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Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket

Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket

Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket
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The mounts are simple and quick to install
Provides support for the most popular sizes of U-locks
This is compatible with shackles with a diameter of 13mm and 16mm
The heavy-duty SOFT STRAP SYSTEM conforms to any bike frame size
The product fits bicycle frame tubing in any shape 25mm to 80mm whether round, oval, triangular or square in shape.
Its unique 360 degree rotation allows you to tinker with the lock angle in order to perfectly align it with the geometry of your bike frame
Easy to mount and supports most common u-lock sizes with no tools required.
Tube sizes from 25 mm to 80 mm
Stainless steel hex bolts for automotive applications
An increase in holding power due to knurled TugBlock
A strap with a rubber shim sewed into it-makes mounting easier
It can be used with lock shackles ranging from 13mm to 16mm in size

Questions & Answers

Is it going to fit on the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U Lock? Some people say yes, some say no. Does it fit on the fahgettaboudit U Lock?

I'm afraid it does not fit with the NY Fahgettaboudit There is no slide available in 18mm because the 18mm shackle is different from the 16mm or 13mm shackle supplied with the lock. I contacted customer support and they confirmed that there is not a slide available in 18mm because it will not fit this Specifically, the Transit H-lock is the only product they recommend for securing the NY fahgettaboudit lock to a bike The Amazon.com Bar Carrier is a convenient way to carry bars. Transit H-'s have yet to be received Despite no comments on whether it works, some have yet to comment.

What if the Onguard Pitbull that I had a few years ago fits? Onguard mounts have been breaking for a while now. ?

This is what I did a year ago, and everything works fine since then

How much does the pack cost? Does it include ?

In the years since I purchased this, I do not recall that it came with any splines. For years, I used two Velcro straps to secure it to my frame, but I never used any splines.

Selected User Reviews For Kryptonite Transfit FlexFrame-U Bracket

There was a problem with the bracket Customer service was non-existent

Bought this bracket in order to use it with a heavier "yellow" NY City U-bolt The seat tube of my city commuter is locked in the vertical "U" position. My bike frames are broken after I ride in Philadelphia over potholes for a couple months, and also the brackets loosen, I tighten, they loosen again, I tighten again, and then it just breaks. These brackets can be used for mounting two gray locks and one orange lock, I have three Krytonites installed so far. In order to avoid this issue, there are locks that are lighter and mounted in an angled or horizontal position on a seat stay or down tube, which might make sense if you prefer to avoid the yellow lock. No one from the company picks up the phone, no one responds to my online form, and I cannot get a response from them. The bike has been damaged enough that I just want it replaced. It shouldn't be a big deal, but I ride it most days. How are you Kryptonite? Is anyone around?.

Nyomi Martinez
Nyomi Martinez
| Dec 19, 2020
The hardware included is inadequate, but the program does the job

Despite the fact that these brackets secure the lock securely, they also lack aesthetics and the mounting hardware is poor. In the beginning, the only way they provide for you to attach this to your bike is with a strap which is ugly, damages the paint, and doesn't actually hold. Attaching to a bottle bolt is the most secure, most reliable, and most logical way to mount on most bikes, as can be seen from the attached picture. However, no hardware that enables you to attach to your bottle bolts is included, so you will need to go to the hardware store. Due to the mounting plate being much taller than it needs to be, you will need an extra long bolt to do the job and you will have fewer locations on your bike where it can fit. It does, however, have a few shortcomings, despite which it is a good way to attach U-bolt locks to your bicycle. It is much more effective than anything else I have used.

| Nov 02, 2020
It does not perform any function that a bike lock mount should perform

It is a complete waste of money to buy this bike lock mount. My only reason for buying it was that Amazon does not sell the original mount for the Kryptonite U-80 They're locked up. Attaching the speedometer to a bike frame is highly challenging. As time runs on, the screw loosens, and it is next to impossible to tighten. Taking the whole thing off is the only way to go. Consequently, my lock rubs bare patches in the paint of my bike as it slides around on the frame. It is worth noting that the aluminum mounting bracket on the Kryptonite U-mount is of a different size The U-shape is no longer assembleable since the locks have been removed The rubber spacer prevents the top part from vibrating around when it is locked in. In addition, the aluminum mounting bracket of the U-bolt is corroded after extensive use There is a problem with locks on In addition, the plastic housing on mine cracked under moderate usage, making all of these problems much There is no distinguishable quality in any component of this assembly, from the designs to the materials. As far as Kryptonite is concerned, I expected more.

Adrian Cohen
Adrian Cohen
| Sep 16, 2020
I have no complaints

There are two ways in which you can mount this, you can attach it to a regular round tube bicycle or you can attach it to a square or rectangle tube like the newest bikes have. Several reviews claim this is a bad piece of equipment because it fails to hold properly, and I can assure you that it will mount on your bike very securely and easily, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do so. Ensure that the strap is tightly wrapped around the tube before you tighten the screw that holds it in place. Doing so will ensure that the strap stays in place and it won't move when you're all The lock is also securely attached to the bike when it is in this mount, and it won't come off during use, but it is still able to While the silver piece on the lock slides into the mount and locks in place, it should be noted that it only slips over the round bar of the lock, which means that it can still move back and forth even when locked in. wrap a small velcro strap around the round bar end of the lock without the silver piece so it is secure on the frame or the place that you decide to mount If you understand what I mean (I know this sounds confusing, but once you understand, you'll understand). There is no doubt that this mount is good and I would recommend it to anyone. A strap around the lock and downtube would keep it from falling to either side if it were mounted into the downtube bottle mounts. (the lock looks great mounted into the downtube bottle mounts, but it will fall to either side if not kept in place with a strap. ).

Louisa Payne
Louisa Payne
| Feb 14, 2021
I'd like to see a bracket for a Kryptonite U Lock the door

In light of the larger bicycle tubes today, I had to upgrade the bracket setup after the original would not fit. It is a pretty versatile bracket thanks to its universal mounting system, which enables it to be mounted virtually anywhere There are several reasonable spots to consider based on your riding position and the compatibility of the bike frame, including the seat stem, top tube, and down tube. It is just below the top tube that I decided to mount my seat stem. Using the strap/buckle and the 4mm allen hex nut which secures the swivel/rotating locking mechanism, the mount is easy to mount and use. The u-shaped top of mine was rotated enough to be able to see it In order to angle the lock at the same angle as the seat stays, a parallel angle would be required. There are two different sized collars that lock into the mount that come with the system. I can wear them both with both of my larger U-shaped bras Turn the key. When the smaller collar is used over the padded covering, you will have to trim off the rubberized plastic protective cover, whereas the larger collar fits right over top, but it still slides around a bit even when trimmed tightly. So that my leg would not brush against the top of the seat, I rotated mine just enough to tuck it under. The mounting position is something I quite liked, so if you really like it I would suggest using some loctite blue on the mount nut and the set screw on the locking collar to make sure they won't come loose, Additionally, the kit comes with a hex wrench, however I chose to use a longer one for a bit of It would be interesting to see images of the failed attempts to install this on a bicycle in order to determine why they didn't work. I like how it works well and according to plan. I am not sure about the durability of this product, but I will update this in 6 months if my opinion changes.

Gia Salas
Gia Salas
| May 02, 2021

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