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RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter

RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter

RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter RockyMounts DriveShaft thru-axle bike rack adapter
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Specifically designed for 9mm quick release fork mount bike racks, the only locking thru axle adapter available
Boost 15x110mm, and 20x110mm thru-axles. • Twelve inch 100 mm, fifteen inch 100 mm, and twenty inch 110 mm thru-axles available. To ensure a secure fit through the axle, interchangeable shims are included
Featuring a wide mouth opening, a T-bolt that adapts to a snug fit so that the thru-axle cannot be removed when locked, and a T-bolt that allows for easy bike loading and unloading
Up to 35 lbs. of bikes can be transported on this cart.
Included are the lock and key, which allows it to be used with other Rocky Mounts roof racks and hitches

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What makes California ineligible to receive this shipment?

It has been found that items over seven pounds contribute to the deaths of children. It is possible to use blunt force weapons with 5 ounces. Californians will soon be able to buy a tissue paper product made with fiber that is derived from renewable, organic sources.

The lock is supposed to be able to keep your axel locked, but how is it supposed to work? Would it be possible to get the axel out even if you are using the car?

This is not the case it clamps down on the axle and

Does the lock core come off and can it be replaced with a Yakima one? Adding another key to my setup is not something I would like to do. I appreciate it. ?

We regret to inform you that you cannot remove the lock core from the RockMounts Drive Shaft Through-Drive. To adapt the axle bike rack adapter, change the core to match the locks on the rest of your Yakima locks.

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It should be able to handle some situations that I don't have experience in

Clamps to an axle and is compatible with either 15mm or 20mm and does not require an.

Creed Aguilar
Creed Aguilar
| Dec 02, 2020
We have found a locking adapter to be the best

Now that I've used it for about a month, I'm quite satisfied. There is no other adapter I know of that does the job as well as this one. My Salsa Bucksaw Carbon is mounted to a roof rack I bought from Yakima, which contains a RockShox BLUTO front fork. There is a clamp that squeezes the front axel so tightly that the through hole does not open In clamped down conditions, the axel cannot be turned or the fork can not be slid to one side. With the Yakima quick release unlock and lifted upward, you can remove the adapter mount and replace it on another vehicle, or you can provide additional security by sliding the Yakima skewer through the holes in the adapter and NOT using the drop-in system. The adapter has an out style end. Despite the fact that only the adapter needs to be unlocked in order to remove the bike, the Yakima SKS key system or other key system that works with this Yakima bike also requires TWO keys. There is no lock core that is interchangeable or comparable from manufacturer to manufacturer. Although it may not seem like much, I would gladly pay $25 more for an adapter compatible with Yakima keys. Then again, I don't like There may be differences depending on your circumstances. move the clamp pivot point. Currently the axel clamp is flipped open with the axel against the front while the clamp is being closed with the other hand. If the front component was able to rest in the bottom of the clamp as it opens and closes with the other hand, it would be more comfortable. This is not a problem for tall people, as long as they have two hands that can function perfectly Those who are not so fortunate may not have the same opportunity.

Bianca McCormick
Bianca McCormick
| Jun 10, 2021
It is a good idea to resolve the unfortunate issue of forking It mounts and passes through It does exactly what it says it will do It enables you to make use of your existing fork mount carrier with a unique thru-weld assembly A bicycle with an axle at each end A locking system is also available

This bike carrier has a high level of security -- it's as good as anything else. Thieves who are determined could easily break the lock, but they won't get through the lock because they will be honest. In daylight hours, I usually bring the bikes into my hotel room or lock them in the car, but for overnight parking, I usually lock them in the car or park them in my hotel. During the night. Rather than taking the wheel off, reattaching the axle, and then lifting the bike onto the car, you do this one. You will need much less strength to lift such a bike, and there is much less chance of it falling off. There are only a few cons This is the size of the * and
* the movement of the bike changes how it fits in the car - * it's huge and changes how the bike fits in the car. You can pivot the entire mount if you brake / speed up hard. It is feasible to work around some of this with thoughtful positioning, but ultimately you rely more on the rear strap. * the plastic shim has the potential to fall off.

All in all, it is the best solution I've seen. There is a problem with the axle. The second one I am buying will go on my wife's car so that whenever I anticipate locking my bike up, I will not have to switch them out.

Charli Tanner
Charli Tanner
| Mar 19, 2021
Buying is not advisable if security is your top priority

My 2020 S Works Venge is my first rifle and I initially bought it because I was hoping the clamping system would wow me with the level of security it offered. I regret to say that the locking feature on this thing is an absolute joke. There is no matter how hard I tighten the T when using the proper spacer for the clamp to "bite" down hard. There is an Allen key I can use to undo the screw still if I want to go ahead and do it that way I'd like to describe my bicycle mainly as an axle. Any lock that you use - even one using the little key provided - is vulnerable to theft. I like the only thing about this device compared to other QR to TA devices is that you can screw the thru axle onto the fork and then press it securely into place, but the $70 price is simply too steep. Upon receiving this, I will be returning it immediately, so beware if this is your #1 requirement.

Yehuda Rodgers
Yehuda Rodgers
| Apr 14, 2021
I like the product when it works the way it should

So far I have not encountered any problems with quality control. One of my only complaints with the overall frame design is the fact that it stands very tall and raises the front of the bike by almost four inches. I had a five-inch belly. It seems to have been a problem with powder coating on the clamp assembly, since the shims for use with 15mm axle would not snap into place. As far as design goes, they have attempted what's called a "double reference" which is a big no-no and is guaranteed to pose problems, especially with powder coatings, where It seems to me that the parts are unlikely to match in this case, as well as many others. Thankfully, Rocky Mounts responded very quickly and sent me a replacement the same day with a return label for my bad mount. Even the matching key lock mechanism was fitted to the Thule rig I'm currently using. As far as customer service goes, they get 5 stars, but as far as engineering goes,.

Sylvie Hansen
Sylvie Hansen
| Jan 26, 2021
It is awesome, but I modified it a bit (have cut off the bottom portion As I can see, the product is good, however I had to cut around the bottom portion of the adapter so it would fit properly on my Yakima Forklift Rack

Otherwise, it would have been a five star item. I just tested it and it works great now. Since the top hole of the adapter is big enough for a Yakima skewer to fit through, you don't have to pass it through the lame bottom part of the adapter (which flops around unless it is tightened down really tightly). Here is a picture you can see. There's much less fluttering and a lot more security now, and it runs much better. For this modification, I had to make four cuts. In the first position, the arms needed to be cut off in the second position, the angle of the bracket needed to be angled to clamp to the rack with the skewer from the Yakima.

Harley Dominguez
Harley Dominguez
| Jun 02, 2021
Officiating in a cross-country race when it was fully tested We're on our way

I used it on a cross-country road trip and it was great! In a 4x4 off-road vehicle, I traveled from New York to Utah and back On the top of the truck is a vehicle with a bike stored in a tray. From another tray rack I had, I took a few additional rear wheel straps so I could secure the bike from the A rear movement would have been better, but this worked just fine. The bike wouldn't budge no matter how many dunes climbing in Michigan or how many rock crawls in Moab I did. So I was confident the several thousand miles we were going to cover would not cause any problems.

April McKee
April McKee
| May 19, 2021

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