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Aramith 2-1/4 Aramith 2-1/4 Aramith 2-1/4 Aramith 2-1/4

Aramith 2-1/4" Regulation Size Billiard/Pool Ball: Super Pro Cup Cue Ball with 6 Red Dots

Aramith 2-1/4 Aramith 2-1/4 Aramith 2-1/4 Aramith 2-1/4
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An excellent scratch and impact resistance is provided by this regulation size training cue ball, crafted from high quality phenolic resin.
It is characterized by six red dots on the surface of the ball, also known as the measles pattern, so you can easily see how the ball will rotate
The training allows you to learn how to judge the effects of certain amounts of sidespin, topspin, backspin, and other cue ball control variables
It adheres to the strictest specifications in the industry to produce the best golf balls, which satisfy a variety of parameters such as density, balance, roundness, glossiness, hardness, and weight.
The objective is to improve the game of players of all skill levels Step 2 Measure 2 One quarter of an inch

Questions & Answers

The ball did not come packaged in any official manner when I got it in the mail. How can I verify it's an Aramith product? I might have to ?

The item and all other single Aramith balls are packaged in corrugated boxes made of white paper. (Except for the blister containing the single balls) the manufacturer does not provide packaging for single balls. Try playing with this ball. I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised with its playing quality as it is a genuine Aramith ball. Thanks for your interest.

Is the red dot there for a reason?

One can imagine a center dot of a cue ball if one is looking at it straight without the The center of the ball is just one of nine possible places around the center where the ball can be hit properly in English The left and right are opposite the top and bottom are opposite etc. In addition, when a type of english is placed on the cue ball, the dots show in which direction the cue ball is spinning. Efren Reyes will show you how to play soccer with this ball if you watch his videos online.

Can you tell me how large this ball is?

There is a diameter of 2 1/4 inches on this ball. A cue ball like this makes me very happy. I was recommended this ball by a friend who is much better than me. It's been a while since I bought this ball and my game has improved.

Recently, I got a set of Aramith premiums in the mail. I'm pleased with Where can I find an Aramith cue ball with 6 dots in blue?

There have been six Blue Dot cue balls found, but none of them come from If you're interested in Aramith, you may want to visit their website.

Selected User Reviews For Aramith 2-1/4" Regulation Size Billiard/Pool Ball: Super Pro Cup Cue Ball with 6 Red Dots

A fake ball or one that has been swapped should be avoided

It's not in my nature to knock the ball, since I am sure it is excellent just like the set of Aramith Premium balls I already own, but beware of swapped and counterfeited products. This plastic clam-shaped container contains a wide range of products I received a cracked shell packaging for my ball. Until I noticed a very slight chip and discoloration on my new ball under bright LED lights after a few weeks of use, I didn't pay much attention to it. with the much older Aramith Premium cue ball, the old one does not show any signs of chipping or wear like the new "Aramith" ball has. Due to all of this, I had to look much more closely at the ball, and then I noticed that the red dots were not evenly spaced. The ball which was in my possession had been replaced with a much cheaper one at some point.

Iyla Young
Iyla Young
| Aug 03, 2020
It was a good decision not to As opposed to a plastic clam shell, the ball arrived in a small corrugated box

Due to a couple reviews, I considered returning the ball since it was not described as The diameter and weight of the item were measured. I have an Aramith set of balls that is within 1/10th of a gram of what I have. I received a cue ball that was different in size from the ball that came with my Aramith set. It is at least a twentieth of an inch smaller than the rest of the There is nothing better than this ball. I'm glad I gave it a try.

Joel Gates
Joel Gates
| Dec 28, 2020
A package that had already been opened arrived with me

In any event, I just received this, and the likeness of the rating along with the way it arrived speaks for itself. Other than that, I'm sure it's a good cue ball to learn with and to play with. It appears to either A) I've received a "returned" product or B) There may have been a swap during shipment or attempted theft. I'll have to get in touch with Amazon about this one, since I are now suspicious it is a new product. This is likely not the case. I provided Amazon with a proof of authenticity on 4/28 and they sent me a replacement free of charge without the need to return it. In this call to the customer service agent, I were concerned by the yellow tint of the ball I received from the ball I showed the agent, and sure enough, now that I have the new (unopened) replacement in hand, there is a differance in the color. Somewhere along the way there has been a switch of cue balls. This is why I am keeping my three star rating, as the first ball seems to be extremely questionable and I advise buyers to be skeptical of what they receive. The spots seem to be the same on both balls. In spite of this, I am skeptical of the yellow tint on the ball compared to those displayed in the picture and in hand. I will remain skeptical until I can be certain the yellow ball is genuine. Feel free to check out the pictures. Here are two versions of the same image, one with and one without flash. Last night I played with that ball and it seemed fine, but I remained paranoid it wasn't the $40 ball I invested in as there are more available (on Amazon) for $6 and they are more or less the same.

| Apr 02, 2021
This cue ball is awesome! I think this thing is cool

It helps you to know the type of the "hit" you make on the cue ball. This product appears to be very sturdy and well-made The work is done. Other commenters have said the same thing I don't know how to describe it This is a white and yellowish I received mine with a cracked plastic package, however the ball itself appears to be fine. Makes me wonder if these balls have been sitting in the sun or if they have been in a car trunk? Do you want the ball to be yellow and the package to be Unsure as to how the item itself measures up, but it looks good! It doesn't seem to matter so much what color it is. Despite the package stating that this thing is hard and durable, I plan to avoid breaking racks with it to extend its life. I often play pool at pool halls so I will simply break the racks using the cue ball provided.

Briar Perkins
Briar Perkins
| Sep 12, 2020
This is a useful tool for training in the My favorite thing about this cue ball is that it readily tells you what type of spin you're adding

There are times when you feel as though you hit the cue ball in the middle, but once the ball starts rolling you know if you hit it dead center, left or right of center, or just slightly off-center. If you are consistent when hitting the cue ball, your results will also be consistent.

Colt Potts
Colt Potts
| Apr 20, 2021
Exactly as described in the description

As a result of reading several reviews about damaged packaging and yellow balls, I was skeptical of what I might receive. Brand new packaging and product were ideal. As a result of the red dots on the ball, you can now clearly see what the cue ball is doing during the entire stroke, from how it moves during the strike to where it ended up at the end. It is the primary cue ball I will be using and I was really impressed with how much feedback it gives after several racks. My stroke and speed are improving now that I have started again after many years. Thanks to this ball, I can play with the best of them.

Luella Flynn
Luella Flynn
| May 26, 2021
but too much money

Since there are only a handful of reviews, I was extremely concerned about buying one of these. I wonder if someone inserted a cheap similar cue into an opened package as I have seen in similar reviews. I received a plain yellow box, instead of one that was decorated with yellow flowers. A clear indication of its origin was its Arimuth-like appearance. Despite taking one star off for the price, I do think the item is overpriced. Is that how much one ball costs?.

Avah Patton
Avah Patton
| Oct 14, 2020
The effects of spin can be seen without damaging the fabric

A genuine Aramith product. On my home table, I've used cheaper "store" brands of the measles/TV cue balls before, and you begin to wear the cloth in certain areas of the table when practicing drills and breaks repeatedly. During practice, I usually use the TV ball to be able to see how much spin I'm using for cue ball position, but I had to go back to the original red circle cue ball that came with my Super Aramith Pro ball set in order to preserve my tablecloth. I can now practice all I want anywhere on the table without making those annoying white burn streaks whenever I want with my Super Aramith Pro Cup cue ball with "burn spot resistant" technology. Aramith, thanks for the kind words!.

Regina Wise
Regina Wise
| Dec 06, 2020

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