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Mares Superchannel Full Foot Scuba Fins

Mares Superchannel Full Foot Scuba Fins

Mares Superchannel Full Foot Scuba Fins
$ 72.95

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This blade features three channels of "super channels"
For superior performance Tecralene and Thermoplastic rubber
Construction that is rugged and durable
A foot pocket for orthotics
The Foot Pocket is soft, comfortable and soft to the touch

Questions & Answers

The 11-months on the left belong to a woman Does the 12 refer to the boy's or the man's category?

We are men. It fit well even though I am a size 13.

These flippers are a little too big for me, and I bought them last year. The number of mine is Currently, I have 45, but I need 9 (42 to 59) The 43rd argument). If they need to be replaced, how likely is that to happen?

Wear socks if you waited too long to return, you waited too long to return

Does a suitcase measuring only 21" (53 cm) long have enough room to fit these fins? Could I choose short fins instead or would you recommend that approach?

You will not be able to fit the Mares Avanati in your suitcase as they are 23 inches long.

This size 8-inch shoe is made out of How many 9's are there in men's and women's? There is no mention of it in the article. ?

Thanks for asking Karen. These are mens' sizes. As an example, I wear a Women's size 7, which is equivalent to a woman's size 8. The size 5 or 5 I wear in Men's is perfect for me. Please let me know if this helps. My sincere thanks go to you for your

Selected User Reviews For Mares Superchannel Full Foot Scuba Fins

I do over 600 dives a year and I've used lots of different fins, so this one was the best value for me

Since I'm a professional diver in Hawaii, I use over 1,000 fins a year. Using fins with booties is recommended if you do a lot of shore diving or dive in cold water. For a boat dive in the tropics, however, these fins are perfect. If you want more power than these, purchase a pair of the Mares Avanti quadro power fins. I've had a pair for seven years and they are still going strong. Nevertheless, the more power the fin has, the harder it is to kick them into place. I have used these super channels to pull divers through currents with more than enough power to be extremely effective. They are the perfect mix of power, effort, durability, and price. I work on a boat where the fins are used by nearly everyone. They will last for YEARS at an unbeatable price. It is best if you dive in warm water. Also, don't enter from rocky beaches. Fins this good aren't cheap, but you will love them.

Landry Moreno
Landry Moreno
| Aug 23, 2020
I've tried a lot of fins and these are the best

About two to three dive trips a year are taken by me. It was important to me to find a pair of fins that I could easily carry with me. It is never my habit to check my bags. There are 25 of these. They are perfect. A 6 inch by 8 inch carrying case in my carry on can fit in a diagonal position. It helps that the tips are flexible, because they fit well. Despite being an inch shorter than the maximum carry on size, my carry on is still too large. Getting the 9 was easy for me. The following 5 (44-59 A regular size 10 suits me better than a 44) size. Shoes with a width of 5 E. Their fit is great, and they are so comfortable, thanks to the soft rubber. With them, I am fairly confident I could wear 2mm booties. It is better if the size is indicated as 10 The width of the shoe should fit feet up to size 11. An 8 is a good score for me. You should order a smaller size if you have a 5 narrow foot. What is their flexibility like? Yeah, they are a little bit larger than the average fin, the Superchannel fins from Mares are supersized. In an effort to reproduce the manta ray's swimming technique and maneuvers, Mares studied their flex and attempted to copy The longer and stronger the fins, the more powerful and fast they are. Your legs will tire faster if your legs are more fatigued. It was easier to maneuver these fins than the stiffer ones, I didn't tire out my legs like with the stiff ones and they weren't as tiresome as the stiff ones. I have exactly the same fin size as my 20-year-old size 8-foot scuba diver This blade has nine points of pressure. As compared to my new Superchannels, the old ones don't fit nearly as well and never felt as comfortable. After receiving my fins from the factory, I tried them out on a 2-tank This picture clearly shows the flexibility of the tip by bending it 90 degrees toward the camera with one hand. My hands are strong, and I found that it was difficult to hold It might give you an idea how easy it is to pack them and how flexible they are. My purchase from them is very satisfied, and I think that they are not too flexible.

Fiona McDonald
Fiona McDonald
| Dec 14, 2020
Full foot fins that are the softest and most comfortable I have ever worn

There are a few things I like about these fins, and they are my favorite! Unlike some other rubber soles I've owned, this one is soft and comfy, as opposed to those that were actually so rigid they sore my toes. This is not what we want! Shoes usually fit me in a size It measures 9 by 9 inch (US), with an EU size of 38 by 38 by 38 It fits perfectly 6) Below are the three examples. It's always a struggle for me to get wide shoes, but these had plenty of room, so my toes weren't cramped. It was also difficult to find the proper size in the bigger size (40-44 They were a little large for me on 41), but I not only hated them but also couldn't wear them. If I were wearing dive socks, that size would fit, but I am not. In addition to looking good, these fins also hold up Our family has owned four pairs for eight years and have used them quite frequently. They have been holding up well so far. The fins do have some power when kicking, but not as much as another pair of Mares fins we have that are almost like a rubber material but more like a stiff plastic. We could use these for snorkeling and diving but these are quite adequate Please note that diving needs apply! This is a great book!.

Colby Warner
Colby Warner
| Feb 22, 2021
One weak spot exists in each of these fins

Due to my issue with these fins, I gave them just one star in hopes that the manufacturer will see the review and fix it. Size 9 is my favorite size of these fins. I have owned several pairs. An 8/10. I rate them as a 5 and they are overall very good Due to my Masters Swimming status and due to an injury to my shoulders, I wear fins a lot of the time. They do a great job taking the pressure off my shoulders, so I can swim without hurting my shoulders. With these fins on, I go swimming for miles and miles within a pool, pounding against the wall with every flip turn I make. But, I keep getting the same issue with the boot ripping in the same spot each and every time. In light of your review, maybe the manufacturer will beef up the thickness of the material in what seems to be a weak spot in order to prevent the bags It is the third time in a row that this fin has ripped in this All in all, it's a great set of.

Benicio Atkinson
Benicio Atkinson
| Mar 17, 2021
The fins were flexible and comfortable for a beginner, and they were my first pair of fins as an adult

I bought them for my first snorkeling trip as an adult on St. Thomas, and I used them almost every day over the next The bike is flexible enough to give a beginner good propulsion and comfort. It is large enough to be comfortable for me. Approximately 6ft tall Approximately 11 inches is the length of my foot. The width of my foot is wide side to side, but my foot is tall from top to bottom, so I normally have to buy shoes in a size 12. In general, this is a large foot. Because of some of the comments on the site, I was concerned ordering these 3 days before I left without trying them on first. There were no issues with foot pain during the trip due to the foot pockets. They were also on sale for a crazy price. Deep sea diving is the one thing these aren't good for from what I have read. There seems to be no way for them to fight the faster However, if you want to snorkel on an island, they're excellent! Although I debated between the fully foot and the half a foot, I decided to go with the half foot since I would not have to carry or wear.

Paxton Levine
Paxton Levine
| Jun 01, 2021

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