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DMM Vault One Color, Locking Gate DMM Vault One Color, Locking Gate

DMM Vault One Color, Locking Gate

DMM Vault One Color, Locking Gate DMM Vault One Color, Locking Gate
$ 59.95

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It is impossible to beat the locking-gate vault in terms of security and one-handed operation
Both the manual lock and the open position are available on the locking gate
With the locking gate feature, accidental openings of your equipment are prevented, as well as loss or damage.
The raised ribs make it possible to identify the gates' position through tactile contact, eliminating the need to look at them.
Approximately 4 pounds (3 kN), maximum working load is 67 pounds. The weight of the package is 4 pounds.

Selected User Reviews For DMM Vault One Color, Locking Gate

The combination of badass and practicality of these is hard to beat

It would be great if they accepted a slightly taller and thicker saddle. There really isn't much I can complain about since they are so versatile. One problem is that sometimes I cannot install them exactly where I want to. This is perhaps a criticism of the design of the saddle or harness. Additionally, I choose to twist the gate in the opposite direction if I don't remember which way to twist it. Furthermore, we would welcome a shelf that is even larger. Having stated all these minor gripes, I am still absolutely smitten by the products. I'll wear them on every saddle I own. If you have two, one on each side, and possibly a third in the back, depending on your saddle type, you can truly experience a major shift in comfort and performance.

Brylee Bruce
Brylee Bruce
| Apr 07, 2021
This is one of the best tool holders I have seen! The chainsaw is attached to the harness so I can harness it with my tree climbing harness

This is one of the best tool holders I have seen!.

Zaniyah SHARPE
Zaniyah SHARPE
| Mar 12, 2021
A very high quality product! The product is of excellent quality and at a reasonable price!
Dalary Martinez
Dalary Martinez
| Feb 27, 2021
The Digital Media Vault

That's what I love about.

Dylan Levine
Dylan Levine
| Apr 15, 2021
It has been approved by the linemen

this to replace a broken caritool that I typically use for holding wrenches and a skinning knife while working with my hands. I like the wire gate because it lets me operate the tool easily with one hand. The parts are of good quality and the finish is excellent. To fit on the thicker leather of the climbing belt, I had to cut and file back a lot of the material. However, the height of the caribeaner works perfectly for my, typical, belt size.

Ibrahim Chavez
Ibrahim Chavez
| May 29, 2021

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