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Carlson'S 12G Win Replace Tube Cyl Carlson'S 12G Win Replace Tube Cyl

Carlson'S 12G Win Replace Tube Cyl

Carlson'S 12G Win Replace Tube Cyl Carlson'S 12G Win Replace Tube Cyl
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Tube for guiding the choking

Questions & Answers

Do you think it will ?

My Mossberg 88 was able to fit with it. The barrel is the same as that of

What are your chances of shooting a slug ?

You are right. Probably the best method of choke on slugs would be an improved cylinder choke.

Has it been designed with a choke tube tool?

You don't need a coin, but it would be fine.

Selected User Reviews For Carlson'S 12G Win Replace Tube Cyl

Designed to fit Win 1400 perfectly

This is the perfect fit for the A Winchoke tube was installed on this gun, but the open-cylinder choke tube was not. As a result, you must remove the Winchoke tube and then protect the now-empty cylinder choke tube if you wish to shoot cylinder chokes (for example, slugs). A thread that has been exposed. It is NOT advisable to shoot it with the threads visible like I did when I was an inexperienced teen in the 80's. I learned the first thing I learned after installing it was that I had not caused any threads to be damaged due to my ignorance. As it seated perfectly flush against the base of the threads as well as flush with the barrel wall, I was very satisfied Is perfectly fitted, there is no gap or bump. The tube is flush with the muzzle, and not extended like Winchoke tubes, so the Winchoke wrench cannot be used. The wrench I used to install it is a Carlson's universal wrench. It's now possible for me to shoot slugs and scatter All day long, we are in groups!.

Quinton Meyer
Quinton Meyer
| Nov 25, 2020
I just got it Exactly what I needed and worked perfectly
Whitley Tanner
Whitley Tanner
| Jul 19, 2021
The choke was great

This choke tool is perfect for a choke, has four notches, and is a perfect fit.

Florence Ochoa
Florence Ochoa
| Jun 06, 2021
I found it to be great for my Mossberg 930 JM Pro series Tactical Class weapon

Make sure the lips are flush.

Arielle HYDE
Arielle HYDE
| Sep 05, 2020
It was on time

There was a new The package was well packed. The time was right.

Blaze Nolan
Blaze Nolan
| May 03, 2021

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