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Cygolite Rack Mount for Hotshot

Cygolite Rack Mount for Hotshot

Cygolite Rack Mount for Hotshot
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Questions & Answers

Has anyone installed one of these on a Tubus rack or a In your opinion, do the holes line up correctly?

As soon as I figured out where the holes lined up, I swapped my Trek rack for it. Easy to install and took less than five minutes. A Trek rack might do the trick in the case when the Tubus fails.

What are the chances of this mount being stable if I mount it only on my rack using the center hole?

In short, yes. The mounting features of this mount are essentially the same as those in A bolt is mounted in a centerhole (visible in photo), and below the bolt is a peg (not visible in photo). It is best to look at a standard reflector on your bike if you do not understand this. As such, if you are just using one bolt to hold it in place, you should be able to tighten the one center bolt enough so that it stays stable. The nut keeps the knob from vibrating loose, and it's secured with a nylock.

Are there any plans to work with a Solas 100 rechargeable ?

As far as mount connections go, different manufacturers have different versions. It's important to inquire whether your Solas tail light mount will work with this mount since it is made by Cygolite, so I recommend taking your Solas light to a Cygolite dealer in order to see if it works in any Cygolite As long as it is compatible with the Cygolite standard seat tube or seat stay mount, it will fit this one as well.

Does this work if you're using a dice tl-dr ?

You can't use it. It's only for Hotshots.

Selected User Reviews For Cygolite Rack Mount for Hotshot

I find it a bit galling to pay ANOTHER $8 for a 45 cent piece of plastic

A bicycle rack is gonna be a necessity for commuters. Almost all bike shops will accept this mount - A back rack has been installed, and I hope the taillight will be secure there once the rack is tightened. However, when you spend $25+ on a taillight I think you should be able to expect it to come with both a seatpost mount and a bike rack mount- At the very least, these options are available during I find it a bit galling to pay ANOTHER $8 for a 45 cent piece of plastic. A bicycle rack is gonna be a necessity for commuters. I'm counting on you,.

Lance Durham
Lance Durham
| May 16, 2021
A secure mount is not available

There is a need for Cygolite to take another look at the "extra" product. For each of our bikes (2), I bought and installed their Hotshot Pro 150 taillights, and they are simply the best taillights I've ever used. It seems like a no-brainer to mount it on a rack if you have its own mounting location. It appears that the mount is not secure. When my wife's taillight bounced across the road, it caught my eye as it went across the This was something I picked up as soon as I saw it. After another ride, one week after I had gotten my taillight, I discovered it had simply disappeared. A total of $35 was lost. Another one is on order and we are paying a lot of attention to making sure the catch at the bottom is in place. Although the taillights of Planet Bikes are not as bright as the StarRama models, they provide a bulletproof mount.

Elodie Kerr
Elodie Kerr
| Apr 28, 2021
The situation is almost satisfactory

I notice that my Bontrager rack doesn't quite line up in the mounting holes. This can still be used by me. The only way to fix it is by using three zip ties. But it would have been better if it had been mounted as intended, as opposed to rigged. In reality, I'm not sure if the piece or the rack is at fault for the problem. When it comes to this, I guess there isn't a set industry standard. As well as this, it only comes with two mounting bolts, while there are clearly three holes for three What's wrong with including a set of 3 so that it can be used all three if necessary? The design looks incomplete other than for the purpose of mounting my HS 100 on a rack, it may work for hanging my HS 100, but it lacks the ability for mounting directly onto a rack. This is at least the case for me. You may be able to use another rack with no issues. While there can be many ways to make this even more universal than it is, I doubt that it's possible. In addition to the price being a bit high, the product also lacks features. It is very likely that I could have zip tied my light to my rack in some way. The idea was to get a job that looked clean and tidy. It turns out I will need to set it up anyway, and it will look somewhat better, but not really In addition to the price being a bit high, the product also lacks features. My opinion is that it is worth no more than five dollars, even if it did work perfectly. I was impressed with the speed of shipping.

Madilynn Crane
Madilynn Crane
| Apr 11, 2021
The rack mount works very well! For a Bontrager BackRack S, it may need minor modification

As you insert the Cygolite Rack Mount center pin into a Bontrager BackRack S, you find that the Cygolite Rack Mount screw holes are 2mm too tall. In addition to what has already been mentioned, you can cut off this pin without too much difficulty The quality of this part and the fact that it is pretty normal to have to modify bike components are why I gave it 5 stars. Trim the bottom of the plastic center pin to retain some of the stability and strength provided by the pin.

Elizabeth Levy
Elizabeth Levy
| Aug 31, 2020
It seems to work well

As time goes on, we will know. The item came two days ahead of the expected delivery date, which - while I don't like to rate reviews - is still wonderful. In terms of the mount itself, it is fantastic. you don't heed my advice, if you use this harness on a Topeak Explorer rack, there will be some difficulties. What you need to do to install it is This is *br1. An electric ratchet screwdriver with a 5/16 nut should be used. 1. I. 2. If you are using Topeak racks, please make sure that the hex portion of the screw is facing the same direction as the light (do not The third point. Make sure that you use a 5/16 bit*br4 . You need to get your hands and finger tips small enough to get under your Topeak racks so that you can turn them. Made of a good amount of plastic, this is pretty sturdy. A good deal of wear and tear. I would probably need to buy a few more spares if I rode a mountain bike because of the bumps it As long as I watch out for those pot holes, I think I will be fine, despite the occasional pesky one. I am mainly concerned about the outer side of the nut when dealing with plastic. After securing the bolt with the wrench, the plastic outside of the rack will wrap around the bolt and begin to Make sure you don't tighten it too much. Combined with the amazing Hotshot SL 50 Cygolite rear back light, I use this with great results. This combination is pleasing to the eye. I have been riding for over 5 years, and I do not know why I did not buy this combination earlier. It is an excellent mount that I highly recommend. The mount can be located in two different locations and as you can see in the picture there are two options for this. In order to avoid bumping my tire if I hit a crazy hole, I chose the higher area of my Topeak rack. In this case, I would not recommend something that hard as it would most likely damage my rim.

Grayson McLean
Grayson McLean
| Dec 20, 2020
Despite being a bit more expensive than expected, this mount is very useful

It is impossible for a stranger to just steal it off your bike when it is mounted on this rack in addition to the light. It is just a place for you to mount lights, as there isn't a way to keep it from falling off. This light mount allows me to place my Cygolite Hotshot, which is 50 lumens and will shine directly into oncoming traffic, on my rear rack instead of getting obstructed by my panniers. My loaded touring bike had to be modified for it to fit--it performs well but I had to modify it to fit on my bike. In the case of the little dongle facing upwards, my tent could rest on it and stress the plastic, but in the case of it facing downwards, my rear fender would block it. My light works fine despite cutting a lot of the dongle away, so I guess there are There's only one thing I don't like about this the price Despite buying a trivial piece of plastic for $6, I paid the full amount. It took me a good two-thirds of the way to complete the process to even ship that item, if I remember correctly. (Technically, it is an "add-on". teeny piece of durable plastic that I thought would be closer to $3. In my opinion, it satisfies a niche that would have been hard for me to fill with anything else I rigged the rig all by myself.

Jaime Roberson
Jaime Roberson
| Sep 25, 2020

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