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HORZE Fur Half Pad HORZE Fur Half Pad

HORZE Fur Half Pad

HORZE Fur Half Pad HORZE Fur Half Pad
$ 29.99

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Correction half pad to correct saddle position at an affordable price
Pattern of a diamond quilt
Straps attached to the billets

Questions & Answers

Size of the pony is best, and 15 is the best size. A saddle with five seats?

If you make the pony full size, it would be

Can you tell me the dimensions for a pony?

(at the greatest point) The pony size measures 21" (56 cm) along the spine and 10" (25 cm) at the widest point. Size measures 23" long, 25 cm wide, and 10" (25 cm) tall (at its

Could a large seat comfortably accommodate a 16 inch height?

Yes, the seat will fit a 16-inch belt. In addition to these two sizes, there is also a pony size for small ponies. That is the "Full" size for horses and tall My best regards to the SmileyHorse team

What pockets are there for correction shims on this pad?

Thank you for visiting! I am sorry, but this half pad does not have any pockets of that kind

Selected User Reviews For HORZE Fur Half Pad

I am good at this

The quality of the product is good, though it would be great if it were a bit more padded.

Joy Nichols
Joy Nichols
| Nov 15, 2020
This was not great but was not disgusting either

The pad presented for the price is fine for the price, since it is for a young girl who had just gotten her first saddle and had There is no padding on it. The quality of the product is not great. If I were a beginner, I wouldn't buy it for my horse and saddle, but I would for someone who is starting out.

Sylas Stanton
Sylas Stanton
| Feb 27, 2021
The paper is too thin and of It was too thin and of low quality, as all of my trainers have commented, independent of each other

No good for protecting the horse's back, nor is it of good quality.

Bridget Barrera
Bridget Barrera
| May 14, 2021
This is an evaluation of half pads

There was nothing I disliked about this pad. A full is the right size for a 16" seat. The padding is not overly thick, but is just right. I think it's not extremely fluffy, but it's perfect in my opinion

I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

Laura Krueger
Laura Krueger
| Sep 12, 2020
The following is an example

This is an accurate description of the product.

Elena Edwards
Elena Edwards
| Feb 22, 2021
I give this product 5 stars

There is nothing better than a quality half pad for such an amazing price! It is a perfect fit for throughbreds.

Theodore Watson
Theodore Watson
| Jul 08, 2020
I am very pleased

The best half pad ever.

Bria Conner
Bria Conner
| Nov 02, 2020
I give it a If you want, you can read the rest of this article

It was a great product! I used it for both practice and showing, and it worked like a charm!.

Emmeline Garrison
Emmeline Garrison
| Mar 18, 2021

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