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HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles

HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles

HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles
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Is there a source of power for this vortex piston?


Isn't it against the law to make false claims about a product?

Yes, you must be completely honest about the air gun.

Is this a spring-operated or nitro-piston gun?

Piston with a spring

Selected User Reviews For HatsanUSA HCAirTact22ED Air Guns Rifles

A mule kicks like a reliable strong shooter

This rifle appeals to me because it is light and easy to handle while also being powerful and accurate. However, even with super glue, I couldn't keep a scope still. The iron sights are functional. Kicks so hard that his shoulder is bruised. The mod 95 is the same way. The caliber is 25.

Mercy Sawyer
Mercy Sawyer
| May 25, 2021
It wasn't quite what I had hoped for

This rifle arrived on time and undamaged, which is a good thing, but it wasn't double boxed as is customary. So everyone sees you get an air rifle at the post office and as you carry it to your car and so on. I'm surprised they weren't taken from the mailbox. In terms of the rifle, my initial impression was not favorable because it appeared to be cheap out of the box due to the abundance of plastic. I was also discouraged because it was extremely light when I took it out of the box, leading me to believe that this product would be junk, despite the fact that Hatsan makes good air rifles. However, after I began shooting it, my opinion began to shift. The rifle's extreme lightness has both advantages and disadvantages; it is the lightest of all my break barrels. A light rifle is good for the offhand position because you can hold it for longer periods of time without wobbling, and it's also good for hunting and other activities where you have to carry it. The only part of the light rifle that isn't up to par is when it fires. Because a heavy Stone requires more weight to move than a light Stone, this rifle moves a lot from the shock of the discharge. Your accuracy will be harmed as a result. And believe me when I say that this gun is a force to be reckoned with. After a while, you'll notice it in your shoulder because the rubber cushion on the butt stock is okay, but it could have been better to compensate for the rifle's kick. The barrel on this Hatsan rifle is a little longer and easier to cock than the other Hatsan rifles. I already own several of these scopes, so the scope is good. I'm undecided about whether or not to mount it on this rifle. Truglo fiber optics is used at the sites. And, in my opinion, they are sufficient. They're made of plastic, so they're not particularly sturdy, but they do hold their position. I'm referring to the rear sight. When you have a gun that kicks a lot, the settings on the rear sight can move, which means you have to check it after a few shots to make sure it's still on the same number, etc. This one, however, seems to stay in place even with a lot of kick, which is a good thing. Bottom line: I started out with a negative attitude, but after weighing the pros and cons, I believe this is a good rifle for a reasonable price that is suitable for both target shooting and varmint control. It appeals to my tastes.

Tadeo Cordova
Tadeo Cordova
| Mar 07, 2021
It has a lot of power, but it takes a lot of practice to keep the gun steady while firing

Very strong. Getting cocked is a challenge. To keep the gun tight during the discharge, you'll need a lot of strength. Steel sights are extremely effective. Scope has yet to be set up.

Sadie Sloan
Sadie Sloan
| Jul 06, 2021
Love it

It has a lot of power and is simple to operate.

Forrest Campos
Forrest Campos
| Apr 24, 2021
Wow! This is a really good thing

Kicks like a mule, according to another reviewer. This item was purchased by me. Refurbished 22 caliber model from the manufacturer's website. I don't have a scope, but the fiber optic sights are fantastic, and they're very accurate right out of the box. I couldn't decide between the and the. 22 as well as the I went with the 25 cal (same price) instead of the. 22 because of the higher frames per second and the fact that I've had a lot of. I was handed 22 pellets. I believe I will purchase the in the near future. 25 in the future, as it is a fantastic deal at $39. At 1 o'clock, I have a second pellet rifle. I like the damage this does, despite the fact that it's only 77 caliber. I don't have the heart to kill varmints, but I wouldn't want to be one with this in my vicinity. My findings show that even without the scope, this is very accurate, and it can deeply embed pellets in wood and easily pass through steel coffee cans. In addition, this weapon is quite light.

Saul Braun
Saul Braun
| Jun 10, 2021

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