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Muddy Laser Range Finder 650 Yard Muddy Laser Range Finder 650 Yard

Muddy Laser Range Finder 650 Yard

Muddy Laser Range Finder 650 Yard Muddy Laser Range Finder 650 Yard
$ 88.98

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With a 7x magnification and 650 yard range detection, Muddy LR650 Laser Range Finder is capable of finding targets up to 1000 yards away.
Despite its IPX7 waterproof rating, this range finder is very waterproof.
Depending on how the yard is used, choose between yards and meters.
In addition to its battery indicator, low reflection mode, and scan mode, this unit also has other features.
It is possible to determine the range to your target swiftly and accurately using these features.

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Included in the carry case, yes

Selected User Reviews For Muddy Laser Range Finder 650 Yard

My experience with this product was very disappointing

I have other Muddy products, but this one disappointed me. In the last month, I have used it less often than I anticipated. It is not a problem for me to be rough with In fact, it won't even turn on when a new battery is installed. I cannot get in touch with Muddy's customer support department.

Brodie Gilbert
Brodie Gilbert
| Feb 03, 2021
It's easy to find the distance to any object by pointing at it

The interface is simple and easy.

Nova Huff
Nova Huff
| Oct 10, 2020
Out of 55 tries, I could only get one to work

On a 40 degree day, a range finder that can't find out anything farther than 17 yards is junk! Buying anything is a bad idea.

Aviana Taylor
Aviana Taylor
| Feb 05, 2021
Rangefinder that works well

I tested this rangefinder to within half a yard at 12 yards, 25 yards, and 33 yards (I had a measuring tape handy to verify). Once you have read the directions for changing from meters to yards, it is simple to use. It is not possible to change the velocity setting to yards, it is stuck at This is exactly what I bought for range finding. It worked great on all three tests I did- A 12 yard, 25 yard, and 33 yard mark. As a whole, for the price and practicality of the software, this is well worth the purchase.

Kaylie Friedman
Kaylie Friedman
| Dec 09, 2020

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