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TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular) TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular) TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)

TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)

TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular) TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular) TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)
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There is 92% polyester and 8% spandex in this garment
It is imported
Closure with a zipper
The UltraGripp is designed for better grip
Comfy and extremely convenient
Retention of shape

Questions & Answers

Do you notice any ribs on these?

When seen from afar or at a long distance you don't notice them, but if you are within a foot of them, you can see them.

How high is the quality of the product Where can I get an on-the-go waist riser? Where can I find the size chart for your line? Do you measure by waist size or according to dress pants?

The shorts are definitely a higher waisted style, I would say. My belly button is the upper edge of my torso (I am 5'5"). Usually I wear pants in a size 8 but with these breeches I wear a I hope it is helpful

Can you tell me whether the white breeches are the same type of fabric or thicker than the others? Through which ones can you see?

There is a chocolate brown pair of breeches I have. The white one I am not sure about

The following advice is for riders who ride in the sun or in extreme Is sweat hidden (or shown) by the charcoal and dark charcoal colors? Is navy the better choice to hide sweat if I'm wearing it?

Never have I seen sweat appear on the ribs of my dark (brown and black)

Selected User Reviews For TuffRider Women's Ribb Knee Patch Breeches (Regular)

Useful on a daily basis! As a result of my viewing these breeches online, I wasn't thrilled with the corrugated appearance or the brand, but their price was affordable and they fit my size requirement My jeans are size 11, my dresses are size 10, and I weigh 174 lbs

I am 5'7", and wear size 11 women's jeans. I love the way these fit me. The high waist flatters me because I am very curvy and the low-rise fits my short frame perfectly A lot of the times, I have trouble fitting breeches with rises and they slip on me when I ride. As the nearest tack shop is over an hour away, I decided to look online for something that would be more convenient and affordable. I already own several Ovation breeches, but I decided to buy something cheaper for everyday use to keep my My decision to purchase these breeches followed viewing various other breeches on Amazon. That was a brilliant move on my part! The breeches I have purchased are very comfortable, fit me perfectly, do not slip much while riding, and were a great price. This company's breeches are stretchy enough to wear leggings underneath in the winter, but are still very comfortable The breeches look nicely tailored in person. Despite the corrugated texture in the picture, I disapproved of the impact it had on the image of the breeches. They are made of very high quality material and fit perfectly. When they ride or do chores at the barn, they do not feel confined. I didn't feel bad mucking stalls or sitting in the arena sand during down time.

Since they were so cheap you can use them for trail riding. The front pocket is deep enough to fit keys or your phone. I only have one complaint about the location of the pocket (like all breeches I've seen) - that when you are riding, whatever is in your pocket will stab you in the leg or gut. If they only made large back pockets with zippers or thigh pockets, I would be very happy. In the past, I have worn these multiple times over fences and on trail rides that were more active (e. g. , cantering instead of just walking). I would absolutely I highly recommend the following if you are just starting out, or if you are an intermediate. It is important that you have a nice pair of breeches for riding or for using around the barn on a daily basis.

Berkley Giles
Berkley Giles
| Jul 07, 2021
You won't get a muffin top or a plumbers crack with our high waisted pants! This is my favorite pair of shoes and I own five of them

Whenever I need anything, they come to me It is also referred to as There is only one complaint they are heavy enough to be very warm in temperatures over 80F. The following are key points to remember Unlike other breeches I have tried, this pair holds my butt in place and covers it well, as I have a butt and pudge in my belly. The following are key points to remember The ribbing on my rough surface gives me excellent grip It is time to remove the saddle
I expect these to last a long time, since they're made of sturdy fabric and have a strong construction. The belt loops need to be wide enough for 1 inch belts. With the 5 "belt, I have a place to tuck my rope.

I wear a 12 in jeans I got a 34 in these for a looser fit and I am very pleased with it.

Madalyn Waller
Madalyn Waller
| Sep 12, 2020
I like the quality of the product

I bought these breeches for my mom and she loved them. It is likely she will be returning these for a 32, but they were very good in terms off quality, fit, and support. I ordered a Devon - just to let you know It was clear that the ribs in the air matched one another in size I am 2" longer and the elastic is SO MUCH better & It's stretched out. It was important to my mom to have a pair of pants that feel firm and have It was a spot on performance by the Tuffriders! Since I am a college softball player, I felt that these were more like softball pants, they didn't seem as thin as the Devon t-shirts Considering our humid and hot climate in HAWAI'I, my mom hopes these breathe, the Devons will provide a bit of relief. There were lighter air currents, which made it easier to breathe. Despite her best efforts, mom doesn't feel it's a firm fit, she keeps tossing out firm and support. This connotation might be confusing to horse people. As for the Tuffrider, I found it to be sturdier and much better made when I compared it to the others. I am an avid athlete and my mother is as well, so we both look for that type of stuff when shopping for It may be helpful to you in some way.

Capri Riddle
Capri Riddle
| Jun 27, 2021
have bought them in size 24 and they would have fit perfectly

A size 0 pants were purchased for my daughter, who's 13 years old There are 2 pants for women. Because she is only 5'1", they were a little too big. As for the size and color, I ordered size 26 in black. If I was to order them again, I would get the size 24 and they would have fit perfect. While the piece was longer at times, it didn't affect the outcome at all.

| Nov 24, 2020
To date, it has been the most comfortable fitting

Several companies offered me different riding pants. I ordered 5 different pairs. There was a very depressing atmosphere. All of them filled me with the feeling of being stuffed. It was the only pair I found that felt great and looked A bit heavier than the older models, so summer riding will be a little warmer. Adding ribs to the body creates a flattering look while helping conceal some Having already worn them to lesson and ordered a second pair for showing, I am already wearing them. As I grow older and gain weight, I will need to modify my riding style. Weight 200 pounds. As I'm 5'7' and weigh 142 pounds, finding riding pants that look and feel good has been a challenge. I ordered a size Another pair of TuffRider pants I ordered did not fit at all, even though they were an XL. The only thing you can do is keep trying until you find something that fits your lifestyle. I like how these look good, aren't overly expensive, and feel good on the foot.

Maya Wells
Maya Wells
| Apr 03, 2021
The quality is excellent My favorite part of the outfit is the rise in which I What you are expecting is what you get The quality is excellent My favorite rise is the one where I can tuck everything in, so I dont have to bend or move

It is especially important when riding a motorcycle. The pants I ordered are a size 30. I wear a size 10 in regular pants. I expected that they would fit perfectly. In a previous reply, I mentioned that the ribbed Devon Aires(which I have) aren't as thin as the soft leather. Compared to the last two I have used, these seem a bit more firm and maybe a little bit thicker, which I also prefer, as I feel they offer more support. In addition, shipping quoted a wait time of up to two weeks, and they arrived within three It's amazing what you did there.

Hunter Cannon
Hunter Cannon
| Jan 28, 2021
A perfect breeches for working in the barn every day

A perfect breeches for working in the barn every day. For the past two years I have worn them three days a week for two hours each The socks have lasted three weeks now and are still in good condition. I would say they are definitely on a higher level As I have short legs and a short waist, my shorts come up a little above my belly button, and the length is not particularly long. It is the rise in jeans that does it. While I don't mind them, I would suggest a low rise if you have a shorter waist and don't have any "pooch" to hide. These are not breeches I would tuck my shirt into, but are excellent for everyday.

Madisyn Arnold
Madisyn Arnold
| Oct 29, 2020

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