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Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight
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The percentage of nylon and spandex is 80% and 20% respectively
Heat is removed from the body when sweat condenses onto Ice Fil fabric
With Kerrits Sticks, you find an ideal ratio of stretch, grip, and breathability - the perfect recipe for slip-resistant walking
The pockets on the sides are convenient
Protection from the sun with UPF 50+
Do not heat the wash, just cold and dry

Questions & Answers

The height and weight of my body are 5'4" and 145 pounds, respectively. If I were a medium, my legs would be thin, but my waist would be thicker. Should I buy a medium ?

The height and weight of this writer is 5'2" and 143 pounds. As for sizes, I own both large and medium. At this weight, the larges are a bit big and the mediums are just fine. However, the other styles of Kerrits run slightly smaller, so I'd go large on those as well.

Is there a belt loop on them?

I'm sure there are, but never so many that I rely on them to keep my The fit is good enough to secure an "almost" fit, I'm certain. Alternatively, a belt can be used simply to look good when showing.

How often do you get 'camel toes' when you wear Unlike yoga pants, these do not have triangular patches in the crotch area, so there is no camel toe effect. Thanks a lot! ?

This is the only pair of kerrits I own. I've never had camel toes in them. I love it. This is the best breech you can buy!

When I buy clothes for my daughter who stands 5'1" and weighs 120 lbs, what size should I get her?

A size Small, short would be well suited for me as I am 5'1" and 110 pounds. That size might be able to accommodate an inch taller and 10 more pounds.

Selected User Reviews For Kerrits Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

You look great in these tights! Summer was humid and hot

These were perfect for us. I had never worn riding tights before, so this was my first time experiencing them Although I admit to being a bit nervous, I still tried my best. Because the humidity was so bad, I decided to go ahead and buy The breeches I am wearing are compression breeches, which I love (they make me look like I am 10 pounds lighter). Aside from that, I have long legs, so I find these to be best. In the beginning, it's all about making a good first impression. Basically, the tights are just what they say they are, tights This is a very thin film. This was a horrible experience, because there is no compression whatsoever. The feet did not appear to be particularly grippy either, according to their appearance. The image I had in my head was that I would Here's how it looks in While I was arriving at the barn, I noticed that I didn't feel quite as hot as I was wearing my Irideons. It was interesting, though, to ride them since they didn't grip like my Irideons. Once I had ridden them a few times, I was accustomed It was actually more enjoyable for me since I felt freer in the saddle and they forced me to keep my balance - I began to enjoy the lack of grip they provided. As a result, I think my riding has improved. A good fit. The reason I'm taller is that I ride on taller bikes. To me, it is the perfect length. It turned out, however, that they were larger than anticipated. These aren't too tight, but I'd go down a size next time. Irideons make me look like I lost 10 pounds, but these do not accomplish the same feat. Due to the fact that I only wore them for a few months, I only gave them a 4 star rating. The clothes held up well and washed very well, but I do not yet know if they will last. The summer breeches have not yet been chosen, but they will be my "summer" pair.

Cassius Morse
Cassius Morse
| Jul 10, 2021
The pair I ordered had defective stitching, so the comfort level would have been higher

It seems to keep me much cooler than other tights I've worn in Arizona. I prefer these tights over others. I really like how comfortable these are. It took me a third attempt to wear mine, after the right outside leg band was literally coming apart. I was in a hurry, so decided to wear them and return them afterward. Unfortunately, we chose to ride in the desert that day, so it needed to be returned. In fact, they are not resilient enough to stand up to prickly bushes. They weren't meant to be bulletproof, but the stitching gave way after two rides, and I was disappointed. Since the fabric has now been "damaged," I will not be able to return it. Neither I know if the pair I received was defective nor if this is normal for the brand. Be cautious!.

| Aug 27, 2020
It's finally here! Riding breeches that are comfortable to wear! This is amazing! When you are a full-figured rider, it can be really tough to find pants that are comfortable and fit well

What a great idea! Like yoga pants, they kind of have a relaxed feel to them. I like it. . There was no way I knew what to expect from the grip of the leather seat, and while it's not super tacky, it isn't The lining of your pants shouldn't really play a role in your performance You should rely more on your seat and balance to try them on, and now I'm laying here writing this review because they're super.

Haisley Holden
Haisley Holden
| Jul 19, 2020
All equestrians need to use this

My miniature horses and I go on long trail walks now that we are retired from the show ring. In the event that my friend with a full-size horse showed up and offered to lend me his, I needed something that would keep me cool as well as something I could ride in. The tights are very soft and comfortable, allowing me to walk, climb hills, and do other exercises. These pants seem to dry quicker than normal pants after walking through streams and I feel like I am cooler while wearing them. Aside from keeping you in the saddle and allowing you to keep your cellphone in your pocket, the cute grippy carrots are a wonderful addition.
After reading a few reviews, I personally hand wash mine since it seems there is a problem with the fabric picking. have not had any issues with pilling or picking, and I am meticulous about keeping Velcro away from My feel is that they are delicate, so I will also make sure to not go through too many brushy trails while Still, I would recommend them for all-purpose use and the fact that they are made in the USA is fantastic!.

Noor Francis
Noor Francis
| Jul 09, 2021
I like the pants, but they are too sheer when tanned

They look great in grape and shale, so I ordered them in tan, which gives them a more traditional appearance. I should not have done that! There are some see-through parts to the tan. The underwear I wore (not just the thong line, but the actual underwear, and it was of a light color) was obviously visible. In addition, I have a dark birthmark on the back of my leg which was clearly visible through the That's so scary! There have been great reviews for the other colors as well Their breathable nature, the ability to grip, and the sheer great appearance make them as flattering as spandex pants can Although they are at times very form fitting, the wide waistband keeps them from being too tight at the waist. They are extremely comfortable and have a very wide waistband to keep them in place. It's not clear if you could fit a 6 in it) The tires are sturdy and hold up well when ridden and washed. I have taken them to the dryer on low when they say to line dry, but they have held up just fine in the dryer. In these I am either a 2 Short or a 4 Petite, and I am either a 28 Petite/Ankle in AG Jeans or a 28 Ankle in Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic/JCrew. The inseam of my leggings/skinny jeans/breeches measures 30 inches. I am 5'5" and have a 27 inch waist, 37 inch hips, and an inseam of 30 inches. The Kerrits sneakers run pretty true to size. I ordered according to the size chart on their website, which suggested that I order the correct size.

Kaiya Rivera
Kaiya Rivera
| Nov 10, 2020
It is impossible to find plus size clothes that are in proportion

tights are nice, but I can't imagine what a person who would fit into them might look like. I'm an apple shape plus size - can't imagine what these tights would look like on a person who is the size above average. I have to carry all the weight in my middle. The problem I usually have with fit is clothes that fit in the waist but look baggy and loose in the hips and seat, or things that look loose in the hips and seat but are tight in the waist. These tights, in size 2X, were massive in the waist. The circumference of my head is almost twice what I need. A size down would have not been enough, and going down more would have made the hips and thighs too tight. It was impossible for me to try a different size of tights since I returned them.

Gordon Gardner
Gordon Gardner
| May 28, 2021

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