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Giro Bravo Gloves

Giro Bravo Gloves

Giro Bravo Gloves
$ 24.95

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Closure made of hooks and loops
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A Serpa Sportster Belt Holster for the right hand

Questions & Answers

Which sizes are these for men and which ones are for women?

The handlebar grips were a perfect choice for me when I clipped a protruding branch with my handlebars. I think these are men's sizes, thanks! The small size should fit you if you are a medium.

How do I find out my size?

However, it is likely that they will break in a little over time. Beware. The size I suggest for you would be one size bigger than your usual size.

Is sizing run according to a set procedure?

The sizing is a bit on the small side, so I recommend going up a size. I usually wear a medium, but I got

There is a 41 when there is not a 41. I found the ones I looked at to be significantly more expensive. ?

It seems to depend on the color and size, as well as where you purchased them.

Selected User Reviews For Giro Bravo Gloves

It is the middle line glove from the Giro line

It is very nice and at an excellent price. In terms of value, the Jag is their entry-level glove, while the Monaco is their top of the It has a bit less padding (maybe) than a Monaco glove, and its palm is a suede material rather than a leather one like a Monaco glove. Due to its lack of tacky substance, the glove will slide along the bar without dragging. In my opinion, this is a plus since gloves that do not have this characteristic tend to cause my fingers to get wet when I pull Off road riders need gloves with tacky properties more than I do because I am primarily a road riders. In any case, I have no hesitation giving these gloves a positive recommendation. However, if you try to find the Monaco glove on Amazon, you can get it for nearly the same price, although the Monaco line only offers a smaller assortment of colors than the Bravo line. The stitching is still functional and there is no damage to the fabric.

Lennon McKenzie
Lennon McKenzie
| Aug 01, 2020
I bought the gloves online and they fit quite differently from the ones I bought in When I tried them on in a store, I thought that they fit nicely

Because they were half the price on Amazon, I got the same size and they fit as tight as ever. Trying to figure out whether the size tag was placed on the wrong size or if it was a factory irregularity. There was a strange anomaly in that the thumb of the glove was huge while the rest of it was My size XL's were a little loose in the store, which is exactly how I liked them so they don't restrict circulation nor cut off airflow. It took a significant effort for the gloves I got labeled size XL to fit on my hand, and once they did, they were extremely tight. In terms of the gloves, if they fit properly it's a fine glove for the price. If they're hot, the backs are breathable so you don't get burned. It is padded in the right spots on the palms. It's not too hard (pointless) or too soft (which can prevent a good grip on the handlebars). The fingertips are stitched around the openings so they won't unravel once the fingers are removed. These don't have a little grabber thing on the middle two fingers, so they don't come off as easily as they used to. It's not that big of a They are not there, so just know that. As a result, I'm going back to the store where I found them originally to buy a pair of gloves that fit correctly, and I'll pay full price for them if I want to be sure.

Tinsley Mills
Tinsley Mills
| Aug 18, 2020
Fit is good I received a replacement from Giro after it got worn out quickly

These are the newer version of the glove with pockets on two fingers. This allows them to be more easily removed from your hands. Besides that, they have a lot in common. As long as they last at least another 500 miles, I'd call the original purchase a good value, so I bumped it from 3 to 4. Although Giro could not respond as fast as I would have liked, I was quite impressed with the service it It actually happened that I lost a helmet cup on a ride, and they sent me a replacement - thanks for that! You don't need to ask anything. As far as CS goes, they didn't have to do that, so I am happy to do business with them again, so I am adding another star to make a total of never expected their customer service to be as good as it was When companies grow big (Giro is a part of Vista Outdoor, which owns Giro, Bell, Camelbak, as well as a number of other brands not directly related to cycling), the quality of their customer service is the first thing to disappear. In this instance, that is not the case. The Giro Organization has responded and asks for my address so the replacement can be shipped. In the meantime, I've replied in more detail and will update when I know more. There is a 5-hour gap between when they get up and when they get to work Due to high volume, it may take 10 business days to reply. In addition, they do not have an automatic initial response (most companies will notify you that they have revived your email and will respond soon), so don’t expect to hear anything from them for at least two weeks following your email. The threading on them was very well done and they felt very comfortable. Before the threading came undone, they My hands fit perfectly because I measured them and used the size guide on the Giro website to decide what size to order. During my most recent run, one of my hands started going numb after about 10 miles - everything changed when I changed my gloves This was made easier by wearing gloves. There was a noticeable fade in the red color, but I wasn't bothered by the matter since I was more concerned about the As a result, I was extremely upset when the seam came undone (see pictures). These have been used by me for about two months now, since I first shopped for them in June. Giro did not respond to my email a few days ago when I noticed the threading was falling apart. I checked Strava and it lasted just under 500 miles before the threading failed. I will update this review if I do.

Shiloh Gilmore
Shiloh Gilmore
| Mar 18, 2021
This stuff is a waste of money

Don't spend it here. Two weeks after starting to use them, they have already started to separate. It is a problem that the velcro from the strap folds over the top of the glove when you are not using them, pulling at the fabric, making the glove appear older than it is. As I wear them they have stretched out to the point where my fingers are just enclosed in an open gap. Due to everything else on the list, I am currently searching for a new set of headphones. The only reason I did not score 1 star was because I did find the gel padding to be comfortable.

Amias Tran
Amias Tran
| Jun 08, 2021
It is no longer a decent glove

The majority of my cooking was done with these An accessory to a My two orders for the year totaled two pairs. In the first case, it It is the size that I have ordered before several times. It was clearly a problem of size. In addition to ordering XXL, I also ordered a pair of XXXL. I still have too small of a house. After only a few rides, both pairs are beginning to separate at the seams. As the loops and hooks are smaller now than they used to be, the products are also much more compact. The quality of these items has declined tremendously over the years, just like so many other items. Due to the deterioration of these gloves, I cannot recommend them any longer. The best way to sort an item with many reviews is by date, not by those with the highest rating, because the item's quality often changes (deteriorates) with.

Erick Doyle
Erick Doyle
| Dec 31, 2020

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