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The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training

The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training

The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training
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LEARN THE SCIENCE OF SERVING LIKE A PRO - TEACH YOUR KIDS ServingMaster shows you the correct grip so that you can feel how the serve feels. Unless you have it down, you can just keep repeating the same skills until you are a pro!
INSANE TENNIS TRAINING TOOL for promoting overall coordination on the court to move in a continuous and sequential manner during serve strikes. You can learn how to do a REAL flat, slice, kick, and topspin serve. Using ServeMaster encourages superior timing, consistency, the right placement, and more.
GET IN THE ACTION WITH ALL OF YOUR TENNIS SWINGS Whether it's serves, groundstrokes, overheads, or otherwise, ServeMaster is an excellent tool for practicing all types of swings. As well as movement drills and dynamic warm-ups, it is perfect Toss arm movements, good tempo, and consistency are all important before you start working out.
GET DOWN TO BUSINESS ON THE CONTINENTAL FLOOR Using the ServeMaster, you can see how to hold your racket properly for a natural serve by looking at the check marks connected to a tennis racket.
Taking Training On The Go No matter where you are - on a tennis court, in the backyard, or on the beach - you can use ServeMaster to

Questions & Answers

What if this was used by a child? Do you have any ideas how to help a 10 year old boy who already plays tennis but struggles with serving?

Actually, the "1 ball" is designed for children between the ages of 10 and 18. In case a child is already familiar with the serve, then they may have the option to move on to the 2 ball unit. However, a child should start with the 1 ball unit. As it is so light weight, it is also safe for the kids In addition to parental supervision, kids should always be under the supervision of their parents. This exercise is great for helping them develop the feel of throwing (pronation) and is excellent for pitching and catching.

The product has real potential, but I need a true opinion of it. Do you think it's important to get some type of weights or can I use them on a used racquet to practice my ?

Your question is very interesting! You cannot get the same result by putting weights on the racket as you can by using the You have to use the right swing pattern since it is flexible and weighted in order to move it along. As a result, either the movement will stop or it will break down, or, in the worst case scenario, it may even touch you. It is not necessary to use a racket with weights to do everything "wrong", because a racket is a rigid and controllable object. It is always a good idea to exercise caution when using social media. Become familiar with the way it reacts with your current swing pattern by swinging slowly at first. In addition, while a towel tied in a knot or a sock embroidered with a ball gives the same sort of feeling, neither of these can be used as racket grips. crucial that your hand gets accustomed to a correct grip and how that grip will allow your arm and body to move naturally. It will be futile to continually try to improve your serve if you do not understand this.

Which country does this product come from/where is it manufactured?

Your question is very interesting! We have always manufactured our servers in the United States and we will continue to do so. This factory was established in Northern California in 2010, and Lisa has worked closely with the manufacturer since then. For durability, flexibility, and safety, a proprietary blend of rubber is used.

Approximately 4 feet 9 inches tall, my daughter weighs 60 lbs, uses a reg racquet and balls, and has a height of 6 feet She needs a 2 ba or a 1 ba. Should she get one or two?

A user's needs must be identified before selecting a telecommunications service. It might be appropriate for her to play with the 2 ball because of her size and age (other factors with children include coordination, experience and maturity). There are generally two balls, one for 10 and the other for 15. Among the benefits are the ability to hit a 2 Ball to kids and women as well as to smaller males, to those with serving issues and to those who need more Most people use the 3 ball when they are more advanced players and usually they are men (mainly because they are taller and stronger) but many women also use it. Among the 3 balls, the 3 ball is the largest and heaviest of them, thus the most difficult to control. There is no doubt that the 2 ball is most universal. You can get great results with it no matter who you are

Selected User Reviews For The Total Serve Tennis ServeMaster Serve Tool and Swing Trainer for Tennis Training

It's time to get back to those baselines

Note the following While I was in high school and college, I had the privilege of working with a teaching pro. Tennis was something I had gotten away from for a few years but recently picked up again. Prior to becoming a strong 4, I was rated a On my serve, I started getting a lot of shoulder pain after returning home. Then I thought it would be the result of my advancing age and I would have to put an end to I had already been doing rotator cuff exercises for my shoulder, so I thought I would at least see if it would strengthen it. As someone who used to play tennis, I found it absurd to pay that much money for a piece of rubber, but I would do anything to get it back. The tutorial on how to use this gem was very helpful, so I practiced for quite some time. This exercise forced me to take ALL the tension out of my arm and BOOM! I was able to serve cleanly regardless of my previous skills. It's time to move on from shoulder pain! Also, I have never been as consistent as I am now. Two double faults in 2 hours of singles play and I blame the last one on exhaustion were my only mistakes last time. There is not enough I can say about this. The exercise has gone a long way toward giving me relief from my shoulder pain and improving my serve.

Reid Pacheco
Reid Pacheco
| Dec 13, 2020
It's good, but don't get carried away

Balls travel fast when they hit each other. It's good, but don't get carried away. It is a good idea to have a professional server, instructor, or coach on hand for your first day at the game. My muscle memory was also bad because I would slight twist my wrist on take back, which is known as a leak. While not quite as bad as a waiter's tray serve, this contraption is far from perfect.

Now, regarding the product. This contraption can be rather dangerous at times, with its three balls headed straight for your face. Paris Hilton showed everyone that getting balls to the face is not a good thing. Within the first few minutes, I was on the verge of quitting. But I was able to achieve great results with the help of a great server. While there is a grainy video that looks like it was recorded in the 1970s that you can watch, seeing a real person in real time can be much more helpful, not to mention that it can save your face and other important body parts. It took me about twenty minutes to work through the lesson, but I was surprised to see that I had it down in about thirty minutes. If you saw me originally you would have thought that I would not understand the material. I am able to use it to serve my clients better. You are unable to do it if you are not serving in a proper way, so this was my only motivation. You'll be shocked by what you learn. It may surprise you to learn that nearly every court in a city or school has a problem with serve and waiter trays and/or other glitches. The majority of people are suckers. Five percent of the time, the server actually serves the item It seems to them that they are serving great, but that is simply not the case. As a result, they practice a bad serve over and over again until it becomes ingrained in their muscle memory, and end up in They would be better off not practicing at all, I see it all the time. Making perfect practice is the key to improving.

Lochlan Mendoza
Lochlan Mendoza
| Feb 15, 2021
This tool is very helpful! After my first attempt to review it, my review was surprisingly rejected

I am now trying to write a review for this product again. The error may have occurred because I attempted to add a link to a video that shows how to use it correctly. I find the product itself to be a good product, but it must be used appropriately so you do not accidentally smash yourself with it and injure yourself as a result. When I do it, I find it really helps my serve because it helps loosen up my shoulder and get into the proper position for an effective serve. Now that I'm used to the lighter version, I will likely go ahead and order the one with three balls (the heavier version) as well. If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of how to use it, I recommend you do your own search. I will not provide any reviews of products I buy on Amazon in the future.

Abdullah Shah
Abdullah Shah
| May 23, 2021
I wasted my money on this

Getting $50 for something that should be free. You should know what it is supposed to help you with. An item that is being given It is a waste of money to do this. This is a rude and offensively expensive item. The same applies. Those pieces of plastic look like toys for sex. In which case. It doesn't matter. The only problem is that it's sort of awkward to have laying around the house, especially when people are Looking ahead to what we're working on.

Bo Giles
Bo Giles
| Nov 24, 2020
Feeling your swing or serve helps you to make sure what you are doing is right

This is one of the products that you either have or don't have. Being able to feel where acceleration is occurring helped me to finally figure out when and where to initiate my power My forehand also pronates. Lisa Dodson, the inventor, commented in one of the training videos that the racquet does not pronate It is hard for me to describe how profound that single statement was to the erasure of all the other "methods" I had been attempting before. As part of my purchase, I also purchased her training videos, which I found to be short, As well as them, I recommend them. The two ball version of the ServeMaster caught my eye over the three ball version as it appeared easier to use while perfecting swing movements. Although the trainer may seem expensive, it is made well and appears to have been designed with a lot of thought. There is no doubt that this trainer had been created by someone with a good understanding of how the serve works.

Nicole Andersen
Nicole Andersen
| Oct 14, 2020
I highly recommend this game for my boys, age 10 and 12

They have both struggled to generate power and hit with proper form when they serve (12 years old and 10 years old, respectively). By using this instructional video on YouTube combined with Lisa Dodson's free online tutorial, I was able to teach my girls to backswing, trophy pose, bounce the racquet behind their heads, and strike with fluidity in less than fifteen After three more sessions of drills with the ServeMaster, starting with three fingers on racquets and progressively developing a full grip, both of them have developed improved confidence and consistency in their serves. Of course, I could have also done the same with the grocery bag technique, and it would have been considerably less expensive. As a result, the players are able to use a real tennis racquet grip, which in turn helps them to pronate after making If your junior players are having trouble with their serving, this is a highly recommended resource.

Paul Castaneda
Paul Castaneda
| Jun 29, 2021
A further thing to improve your serve swing would be to increase your arm strength

Tennis is a serious game for any tennis lover, if you have a tennis family, if you wish to improve your serve swing, then you can spend this money! This is a good product and you should buy it. (Five to ten minutes is average for a tennis lesson. A $100/hour rate). Having a hard time teaching my wife how to swing her racket, she has a very inconsistent swing. Unless the swing is correct, there will be a pause in our movement and we will not be able to create a continuous flow. Take a look at the videos on YouTube and get started Lisa Dodson is the one who replied to our question and told us we are doing it right! I'm so glad you like it, Lisa! Thank you very much.
I'm sure I will teach my children (future children! a) how to serve, and i'll make use of this product.

Jones Vaughan
Jones Vaughan
| Feb 25, 2021

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