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Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke

Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke

Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke
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Traditionally used yoke bars press against the back of the neck, creating pain. The open shoulder design eliminates this problem
Adapts to various canoe widths with a frame that telescopes from 34" to 40". The seats and yokes of the canoe come with U-brackets that mount to the top of the After the seat/yoke is installed, you can easily flip it, remove it, and reinstall it.
Pads that can be easily adjusted to fit a variety of
The lightweight and strong design is made from anodized aluminum and designed to hold 300 pounds
Can be used as a solo seat or as a third seat on a canoe

Questions & Answers

Is it possible to work on Coleman canoes?

There's no way to determine this by the manufacturer. In your case, it is determined by the beam/width of your canoe, as well as the type of construction of the gunwales of your canoe. The width of my canoe is (32 38 33"), then I looked at one of their models with the same beam, looked at pictures of their models with gunwales, fairly standard aluminum channel gunwales, decided it might work, bought and successfully installed their product. Worked like a charm! A few problems occurred during the installation process. The responsibility for that is on me (not a handy man) but if you follow the simple enclosed instructions, you should be fine, as long as your Coleman does not feature a unique gunwale design. Wishing you the best of luck!

Is the mount point permanent or is it possible to move it?

There are only the Seat/Yoke Receivers that are permanent, which is what you call the mounting points. There is a small channel that sits next to the gunwale of the canoe to accept the seats and yokes and allow users to easily adapt between seats and yokes. There is a removable part that can be removed in a matter of

A smaller version of this product is available? I have gunwales that are 28" apart. What does this mean?

For questions about their products or services, you can call their customer support line or send an email. The likelihood that they make a version that they are not publicly promoting/displaying is very slim

What about a sit-inside kayak with 29-inch wide gunwales? Can you use this product to transport your kayak?

The frame can be configured from 34" wide on the smallest setting to 40" wide at its widest setting. Due to this, it will not be compatible with gunwales that are 29"

Selected User Reviews For Spring Creek Manufacturing Canoe Seat/Yoke

Portaging is comfortable thanks to the soft padding

The seat was for my daughter, so I needed a third one. (We were away for eight days) She reported it had been comfortable. As far as portaging goes, I never saw how much I would like it. There is no comparison between that and a wooden yoke or pad. Since the belts are loose enough to bounce with the terrain, the canoe is less likely to be stiff, lessening Furthermore, the bow and stern can be adjusted forward or backward a few inches so you don't need to worry about banging the bow or stern on steeps. Adding an inch or two to visibility can improve things as well. Even though I am 5'11, I did not have any difficulty in raising the canoe up (e. g. Branches coming into contact with it). In spite of this, it did seem to me that if the connectors broke, we would be hard pressed to resolve the problem on the job. Last but not least, my only real complaint about this product is the lack of instructions for installation. Luckily I found a youtube video instead, so I didn't need to worry.

Tessa Le
Tessa Le
| Sep 05, 2020
I have never used a better portage yoke

After considering this for some time, I finally decided to buy it. My Grumman canoe weighs a lot and I was not keen on drilling holes in the gunwale. At the same time, I was concerned that the yoke might not be able to handle the weight. Having sat in a friends canoe for several hours on a fishing trip, I knew the seat was comfortable. One of them appeared online on another Grumman site, so I decided to give it a go. The results are fantastic. I could not be happier. As it's so easy to carry, and I have a better look at the portage trails, having it a few inches higher makes it even more convenient. But the most important thing is that you can change the center of gravity conveniently by moving the canoe forward or back when tying in paddles, poles, and whatever else you may need while.

Elliot Fox
Elliot Fox
| Sep 24, 2020
The program does what it's supposed to

The short walks I've done with it have been comfortable, even though I haven't used it for a long portage. In terms of performance, it works for a child, but it would be too high for an adult. It sits rather low when in the down position, and too high when raised, making it an ineffective Installing the software was easy and the instructions were clear. Choosing a cost-effective option is important.

Liberty Bartlett
Liberty Bartlett
| Dec 28, 2020
One of the best products I have ever bought for my canoe! There is an aluminum canoe I own that's 17 feet long

When I purchased the canoe 22 years ago, I bought this yoke as part of it. My canoe has never been happier since I bought this product. I and my sons make a lot of trips in this canoe Flip this over and it can serve as a yoke for portaging and as a seat for the center. My favorite thing about this canoe, aside from its durability and light weight, is that it sits high on your shoulders, so you can easily see where you are going when you are carrying it. I would recommend this product to anyone who wears a cone!.

Rylee Hooper
Rylee Hooper
| Feb 09, 2021

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