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Miele Coffee Pot CJ1

Miele Coffee Pot CJ1

Miele Coffee Pot CJ1
$ 110.27

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Making coffee directly in the pot without transferring from a coffee machine
Stainless steel polished to a high shine
Thanks to its completely removable lid, this product is easy to clean
Vacuum-filled TopTherm insulates in a way that cannot be broken
A sliding lid for Aroma that makes life more convenient

Questions & Answers

The machine CM6350 should be able to use this. What should I do?

The answer is yes.

Do you know how many ounces this container holds?

There is a 1 liter capacity, which is roughly 34 ounces. A friend of mine has one and I use it on the weekends. It's nice and the coffee stays piping hot for quite some time.

Could you tell me if this will work with the CVA6805?

In truth, I returned the pot, because it hovers over the edge of the pot with about an inch and the lid is not very nice. Only one redeeming feature is that it can be cleared in the dispenser. It's been so disappointing to find a small cup that works as needed at a fraction of the price. I barely use the pot function as I find it annoying to wait for it to grind each double coffee The machine I have is Brillant White, but there are other colors available. With the addition of a convenient push button top, the Luvan 304 18/10 Stainless Steel Thermal Carafe/Double Walled Vacuum Insulated Coffee Pot can keep water warm for 24 hours. I drink cold drinks without BPA, such as coffee, tea, and beverages (White)

I'm wondering what the dimensions of the coffee pot are Do you know how tall and wide you are?

There are 5 inches of height to it and 2 inches of width A wide berth.

Selected User Reviews For Miele Coffee Pot CJ1

The design looks good, but there are some minor improvements to be made

I like the carafe for my Miele 6350, but I would have preferred it if the top snapped on and off as opposed to screwing It would also be nice if it fit under the machine a little better. The rest of the product appears well-made and looks good.

Bobby Watson
Bobby Watson
| Sep 03, 2020
The software works, but it is not worth the price

It basically works as advertised, but I think the price is too high. I don't like that it hangs over the side but it doesn't fall. My version (6/2020) does have a thick plastic lid that screws on. It fits under our built-in machine. I'm not a fan of the screwed on lid. It is basically 8 cups of coffee, which is 40 ounces. Coffee does not remain warm for very long since the spout, despite the lid being closed, is still open when the lid is on.

Elle Goldstein
Elle Goldstein
| Jun 24, 2021
I am surprised by the cheap feel and plastic feel of this pot for it's price

In my opinion, the price is way too low for this pot and it is made of plastic. There is enough for only four people in it as well This coffee maker can only make 5 regular cup of coffee (10oz pours) and it has no fit on countertop machines (about to fall off).

Freyja Boyer
Freyja Boyer
| Nov 17, 2020
I used the pot to make several cups of coffee at once and it worked great with my Miele coffeemaker
Jackson BYRNE
Jackson BYRNE
| May 09, 2021
Worked well, but was kind of expensive

Does what it was advertised to do, but was a complex solution for a little cup.

Briar Travis
Briar Travis
| May 24, 2021

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