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Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field Points (5 Pack), Black

Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field Points (5 Pack), Black

Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field Points (5 Pack), Black
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The following crossbow arrows are 20 inches long and come in a pack of five with field tips
Nocks in the shape of a half moon This 78 grains per inch, matched with a 100 grain point is ideal for accuracy and penetration it comes with a 24F field point and moon nock
This is a five-pack of arrows for crossbows measuring 20 inches. Strengthened walls for increased durability in 1 oz. arrows with carbon shafts a powerful, lightweight carbon shaft a thin carbon shaft
This product is compatible with the Ghost 350, Penetrator, Wildcat C-5, Jackal, Whitetail hunter II, Raptor FX3 crossbows and other crossbow models that fit 20 inch arrows
A manufacturer who has been in business for five years
Five 20-inch, 8" rolls of paper in a pack. Strengthened walls for increased durability in 1 oz. arrows with carbon shafts a powerful, lightweight carbon shaft a thin carbon shaft
This 78 grains per inch, matched with a 100 grain point is ideal for accuracy and penetration it comes with a 24F field point and moon nock
Crossbows compatible with the Ghost 350, Penetrator, Wildcat C-5, and Jackal
The manufacturer offers a limited warranty of five years with this product
There are some zip codes where this item is not available

Questions & Answers

The bolts seem to be consistent, how about you? All of them fly the same way?

My wife and I have used these over and over, at 20-years old All of them are 40 yards apart and fly the same way. The past few months have been trouble-free.

Is this going to work for our new recruit, Barnett? Those 400 grains must include a 100 grain point, according to the manual. According to these, 13 is the number. Can you please explain 78 grains per inch to me?

Yes, these are going to There is a lot of truth to the statement that they weigh over 400 pounds. In terms of weight, they will average about 412 grams with a 100 grain tip. There are 13 of them. The 78gpi refers only to the carbon shaft weight. Normally they leave out weight of the vane, knock, and insert due to the fact there are some with 3" vanes and some with 4" vanes, some have moon knocks that are lighter than blunt face knocks and some have brass inserts. It's impossible to list all the variables. But the short version is.. If you choose the 3" vanes, the moon knock and the aluminum insert, you will be the lightest. You get a total of 412gr for these, and the rest get heavier as you go.

In terms of total grain weight, how much does one bolt contain with the tip included?

A weight of 412 grams is very likely to be accurate. On an accurate RCBS powder scale, I carefully weighed 12 of these brand new / unused Barnett 16075 arrows. An average of 311 arrows appeared on the 12 cards. The grain weight is 85 grams. There are two 311s that are lighter than the other two. The equivalent of 1 gram. Three hundred and twelve pounds are the heaviest. The weight of 8 grams. In other words, it is the COMBINED weight of the carbon shaft, insert, fletching, nock, *** NOTE In this case, the field weights of 100 grams were not included. When you shoot a 412 gr arrow with a 100 gr broadhead or a 100 gr field point, there are 414 grains of steel in the arrowhead

Is there a broadhead that will fit ?

Broad head triple blades by Strikers are what I use. The shots are similar to field points. I have some experience with this. Despite the fact that I haven't used any other broadheads yet, I do have friends who In this way the vanes of the bolt line up with the blades of the bolt.

Selected User Reviews For Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows with Field Points (5 Pack), Black

Don't place orders unless you are extremely sure! I am talking about the 20"

Don't place orders unless you are extremely sure! Barnett bolts are old and designed to fit older lighter crossbows thus, the 20" bolts I received are older According to the weight of the bolts, they are only 290 grains, not 310 grains like the current Barnett Headhunter bolts. Despite being advertised as being for the Ghost 350, these bolts are not made for it. In my call to Barnett to verify the bolt model number, staff informed me that the bolts are old and are incompatible with On the packaging they are advertised as a "New 2007 Model Bow" (see photo), giving them at least 9 years of age. According to the staff, these bolts could cause damage to newer crossbows. Don't let yourself be fooled by the seller! In this ad, the seller should clearly highlight the bolt weight.

Meghan Pineda
Meghan Pineda
| Jul 21, 2020
There are 400 grains in total and field points are included

It's fun to shoot them on the archery range and also target shoot with them. There's a strict requirement in the manual for my Barnett Wildcat C6 crossbow that bolts must weigh a minimum of 400 grains, but some of the questions and reviews here suggested the minimum is anywhere between 360 grains and These are also my favourite as they contain 100 grain field points, which do not come with some of the other crossbow bolts It was nice that they were included since I would have needed them anyway. Although these bolts are nominally the same as those that came with my crossbow several years ago, there are some noticeable differences that I attribute to changes made to the design and manufacturing since I bought that crossbow. "Barnett Headhunter Custom Carbon 20" is the brand name for both. Copies of the originals are available They are branded with the Easton logo and state "Made in USA". There is no relationship between them The packaging says "Made in China" and the mug is branded with the Easton logo. As for the bolts themselves, they have the same weight (within a margin of error of 0. 0 on my electronic scale. There is approximately 1 g of sodium in 1 g. grains), however the shaft in these appears to be almost imperceptibly larger in diameter and the finish is satin rather than the originals' smoother finish. There is a difference in the distance between the fletching and the nocking, with the first being closer to the true half-length The crossbow requires a half-moon shape (originals had 3 protrusions A moon-shaped moon In the same way as Nock). It should also be noted that on these, the center of gravity (the point where the bolt balances front to back) is half an inch farther forward (toward the point) than it was on the originals, which could somewhat affect trajectory. To conclude, we have the following A box containing 415 grains of grain has been labeled as having a total weight of 415 grains. The average, however, is 400 if you weigh all 5. The grain weighs approximately 1 grain There are 5 grains in a gram). On an individual basis, they are within I use a scale with a precision of 5 grains. Just to be sure, I tried the same process on a different electronic scale. There might have been a mistake in either measurement or conversion (if measured on a scale that reads out grams, rather than grains) that caused the 415 grain weight to be mislabelled. During the time that I purchased them, Barnett was the retailer, and not a third-party seller, so I am confident they are authentic, and not knock-offs. Is a copy of the original. Although the bolts appear to be of a high quality, they differ from previous Barnett Headhunter bolts in subtle, yet discernible ways. In addition to the perceived discrepancy between 415 grain and 400 grain based on the label, the actual weight of 400 grain is also a cause for concern. Despite the fact that they are currently made and sold by Barnett, these bolts are definitely different from previous Headhunter bolts you have seen here or purchased.

Kali Mullins
Kali Mullins
| Dec 22, 2020
This shirt would go well with Barnette's Whitetail Hunter I have the same headhunter vanes that came with my Barnett whitetail hunter II, except they have getter vanes instead of points

With the screws that come with the tips, they easily screw on and stay firmly on. As they fly straight and true, no one can miss them. A half moon nock with a tough carbon finish, 20" in length. You really struck the nail on the head with those bolts/arrows (whichever term you prefer).

Ruben Contreras
Ruben Contreras
| Nov 23, 2020
It was excellent to receive bolts in such good shape

I'm only writing this review to express how satisfied I am with the condition of the bolts and the fact that they match The following conditions must be met It appears that they were not packed in their boxes correctly and the fletching was damaged according to several reviews. It came in a Barnett box and my arrows were held in two plastic holders, one underneath the other, which separated the arrows There is no damage to the There were no problems with the nocks or inserts either. Last but not least, the field points had been placed It's good to be alive. In the end, there were "Barnett Headhunters" are the headhunters in question. This is a product of This is the way that they are labeled, and they match precisely with those that came with my new Barnett Ghost 360, which was brand new. It was just delivered to Barnett, and it was packed by them in December * Some people feel that they don't weigh the right amount However, I am not sure exactly how it works. In grams, I have a quality scale In addition to their normal weight of 26 grams, they have attached 100 grain field points I agree with them all. There are 401 grains in that number. The number of them being 15 makes it impossible to keep track. A gram of rice has four grains When I have my scale set to 27 grams, they can weigh up to 416 grains before it flips down to 28. 1 That's all I can think of.

Journey MacDonald
Journey MacDonald
| Dec 16, 2020
These bolts appear to be the same as those found with Barnett Jackal crossbows

The bolts look exactly the same as the ones I received In the same way as the old ones, they also fly and group together. Sadly, I bought a cheap styrofoam archery target, which meant all the bolts passed past the fletching, which was an error in judgment. Because of this, I basically wrecked all my bolts that came with the crossbow, and I don't know if I can replace the fletching (or even if it's possible). My crossbow came with these bolts, and they look to be exactly the same as they did in the box. Now that they can't penetrate the new target, they're going to have to change tactics.

Remy Mueller
Remy Mueller
| Feb 07, 2021
These were used in place of the bolts that came with the package

The package bolts that came with my Crosman Sniper 370 crossbow were replaced by these. The cheapo bolts were 3 inch groups at 50 yards, but 1 inch at the same distance under the same bolts. Any distance you can handle with a crossbow, these bolts lead to tight groups that can be predicted.

Jason Brady
Jason Brady
| May 15, 2021
When the "spray" is coming from a longer distance, it is much more noticeable

My comfort level at this point is limited to hunting. It's a waste of time to use these arrows or bolts. In spite of my letter to Barnett, I received no response. The purpose of the Barnett Brotherhood Crossbow is primarily to shoot Barnett arrows and I have two sets of five arrows for each set. My kitchen bench rest is usually positioned at 27 yards so I can check accuracy in my basement. While two of my arrows are consistently hitting the target, all six others that I shoot are consistently off. (Two were wrecked as I shot them at the target. off arrow's vane as follows in shorthand one inch high and two inches right, one inch high and two inches right. I know that every shot I take will land exactly where I expect it to. Most of them have been off Weighing the arrows, I find that they are plus or minus There is a difference of about 3 grains at that range but the crossbow cocks in the same manner each time. In light of the fact that I have two sets of these arrows, why aren't they The "spray" is much worse at longer ranges. I feel comfortable hunting with only two arrows from my original set of ten at this point.

Azalea O’BRIEN
Azalea O’BRIEN
| Dec 07, 2020

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