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Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt
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Nylon 100
Closure with buttons
SUN PROTECTION: The Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II Short Sleeve fishing shirt is made of our signature UPF 30 fabric, which helps to block UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburns and skin damage when spent in the sun for long periods of time.
HANDY FEATURES: This short-sleeve fishing shirt has two velcro-closed chest pockets for easy storage.
RELAXED FIT: This fishing shirt has a relaxed, lightweight fit that makes it ideal for both casual days outside and water activity.
Be safe and protected with OMNI-SHADE. Sunburns and long-term skin damage can be avoided with Omni-Shade's UVA and UVB protection. UV absorbent yarns and a tight weave construction block the entire spectrum of harmful UV rays.

Questions & Answers

Is this fabric suitable for use in a humid, tropical climate such as that found in Southeast Asia?

I've worn it in the Philippines in June, Turkey in July, Italy in August, Mexico in summer, NJ in July at 95 degrees in direct sunlight, Kyoto, Tokyo both in July with high humidity, Bermuda in July, and Maui two years ago when they had the hottest September on record. When it's 100 degrees in a resort in the Philippines, I go in the water with it to avoid getting fried; it dries on me and cools. Mine is slouchy. br>I'm not one to brag, but I wanted to tell you about every situation I've been in. I rinse them in the hotel room, hang them in the bathroom, and they are completely dry by the morning. br>Using a dryer, they come out almost wrinkle-free. Mine hasn't been ironed in a long time. I have six short-sleeved and six long-sleeved shirts in my collection. Some of the shirts I have are ten years old and a little soft, but they're still suitable for daytime wear. Who cares if you're sweating your face and butt off?

What exactly is the purpose of the small loop?

The small black is what I use. The Columbia vecro loop can be undone to hold your fishing rod while you change flies, lures, or bail.br>br>The Columbia vecro loop can be undone to hold your fishing rod while you change flies, lures, or bail. I keep my sunglasses in the loop to the right of the upper left pocket, which functions as a third hand.br>br> br>br>However, what's up with the visible holes in the pockets' top and bottom?

How accurate are the sizes?

It has a big footprint. I normally wear large shirts, but I ordered a medium because it appeared to be a little larger. The medium size is excessively large.

Is that a blue shirt? Although the image depicts a blue color, the description states that it is made of carbon. To me, carbon is a dark gray or black substance. Please be more specific. ?

It is not a dark blue, but rather a dark blue.

Selected User Reviews For Columbia Men's PFG Bahama II UPF 30 Short Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Columbia Tamiami II, Bahama II, and Blood are compared

Columbia makes some great shirts, but make sure you get the right size. I'm 5'10" and 195 pounds, and I usually wear a Large in most similar-styled (button-down) Columbia shirts. I need to get a Medium in Columbia PFG shirts, though. (The Large is like a tent on me, so the Medium is still a moderately loose fit. ) Tip number two: Because these shirts come in a variety of sizes, many of them end up in the Amazon Warehouse, so keep an eye out for Amazon Warehouse deals (see the bottom of this review for tips on how to compare prices across sizes and colors). I've tried the Tamiami II, Bahama II, and Bonehead (as well as the new Blood) varieties. I've owned all of the Columbia PFG shirts (except the Guts III – see below for an updated comparison that includes the BG3 series) and have been mostly satisfied with them. Because of the cooling effect of the weave, I preferred the Tamiami II, but the similar Blood was a close second. Guts III has caught up to it now. My reasoning for giving the Bahama II 4 instead of 5 stars is that it is my least favorite of the four series discussed in this review; it wrinkles easily and does not feel as cool in extreme heat as the open weave Tamiami or Blood. During periods of heavy perspiration, the guts and nylon can feel slimy. For those trying to decide which PFG shirt to get, I've listed the differences between four different PFG styles below. TAMIAMI II STYLE (POLY) - TAMIAMI II STYLE (POLY) - TAMIAMI II STYLE (POLY) - TAMIAMI II STY SUMMERTIME CASUAL FAVORITEbr>The Tamiami II (T2) and the Blood are two of my summertime favorites. Of the aforementioned PFG styles, Guts III (BG3) is my personal favorite. The main distinction between these styles is the type of material used. The T2 is a type of T2. The BG3 is 100% polyester (liner and exterior), the Bahama II (Ba2) is nylon, and the Bonehead (BH) is poplin cotton. The T2 is the thinnest/lightest (most breathable) of the three styles, as well as having a slightly shinier appearance and being the most wrinkle resistant (due to the fabric being less rigid than the nylon Bahama II or cotton Bonehead). (Updated on 7/11/16: The Blood) The Guts series is also made of breathable polyester, but with a slightly different style and stain-resistant fabric than the Tamiami. For a complete comparison, see the update at the end of the review. ) The T2 has a top snap button pocket with Velcro pockets on both sides, which I prefer to the pocket style on the other two (Ba2 and Ba3). BH has the same pocket styles as BH). The synthetic T2 and Ba2 both wick moisture and provide a cooling effect better than the cotton BH, but the T2 is by far the coolest-wearing of the three due to its lightness and weave. It would undoubtedly be my first choice for outdoor activities during the summer's heat and humidity. The sleeve version is ideal for offshore fishing, where light sun protection is required. In addition, the Ta series shirts do not wrinkle as much as the Ba and BH series shirts. (SPF-rated PFG clothing, such as the Tamiami, is recommended. ) The Blood/Guts series features an open fabric weave that is "loose" enough to allow UV to pass through the material. br>br>BAHAMA II STYLE (NYLON) - The material is much more breathable, resulting in a cool feeling, though you may get some UV exposure through the shirt. )br>br>BAHAMA II STYLE (NYLON) - The material is much more breathable, resulting in a cool feeling, though technically you may get some UV exposure through the shirt. )br>br>BAHAMA WORKWEAR IN MODERATE WEATHERbr>The Bahama II is a cross between the T2 and the BH. It's made of plastic. Identical to the T2, but with a nylon exterior shell and a polyester liner (as opposed to the T2, which has a poly liner and shell). The pockets on the Ba are identical to the pockets on the Bonehead and are made by Columbia PFG. The Bahama has a more traditional (cotton-like) feel thanks to the nylon's slightly more rigid feel. T2 has a better-looking appearance than the T1. In some ways, the Ba nylon version is superior to the BH cotton version in terms of moisture management – i. e. It allows sweat to evaporate faster. The nylon, on the other hand, does not absorb moisture as well as cotton, so while it dries faster, it has a "slimy" feel to it when wet that is uncomfortable. Because the Bahama series wrinkles more than any of the other PFG series shirts, it is my least favorite. Nonetheless, it's a good-quality shirt that works well in warm weather (i. e. , in the summer). when the sweat won't make it slimy). br>br>COTTON BONEHEAD STYLE - FAVORITE IN COLD WEATHERbr>Most of the groundwork has already been done. The BH and the aforementioned Ba styles are nearly identical in appearance. Essentially, I prefer the Bonehead to the Bahama because it does not get slimy when you sweat and it wrinkles slightly better. The Bonehead is probably my favorite series when moisture management and cooling effect are not important, so I like these in long sleeve for fall and winter wear. For work, I like the Ba and BH's traditional looks, but I prefer the T2's look for casual. (The more recent Blood) The Guts series has the same comfort as the Tamiami series but a similar look to the Bonehead, so it's my new favorite summertime work shirt. ) The Bonehead long sleeve also makes a great layering option for hunting season, and Sage is a great natural neutral (earth tone) color for this. BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD BLO GUTS III (POLY) is a polymer that can be used to make a variety of products. FAVORITE FOR HOT WEATHER FISHINGbr>When I first wrote this review, I only compared the Bahama, Tamiami, and Bonehead series shirts, but I've recently discovered a new favorite – the Blood series. Guts III (BG3) is the third installment of the Guts series. While the name isn't particularly appealing, the shirts themselves are fantastic. They have an SPF rating, so they're breathable and open weave, like the Tamiami, but with a Bahama-style styling. The Bonehead series is a collection of short stories about people who have been The BG3 is also stain-resistant, making it an excellent shirt for fishing, work, and other outdoor activities. Finally, unlike the Bahama nylon and Bonehead cotton shirts, the BG3 does not wrinkle nearly as badly. The BG3 series is probably the most snugly fitting of the four PFG series shirts discussed. In the BG3, I still wear a medium, but the series has a slimmer fit than the previous versions. Overall, this, along with the Tamiami, is my favorite. Blood has a slight edge for me. Because of the stain resistance, I prefer the Guts for fishing, but I prefer the Tamiami for casual and boating wear simply because of the aesthetics. The Tamiami may have the slightest of advantages in terms of cooling, but they are extremely close. br>br>AMAZON PRICE COMPARISON WAREHOUSE DEALSbr>I used to be irritated by the way Amazon lists apparel items with multiple colors, because it can take a long time to search through all of the color (and size) options to find the best deals. The color prices are automatically displayed in a list format on my iPad version, but I'd have to select each color/size to see the price options on my PC desktop. I had no idea there was another option. Select the "new and used from" (or "new" if there are no used offerings) icon to go to a list view. For this option to appear, there must be multiple offerings for the exact size and color selected, so if you don't see the "new and used from" hyper-link, it's because there aren't any. select a different size/color combination until the link appears, then repeat the process until the link appears. ) On the list view screen, select your size and, next to the color selector, click the "lowest offer for each" icon. It will show the cheapest offering for each color shirt in that size, allowing you to quickly see which colors are the most affordable, as well as any Amazon Warehouse Deals that are available. As stated in the first paragraph, these shirts are frequently returned due to sizing issues, so many of the Warehouse deals are shirts that have been tried on and then returned for a smaller size.

Scarlet Fowler
Scarlet Fowler
| Feb 04, 2021
Yes, the slightly larger sizes are welcome

The majority of people are curious about my size, which is 6 feet tall and weighs 175 pounds. , and always put on a 34-inch wide shirt. 35 sleeve sleeve sleeve sleeve I ordered a Large long sleeve, and while the sleeves fit perfectly, the rest of the garment is a little too big in the shoulders and body. I then placed an order for a Medium short sleeve. When compared side by side with my other large shirts, the fit is more typical of a large. I included photos and measurements because they are accurate; I wish more reviewers would do the same! If sleeve length isn't a concern, the medium is the best option if you normally wear a large, unless you prefer the extra room. Despite the fact that I am slim and trim, the medium is roomier than my other large shirts. The average age of a medium body is 24. 5" wide, and large is 26" long from armpit to tail; length from armpit to tail, med. The medium is 5" in diameter, while the large is 16" in diameter. Shoulders are medium in length from shoulder to shoulder. 5" and 22" in size. A long sleeve measures 33 inches in length. on a large scale.

Michaela Krause
Michaela Krause
| Jan 27, 2021
I'm glad I read the reviews first before buying because the shirt is one size larger than normal, I'm 6'2" 200lbs and I ordered a Medium and it fits perfectly with room to spare, I tried the Large on in store and it looked like a tent on me, so I'm happy with Medium for sure

Columbia PFG shirts are meant to be a LITTLE roomy on you for breathability, the shirt is definitely wide regardless of the size you order. Apart from that great shirt, it took me 15 minutes to get the wrinkles out before I could wear it!.

Royal Pineda
Royal Pineda
| Jul 19, 2021
Excellent Design I have four more Tamiami II short sleeve shirts that I wear all the time

In hot weather, the material is ideal. The large fits like most XL shirts on me, who is 6' 215lbs and has an old man stomach. I almost cancelled my order after ordering this Bahama II by mistake. I'm glad I didn't back out now. The Tamiami II's fit appears to be a little tighter. The material isn't quite as thin as the previous one, but it's still very nice and cool. I like how the pocket flaps add a little something extra to the look. I always wear the shirt tail out because it is long enough. I did get the white, so only time will tell if it maintains its clean appearance. I'd like to see the Bahama II in a few different colors. There is no way to go wrong with Columbia, and Amazon is to thank for the quick delivery.

August Valenzuela
August Valenzuela
| May 06, 2021
Ideal for warm-weather travel and outdoor activities while remaining stylish enough for everyday wear

I'm a big fan of nylon tees. Traveling in the summer is a breeze with this bag. They can be washed by hand and dry quickly if the weather isn't too humid; however, even if the weather is humid, they will usually drive overnight. They are perfectly presentable to wear without ironing if you don't ring them out, hang them wet, and smooth out the fabric with your hands. There are vents in the back yoke. The flaps on the front breast pockets are secured with Velcro, and there are drain holes in case you fall in the drink. Button- collar that has been lowered There are so many colors to choose from, and when I wear a bright color, I get a lot of compliments from both friends and strangers. The color of the shirt will fade slightly with repeated washings, but you can reduce this by not washing it in the machine. For a pastel casual travel shirt, the slight fading isn't a big deal in my opinion; obviously, white or some of the very dark colors won't have that problem. These shirts are easy to pack, as they can be rolled up and stored in packing cubes. I hope Columbia continues to produce these in the future. Last but not least, These tees are a little on the big side. I usually order all of my shirts in size 'Large' because I like my shirts to be a little loose, but I ordered these Bahama II shirts in size Medium and they fit perfectly. It's still a little baggy, but not too much. I recommend ordering a size down from your usual size.

Khalil Lynch
Khalil Lynch
| May 23, 2021
This shirt is purchased by a suburban guy who wants to look like an adventurer; I enjoy adventures, but I am a suburban guy who is afraid of heights

When I went to a seminar in the Rocky Mountains, I bought this shirt to blend in. When the conversation shifted to adventure and such, everyone there assumed I knew what I was talking about. When I travel in general, I like to wear the shirt as well. On planes, it breathes well. I occasionally go fishing and may wear it while doing so. If I ever go on a real adventure, I'll be wearing this shirt.

Crew Buck
Crew Buck
| Aug 05, 2021

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