocked intake. The intake air has been cleared and is not blocked according to the manual, the problem is blocked intake. I will contact the manufacturer about the not staying at set temperature running too warm and determine how this is resolved. Updates will be made as soon as possible********************************.

Tiana McBride
Tiana McBride
| Apr 07, 2021
We find it perfectly suited to our needs

A VW Vanagon Westfalia, that's what I bought it for. To run the power straight to the marine deep-water battery I use a marine accessory fuse panel Powered by a 60 watt solar panel, the battery operates on one cycle. When traveling on the road and camped for extended periods, they work flawlessly and the panel keeps everything in sync with each other. A 12v fridge can be found in a variety of models Its dimensions appealed to me, so I purchased it. The size of the machine is perfect for the space behind my passenger seat since it's short and squatty.
I want to find a cover for it that will provide insulation ARB's and Engels both have cover options, but I've lost track of a cover for this particular When it comes down to it, though, I'll do it on my own. As a whole, this was a great purchase that I am very happy We'll no longer chase ice and we'll no longer have to deal with soggy food packages.

Katie Levy
Katie Levy
| Jul 19, 2021
It works great, and it is dependable

The cooler fits into an area under the seat of our boat to replace the regular cooler that was previously there. As soon as I get to the boat, there are cold drinks waiting for me and I do not need to buy ice anymore. We don't need to take out the hose to empty the water or clean it. When we use ice at the rate we do during summer, we'll recoup our investment in a couple of It is easy to use and you will never sway more than a few degrees with the temperature control. I've found it to be reliable and works just fine. I strongly recommend this book.

Aya Knight
Aya Knight
| Jun 03, 2021
A bit expensive, but great for the job

We spent three weeks on the road in the mid-90s and our refrigerator has so far been flawless.

Kamari Blake
Kamari Blake
| Jul 13, 2021
The size is perfect for traveling in my fifth wheel

I bought it for my 5th wheel. In the parked position, we use the refrigerator as a second fridge. I am so far pleased with it.

Micah Baxter
Micah Baxter
| Feb 10, 2021
This travel blanket is the ideal size for making the trip from Florida to New Jersey This travel blanket is the ideal size for making the trip from Florida to New Jersey The frog can be used as a freezer or for storing foods

Day trips can also be arranged with this. I can sleep comfortably if I stop for the night.

Westin Molina
Westin Molina
| May 28, 2021
I've found this unit to be very energy efficient

This unit requires a very small amount of power to function, and a 160w solar panel can run it for a long time. I like the size of the minivan because it has more room than I need.

Rosalie Wise
Rosalie Wise
| Feb 07, 2021

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