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Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm

Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm

Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm
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Our 3mm premium neoprene wetsuits are designed to introduce your child to wetsuits for the first time
Provides relief from stinging insects and minimizes public exposure to "things that sting" like sea lice, jellyfish, and a rash from body boards, as well as keeping children warm and protecting them from UV rays during swimming
Lastly, the fully gusseted zippers hinder water from getting in. The back zipper is easy to reach, and the inner panel layer under the zipper eliminates catching on children's delicate skin.
High Quality and affordable kids wetsuits designed for all types of sports in the water such as swimming, diving, snorkeling, body boarding, and surfing as well as just relaxing at the lake or on the beach.
Please kindly refer to the size instructions in the last picture to help you decide on the right size

Questions & Answers

What size 14 would you recommend for an 11-year-old who is 5’0 ft tall?

They may weigh up to 400 pounds Growing in size is good, but not too much.

On the back, sides of the body, and on the thighs, how thick is the material?

In accordance with the name, the thickness of the wetsuit is three millimeters across the large plate areas. The reason it says /2 is because of the stitching it is thinned out one millimeter less. Two pieces of clothing are glued together, stitched together, then rolled out with a press. This helps the seams to lay flat and, on some suits, it can also help the glue set.

Can this wetsuit be worn by girls just as well as by ?

It was designed to be worn by youth or children, so it can also be worn by girls.

Is this suitable for use in a swimming ?

This is a product that can be used for many kinds of water sports, from swimming to surfing, diving, body boarding, and surfing, or in just the lake or It is my hope that this will be beneficial to

Selected User Reviews For Aunua Youth 3/2mm Neoprene Wetsuits for Kids Full Wetsuit Swimming Suit Keep Warm

THE UPDATE IS You look great in that As a result, wetsuits must be snugly fitted to the body in order to provide good insulation

The likelihood of losing body heat in the water if you roll up your sleeves and ankles or if the suit sags at the waist or hips is basically the opposite of one of the key Adding to the insulation function of this suit, it is made of 3mm thick material on the torso but 2mm thick over the limbs. There are many child suits here on Amazon that only have 2mm thickness in the torso, so that may be something worth checking if it is of interest to you. According to the fit chart, my very slim 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 year old is fine. Age = 12 year old (weight = 14 lbs. The stretch factor might allow a child with a slightly larger build or a similar height (not yet near 4 feet) to get away with this suit, though there was not much room at the inseam, so chafing might be an issue. To maximize the profit potential of any suit that you purchase, I recommend that you carefully observe the chart measurements rather than gauging by a child's usual clothing size. An item that would be in the zip suit has a long zipper leash (maybe 9 inches). This is due to the weaker level strength). I would expect my child to be able to comfortably put on the dry, entirely open suit by herself, except for adjusting the neck, but have to help her take I like the way the material feels and looks on this suit. The closures both move smoothly and work As a result, the suit does not 'read' cheap, which is very desirable at this price- I admit it smells strongly of rubber, but that's not its fault. I suspect that other reviewers have brought that up before in suits of different types, so I suspect it could kind of be expected. In spite of this, my child decided that the chloride would simply be required to kill the rubbery smell, since the suit will be used primarily in the pool. Once we get back to the pool later this week, we'll let you know. The suit has been tested in the water by the organization, so I will update this review if necessary, but for now we are very pleased with it. Update ==========================================

I have been on the job for months now. I am tired*br/*br. I think the suit is amazing. Even though its wearer has grown (now 46 inches tall), the fabric is soft with enough give so that the suit can continue to be used. After swimming in the pool, we wash it (just leave it in the washing machine) and air dry it While climbing in and out of the pool, it has barely been scratched, even after being towed over the concrete pool edge. While the color and decorations on the leash have held up, the Velcro is still in great condition, and the zipper and leash are still pretty good. We are in a new state. On the edges of the top, around the collar and Velcro, there are several light rips, but most people probably wouldn't notice.

This would not be a drawback, but I would advise the parents to keep in mind that it is nearly impossible for the child to put on or take off the suit on his or her own. A part of it has to do with the snug fit, at the same time, once the product is wet, it has to be turned inside out to remove it, piece by piece. Nevertheless, my child will really stay warm in this suit even when the pool is noticeably colder than usual, because the suit actually keeps him warm. As a result, there have been no remarks (or complaints) from my child about the pool's temperature, and other parents are now asking where they can get one. I am looking at you.

| Feb 01, 2021
There is a hole in the seam It wasn't right at first, but they fixed it

Next week, our family is staying at a lake for a week, so we bought three of these, one for each child. This was their first time trying it out in the pool. She has a hole at the seam at the bottom of her torso after less than an hour of use. Fit just fine, it wasn't too tight but when I saw the hole (about the size of a dime), I was surprised. Honestly, I'm not sure if this will even last the entire week we need it to! I wrote the above review, contacted the seller (by clicking the "contact seller" button), and ordered a replacement (I needed to do this right away to ensure that the replacement arrived before we left for It had already been contacted to me before I went to bed that night. I was told that they had seen that I had ordered a new one and that they would refund the cost of it. Despite their busy schedules, they were courteous and prompt. Service that is good to the customer It was a great day on the lake for my girls and they didn't get cold!.

Karter Carney
Karter Carney
| Aug 11, 2020
I was surprised at how well it went

Make sure you order the larger size. I was extremely hesitant with the sizing but it didn't seem everyone was talking about ordering up a size. It fit well out of the box and was thick enough to swim well in the Pacific Northwest. (His birthday is this week) He is a skinny 6 yo, but he is very athletic. The size 8 worked perfectly for my 46" height and 45 lbs. I had been planning to order a size 6 but ended up getting the size 8. I really like the legs, but they are a little long and bunch up a bit, but it clings well to his ankles. These arms are perfect. It's a great value for the price.

Ray Pruitt
Ray Pruitt
| May 03, 2021
The best wetsuit I've ever owned

Dress your child up to a size 12 if she or he wears a size 10. I have a son who wears a size 10 in clothes all the time. When it comes to wetsuits, you sometimes have to go up a size. The reviews indicate that his size, and his lack of weight could be a problem After comparing the sizing chart, I opted for a size 10 that should have fit. We ended up getting close, but it was just The son I have weighs 77 pounds and is 11 years old, but he is skinny. The wetsuit has to be snug around the wrists and ankles as well. The part with the crotch was perfect, but the garment was too tight at the shoulders and couldn't be pulled up over his crotch. As well as being too snug when zipped up, it was also a little too short. In my case, the 12 will be a good choice since the sizing is not very off from what I need, and it is hard to find another site offering a similar product. I really like the return process, where I can print a label in just a few minutes! It took a decent amount of time to ship.

Zara Cortez
Zara Cortez
| May 22, 2021
This wetsuit does not seem like it should be a 3/2mm, however the return process was excellent

My kids have always used wetsuits with a 3mm or 2mm thickness when swimming in the cool ocean water in Northern California. As soon as we took it out of the packaging we felt it was a little thin, but we decided to try it because it said that it was 3/2mm and it was a brand that we had never used before. My son said that when he used it at the beach, it felt like he wasn't wearing a wetsuit and protected him from the cold even though it was intended to do so. Although moving in was a bit challenging, it was fairly simple. The effects would be even better if the water was warmer. It was great to see that I could return it even if it was used. Because of that reason, I am probably going to try this company again.

Lexie Grant
Lexie Grant
| Aug 05, 2020
The wetsuit I got for my son is great

It is finally possible to buy a wetsuit that fits my ten-year-old child's average size. Some other wetsuits were too tight or the zippers ripped after wearing them a couple of times. A skinny kid would be better than a husky kid, but he's not fat He can dive in warm water without any problems.

Giana Allen
Giana Allen
| May 11, 2021
An excellent deal on a wetsuit suitable for one season

Keep in mind that what you pay for is what you get. Located in a beach town, I enjoy the outdoors. There are many surf shops in Southern California that stock wet suits all year long. There is no way I wanted to pay the price for an 11 year old boy who does not surf and constantly complains about the cold water temperatures. After I finally convinced him to join my 3 hour daily bodyboarding summer camp, we decided to go for a week long summer camp. I'd like to send my son to this if he's not excited about Added a wet suit to the mix. In that week, my kid swam in the water 5 days in a row in this cheap suit. Since we have unseasonably cold ocean water in Southern California this summer for 2021, I ended up using it a few more times. In the future, AFTER fixing the zipper pull in the back that completely broke on day two, it should last through the rest of the summer and fall of 2021! This zipper that holds the pull rope in back is very fine, and it broke the day after it was installed. If we had not found a KEYCHAIN loop to replace it, my child would never have been able to open the door on his own. By the third day, the stitching along the wrists is also coming undone. In summary, you get what you pay for. . . as I said in the first line.

Raelynn Lancaster
Raelynn Lancaster
| Feb 26, 2021

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