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Greenfield SKS2 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Kickstand Greenfield SKS2 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Kickstand

Greenfield SKS2 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Kickstand

Greenfield SKS2 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Kickstand Greenfield SKS2 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Kickstand
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The bracket is mounted to the rear chainstay (hardware is included).
It has a painted black finish, and is 285 mm long (for bikes under 22 inches).
A bicycle with disc brakes might not be able to use this
The foot pump does not work on bicycles with square, rectangular, or large diameter
We are proud to be an American company!

Questions & Answers

In terms of 305mm, is that measured from the ground to where it bends when you fold it, or is that measured from the ground to where it clamps onto ?

From the ground to the pivot, the height is 305mm. When the arm is too long, it is relatively easy to cut it. Aluminum is the material in that part.

Does anyone know of a similar kickstand that will work on a Diamondback Trace Dual Sport? If not, what is the best alternative?

Getting it to work with my Diamondback Sierra Sport, which is about twenty years old, was easy. Putting it on a rear frame that was tapered from one inch to half an inch worked well. To ensure a proper fit, it includes several rubber spacers. You may not be able to use large frames of two inches.

Is there a Diamondback Overdrive v 29er Mountain Bike that fits this?

On my Specialized Hardrock 29er, 17.5", it does not fit. A frame of 5 inches

What is the compatibility of this with our ?

I didn't find it to fit my 2014 shift 4 so I'm not sure. Sorry to hear that.

Selected User Reviews For Greenfield SKS2 Rear-Mounted Bicycle Kickstand

I bought a 29er with disc brakes You may end up with a different result

This rear mount stand was designed to fit on my 2013 Diamondback Overdrive Expert 29er since a normal kickstand was not fitted. Because some of the reviews of this product said it would not function with disc brakes, I was a bit worried, however. Despite the irregular shape of the tubes and the disc brakes I had on my bike, I was able to fit the tube on it. By leaving about 1/2" of space between the bracket and rear disc, the bracket cleared my disc easily. As for my left foot hitting the stand while pedaling, I have no problem with it. The size 8 is my usual size. This is a 5. 5 men's shoe, and it has about an inch I only had one problem because of the irregular shape of the chain stay (bottom tube), only 3 screws could be used. However, it is still held in place by three screws. As far as I am concerned, this is a very good As well as adding pictures, I added a table.

Kiara Parks
Kiara Parks
| Nov 07, 2020
The kickstand is doing it's job well

Overall, I'm happy with it. But I will take care of a few minor issues. In the first place, the parcel was shipped in a bag (inside a large box) with no way to stop the parts from banging against each other while My concern is that there is no obvious damage, but it made me wonder. There is a small spot where the paint wasn't sprayed on with full thickness. However, it's difficult to see at a Despite the lack of length, the mounting bolts were sufficient to secure the kickstand. I would have preferred 1/4" more in length, but they worked nonetheless. Together, the stand and mount sections are held together by a large bolt. Following the first ride I noticed that it was loose, so I reinstalled it The problem appears to have been corrected after I tightened the screw. The last thing I wanted to do was over-explain My threads were also coated with grease for corrosion prevention (I ride in Florida), so it could be that it wasn't tight enough to prevent it from The kickstand is designed with different sections for some reason, although I'm not sure why. If it was one solid piece, it would have made more sense. In addition, it makes the sound of boinggggg when hitting large bumps. The design does not seem to bother me too much, but I think a bit of padding or better design would alleviate the problem. As a result, I am happier with the kickstand except for some minor issues.

Savannah Nixon
Savannah Nixon
| Nov 22, 2020
For bikes with heavy loads, the best kickstand is stable

It's well suited for carrying panniers with heavier loads provided you select the right length of kickstand. You can also use Velcro straps or heavy rubber-backed bungee cords to further stabilize your bike. The front brake is engaged by placing a band around the brake handle when the bike is heavily loaded. There is no doubt that the mounting process does not compromise the frame of the bicycle, nor are there any benefits to the aesthetics, nor is it the lightest. Many people clamp down the traditional kickstands on the center of the frame and place substantial damage in the stays or tubes at the bottom of the frame, resulting in failure of the bike. I recommend this kickstand to anyone in need or who desires a stable and safe kickstand for their bike.

Alayna Santiago
Alayna Santiago
| Dec 26, 2020
Keeps fingers away from pedals and spokes

As usual, this kicks Stand can be mounted fairly easily, and it is very sturdy as well. In contrast with stands that mount near the chain ring of the middle of the bike and have only one bolt holding them in alignment, this stand for bikes has three bolts. Therefore, when it is brushed with the foot it does not move around as if it were middle-high heels Stands mounted on walls. The stand used to have to be held carefully so as not to bump it into my spokes on the rear wheel, or my pedal if it was turned the other way. Using this stand has been no problem. I was able to keep my bike upright without any problems.

Elisabeth Hubbard
Elisabeth Hubbard
| Jan 29, 2021
I think this is the best bike stand for everything apart from heavy electric bikes Even with panniers, you can ride a bike! According to the headline, this is one of the best rear frame stands you can buy The following is a list of possible words or phrases I love how smooth the motion is*br> You can get it for a low price In addition to the brackets that attach to the frame (the bolts are made of steel*), the entire assembly is aluminum

The longer one should be bought if you have 700 or more The wheels must be larger than the series It is always possible to make a short cut A hacksaw is used for cutting down the leg. The following is a list of possible words or phrases It did not require me to cut it at all with my 700-size The wheels of the series. The following is a list of possible words or phrases Can you make a long/solid stand for 24" or 26" wheels (like for a tractor?
) is superior to an adjustable stand An excellent feature of this model is that it has a rubber "foot" that makes it easier to grip and gives better traction. There is nothing like this stand for my wife's bike, I bought one differently - it just does not compare- Most of the items in the list above are not met by the document. If you are planning to install the bolts for the long haul, then I recommend LocTite "blue" to keep them together. My hauls have always been fine (not that I have had any problems).

Julianna Warren
Julianna Warren
| Sep 10, 2020
I have never seen a better kickstand than this

When it comes to Greenfield, it is impossible to go wrong. The kickstands are simple and work and have been around for a long time. It was lately that I installed one of these rear stay mount versions and found it to be even better Changing the oil in the chain is very easy with this model since the cranks are clear, so all you have to do is rotate the cranks backward while you rotate the kickstand. Your chain will move all the way without being stopped by the cranks hitting the kickstand. It is impossible to beat the stability and the ability to rotate your cranks 360 degrees - all with the same system. This model is the one I have switched all my bikes to.

Cora Cabrera
Cora Cabrera
| Aug 11, 2020
I am unable to return this product! ALMOST NO BIKES WILL FIT INTO THIS MODEL

You should be careful! There is no clear indication that this is "non-profit" You can bring it back". I could not use it with my Specialized bike that has an oval aluminum frame. On Amazon, I went back to the item and searched for where it might read "non-returnable" I have searched all over the site for "returnable" and find no reference to this. Having used these on other bikes, I find that they are terribly clumsy, ugly, and loosen all the time. They will work, but they are not recommended for any trail or mountain bikes since they hang out the rear and are ripe for crushing. It is easy to install if you have a matching frame with thin tubes and maybe NO disc brakes, but you may not get away with that. A better way to flag non-eligible products needs to be developed by Amazon Item with the possibility of return. After swearing a little and throwing my own in the trash, I threw my own away.

Jovanni Finley
Jovanni Finley
| Oct 18, 2020
With chain stays that are round, it plays nice

The kickstands mounted to the back of bicycles, especially on bikes with round chainstays, tend not to work well. There's no doubt about it! It's possible to drill a third hole in the back bracket if you need it, but you would need to drill the front bit as well. There was a disappointment in that it was shipped with cross/slotted headed screws for mounting. If Greenfield does not replace those with hex socket head screws like the ones used for connecting the kick stand to the bracket, the bracket must be repaired. I just thought you might be interested There was no trimming of the tire's length as it was a 700x25C.

Rebecca Garner
Rebecca Garner
| Mar 29, 2021

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